Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Stylist's Farmhouse Kitchen Part Two

If you stopped by for Part One yesterday; welcome back. Here is a snap of Roxanne's gorgeous table featured yesterday all aglow.

If you are just joining us, you are in for a treat.  Today we will visit Roxanne's kitchen and her stunner of a tree.

Every nook and cranny in Roxanne's kitchen is styled. Here is her antique hanging cupboard decked out for Christmas.  If you would like to see her kitchen before it was decorated for Christmas go here

I love the clever way she styled her fence board box that normally resides on her table.

The little niche above her stove houses tiny collected trees.

Roxanne found this little beauty in her mother's garage when they moved her into Assisted Living.

Everywhere there are vessels filled with fresh greens and pine.

This pretty ironstone vase is filled with faux pine cones and greens

In the hallway off the kitchen an antique pine cupboard is filled to the brim with another Santa collection.

And now the piece de resistance her magnificent tree.

                                                          All lit up at night

Don't you love the unexpected wrapping?  I love how it reflects the styling of the tree. The clever tags are paper cheese leaves. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Roxanne's beautiful home.  Stop by on Monday for my Napa Showhouse Tour.


  1. WOMAN!
    How do you have time to RUN AROUND NORTHERN CALIFORNIA and do CHRISTMAS and BLOG!!!!!!!!!!
    I missed yesterdays am going backwards..............will CATCH UP!!!!!!!!

  2. My love, WHAT are the leaves made of on the Christmas wrapping? They're wonderful, & I must know !!!

  3. They are paper cheese leaves used to decorate cheese platters. You can usually find them at Sur La Table.

  4. Roxanne's tree is spectacular. Thanks for sharing it!

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  6. I must it's beautiful, everything. Love all her snowmen. I have a few, but nothing like she does. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful home.


  7. Hi Cindy,
    This house is a winter wonderland of "Rough Luxe!" I love every corner and every detail that grace this beautiful home! Thank you for sharing and I too, want to know how you do it all? The're Super Cindy!
    Happy Holidays,

  8. Very lovely indeed!!!
    Thank you for sharing it with us!
    Merry Christmas:)

  9. Oh I am so excited, the comments are working for me now! Hope you have had a lovely weekend xx

  10. So festive and fabulous!!! That tree is a stunner. Merry Christmas, Cindy. xoxo

  11. What a wonderful home filled with seasonal delights. I love the rustic feel to some of the centerpieces and the Christmas tree itself.

  12.! It's perfect! Must go look at part 1 now!


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