Thursday, March 9, 2017

Friday Fun Stuff and a Thought Provoking Post


It has finally stopped raining here on the Central Coast and we are enjoying some sunshine!  What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Have you tried this soup?  It is a new favorite of ours. If I made it again I would leave out the chicken.  It doesn’t need it. If you are a mushroom fanatic like me substitute truffle oil (I know it is pricey) for the tablespoon of olive oil and add a little truffle salt in place of regular salt. It really intensifies the mushroom flavor.

Cream of Mushroom Chicken Wild Rice Soup | @hbharvest:

You can find the recipe here

I really enjoyed Sherry’s birthday post on aging gracefully here

Do you remember cabinet doors with chicken wire from the height of the “French Country era?  Whenever clients asked me about them I cringed.  Studio McGee (always on trend) did a post here.  Who knew wire could look so great?


Leslie’s post about her relationship with a hospice patient with Alzheimer’s hit a nerve with me.  My mother died last year.  You can read about that here, and my father (94) is beginning to lose it.  He still recognizes me everyday but fails to remember if I was there the day before or what he had for breakfast.  Are any of you experiencing the difficulty of life with aging parents? Here is a pic of dad with our family at Christmas. Note the Farmers Union Pour House hat.


If you are a long time fan of Kelley from Polished Pebble you will be thrilled to see some sneak peeks of her Santa Barbara House and garden here

If you are toying with the idea of using open shelving in your kitchen  Mary Ann had a great post here  (she even included our fixer kitchen).  I have never been sure if I am neat enough for open shelves.  I certainly love them though!!

We are off to the Napa Valley  for a long weekend of R&R (a Christmas gift from our daughter and husband).  Be sure to follow me on instagram @cindyhattersley for little snippets.  Also we have a brand new Project Design coming up on March 23.  Mark your calendars!  We have a another fabulous group of bloggers that will show you “Simple Ways to Update your Foyer”. 

Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. I love this post! I have Leslies post in my Friday Favorites as well, she is such a kind compassionate and prolific writer.

    My parents are in their early 70's so no health issues yet but my in-laws are 90 and the last year it has been a real challenge, especially as we do not live close to them.

    I cannot wait to check out the rest of your links. Have a fabulous trip! I love Napa.

  2. What a lovely lovely post. Your family photo is beautiful. It is always so sad when we see our parents become less than the solid rocks they have always been. The weather here is forecast to be 70C today, the warmest day so far this year and I cannot wait! Hope you have a wonderful long weekend xx

  3. The mustard will probably be in bloom in the vineyards! Can't wait to see the photos!

  4. Your dad is adorable...just how I imagined him. Have a great time. Thanks for the post mention!!

  5. PS. Definitely going to make your soup.

  6. IT should be beautiful in NAPA this weekend!AS you drive by me WAVE!
    I had THAT CHICKEN WIRE which we replaced with GLASS.A LOT of KNEES went through the wire!!!!!!!
    BOYS!!!!!!YES, GWEN's POST was really touching!

  7. Cindy, of all the blogs I follow and have followed, yours and Mary Ann's are without a doubt my favs! That soup looks delicous and I am a mushroom lover. My mother-in-law is going on 98 and lost it several years ago. It takes so much away from the beautiful person we all love and I can see it in her eyes that she just isn't the same. It's so hard.

    Those chicken wire cabinet doors are great and I love your open shelving.
    Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!
    xo Gail

  8. Oh Cindy. I don't know how I missed this post in my feed. But I just loved seeing that picture of your family and your sweet dad!! He has the sweetest face. Sigh. Oh boy, what can i say? My heart is beginning to understand what life is like with elderly parents whose minds are beginning to fade. My parents aren't there yet, but Anne is helping me understand what you might be feeling. One day at a time my friend...
    Also I absolutely love the looks of this soup. I wish i had a personal chef because all i would want to eat is homemade soups, great salads and gourmet cheese platters. That's it. I shall have to try this recipe.
    sending you a big cyber hug from SoCal!

  9. Well that was so sweet of you to include my post!!!!! I just stopped by to see what you were up too ; ))
    So glad it has stopped raining too. And regarding chicken wire....I used safety glass which has wire in the glass for a china cabinet in our kitchen in Ojai. It is really pretty. xoxo kelley

  10. I can't wait for this new challenge! They're always so inspiring, however, I only wish I had an entry to make over! But I gues even the tiniest of spaces need some new love! I do have a wonderful upstairs landing that I'm planning on redoing, so need some ideas for that.
    xo Gail


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