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 If your budget doesn’t permit refinishing your wood floors paint is one of the quickest most economical options.  They can  freshen up a space and add character and  personality.  While staining and coating wood floors has become the current standard today, painted wood floors were in widespread use throughout the l8th & 19th century in both America and Europe.

painted floor 

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.Compass, diamonds and octagons...<br />the most amazing floor

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Painted Floors in the entry, by Ty Larkins

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[nancy bozhardt painted floor[4].jpg]

nancy bozhardt





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painted wood floors

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Jennings & Gates: Notes from a Virginia Country House: The Classic Country House

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painted floor in red and white parquet

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painted floors!

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Painted floors II

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Cottage Living Striped Floor

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Painted Floors

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striped floor

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painted floors.

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If you think you might want to take the plunge and spruce up your wood floor with paint here are some tutorials that might guide you along.,,20312013,00.html

What do you think?  Would you condsider painting

your wood floors?


  1. I LOVE painted floors. They are more common in Scandinavia. Perhaps because they have a lot of pine flooring? (Pine usually does not take stain evenly due to their sappy knots.) Funny you posted about painted floors as I was thinking of painting the floors in my study a grey blue color. Still thinking about it....

  2. I love some of these ideas. I have always wanted to try painting a pattern on my wood floors.


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