Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trad Home Napa Valley Showhouse Favorites

My friend Pat and I have attended the Trad Home Napa Showhouses since their inception; missing only one year I believe. The first two we attended were my favorites. You can find those posts here and here.  Our friend Mary Ann has joined us the past two years. We both posted on last years here and here .  This year's home is owned by the Peju family and is located in the Carneros district.

Mary Ann posted a couple weeks ago here.  I have not read her post so it will be fun to see how our insights differ. Apparently the show house encountered some problems this year. They postponed the opening by almost a month I believe and it was still not complete upon our arrival.  The guest cottage was not finished.  One of the main reasons I was attending was to see Robert Brown's interpretation of that space. When we viewed the home most of the bathroom tiles were not yet grouted, and they were still working on the outside areas.

I have attended many show houses over the years.  As I decorator I find that it is the details that most iinterest me.  I may find a new upholstery, a pillow detail, or furniture or lighting resource that I want to incoporate into my next project. That being said there is always a favorite space that just knocks your socks off.  The kitchen and dining room by Marie Flanagan of Houston and the  family/media room by LMK Interiors of Lafayette were my favorites, Here are a few shots of the family/media room. 

Their use of texture over color really appeals to me. Of course I love their use of the ethnic fabrics on the pillows and chairs. Love the peek of green on the sofa pillows.

The kitchen was just flawless and didn't compete with what was going on in the family room.  I am guessing these designers spoke to oneanother.  Even though the kitchen was far more traditional than the family room space; they complimented one another. If you have been to many show houses this is a pleasant surprise.

I loved everything about this kitchen.  I loved the juxtaposition of the old beam and the traditional pendant lights with the sleek open shelves, and modern bar stools.  

Loved the Zak and Fox Tulu pillow with the bohemian trim paired with the simple green velvet pillow in the family/media room.

The office/guest room by Jean Liu was beautifully done. Lots of textural interest and pops of blue and yellow.

Lots of attention to detail everywhere

Especially crazy over the Zak and Fox shade.

The guest bath by Robin Heard of Mill Valley was lovely.  I wasn't crazy about the mercury glass pendants but I am sure there were many who loved them. 

Great Floor by Country Floors.

In the end it is the details that matter and there are always an abundance of creative vignettes with so many creative minds involved.

Isn't the wrap around zipper detail clever on this pillow by Casey Howard Designs/Danville?

You will laugh.  Once of my favorite details was the simple but clever catch for the shades in the family room by LMK Interiors.  No more ugly cord clip. Isn't it fabulous?!


 Have you attended any show homes?  If so what interests you most? 


  1. What a view from the kitchen window!
    I want to curl up with a book on that banquette in the office.

  2. I remember when Mary Ann wrote about this. I love the bathroom floor and the kitchen is, as you rightly say, just gorgeous. I am not sure about those bathroom lights either, they remind me of something from the farm which is quite unmentionable here, but then again they would probably make me laugh every time I looked at them!!!

  3. I Like to go to the SAN FRANCISCO homes.I ADORE the OLDER HOMES and the DETAIL........

  4. I've always enjoyed your posts on this tour. I would love to see it in person sometime. How sad that some issues occurred for this one. Can you imagine being a organizer of this tour and having this kind of issue? I'm going to go back and revisit your favorite tours.
    Have a great weekend, hope you are staying warm and dry with this rain.

  5. I love Show Homes and since they are usually on a much larger scale than they way I live, I too focus on the details, paint colors and fabrics. I always attend the Pasadena Showcase home every year and some other home tours in my area and Newport Beach. Thanks for the tour of this beautiful home! Loved the kitchen too!

  6. I love home tours especially with friends. It makes it so much more fun. Thanks for sharing all this inspiration. xo

  7. Well...THAT was fun, Cindy! I think you and I liked a lot of the same things. The kitchen and family room...really great. How kind Karen is (above) to worry about the the organizers. I feel bad for being grumpy about the unfinished details now.

  8. I LOVE show houses!! This one looks like a beauty. Have a great week.

  9. I love a good show house and it looks like this one was so full of texture....which is right up my alley!


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