Friday, October 7, 2016

The Statement Piece-The Scallop Dress from Artful Home

No closet is complete without a few statement pieces. We all need some fun stuff that makes us feel good. Eye catching pieces that get compliments wherever you go instill confidence. I tend to take the safe route.  I need encouragement to purchase statment pieces. When I was selecting my items from Artful Home, I sent my list to my daughter. Naturally, everything I picked was safe and pretty predictable for me.  My daughter said "mom I can't believe you didn't pick "the scallop dress".  It is so you. Since I let my hair go grey I feel like I can dress a little edgier than before (the illusion of youth).  I ordered the dress and I absolutely LOVE IT!! Thanks Jen for the encouragement. 

Scallop Dress by Spirithouse. Fun, cozy, and eye-catching, this perfect fall dress is enlivened by playful polka dots and a dramatic sweep of fabric that drapes to one side of the angled hem.:

For those of you that are skeptical, it is extremely flattering.  It is what Artful Home describes as their "classic fit" ("not too slim, not too loose"). I love it that they describe the fit rather than let you order and find it fits you like a paper bag.

If you go with a large pattern when choosing a statement piece,  keep the colors subtle, and don't let it overpower you with it's shape. Stick to a closer fit style that flatters especially if you are on the short side like me. 

I would probably wear this with either tights and booties or tall boots.  I would wear it with a scarf (like the one here from Target for $11.99) or a turtleneck under once it cools. This fun hat from Artful Home would look great with it as well. 

The Statement Dress

My friend Elizabeth (aka the Contessa) could pull off wearing the dress, two or three big necklaces, some chunky bracelets and carry it all off  because she is gorgeous, has a dramatic personality, and is very statuesque.  You can check out more of her style and antics here 


For those of us not so lucky we need to understand what looks good on us and feel confident in what we are wearing. Our style should reflect and celebrate our own individuality and personality.  Something I believe our homes should reflect as well.  Don't be afraid to buy a few statement pieces that are just plain fun. Artful Home is the best place I know to find pieces that let you unleash your own creativity and style. Fashion should be fun!!

Trust Your Instincts and Be Authentic!!

**I have been compensated for this post by Artful Home but the words and opinions are my own.


  1. The CONTESSA is the epitome of style. I keep telling her to start her own jewelry line! Have a wonderful weekend, Cindy.

  2. Tried to order the Scallop dress and an other one from Cindy's collection but they
    don't ship it to Europe. So sad.

    1. Hi Mumbai...I spoke to them about it and I know they are working on it! They have had problems with things not arriving.

  3. Great dress. Yes, La Contessa has "it", doesn't she?

    THANK YOU for making MY WEEK and giving me SO MUCH STYLE CREDIT!I received their catalog last week and spotted THE DRESS!Thought to myself how GOOD that would LOOK on YOU MADAME CINDY!I want a photo of YOU in their dress and coat!
    MUMBAI..............if you want BUY the dress and have it shipped to ME!I will then turn it around to YOU!Just a thought.MY
    As for me I better GO FIND THE CATALOG sitting with a few bills and CALL AND ORDER that way WE can be TWINS CINDY!!!!!!!!NOW THAT WOULD BE A GOOD PHOTO we NEVER GOT!

    1. Thank you so much Kim I do love this dress. You are right about Elizabeth she can pull it off!! Have a great week!!

    2. You are so much fun!! You would look fab in that dress!! Maybe we should do it!!

  5. Cindy, Your sense of style is truly amazing. Artful Home has some absolutely stunning pieces. cheryl

  6. I have a Pinterest board titled Boho Love and I'm a fan of the eclectic, boho, individualistic look. I love your style Cindy and yes, I'm such a fan of Elizabeth's too. I love her bold, chunky jewelry pieces and her head scarves...all the things that I could never carry off...:) This is a cute statement dress.

    1. Agreed about Elizabeth if I wore her lovely necklaces I would look like they were wearing me!! I am going to check out your pinterest board!

  7. Great dress! Cindy this will be so cute on you with your pretty hair. You need to post a photo! I agree Contessa can pull off anything. Everytime I see her I feel like I am jewelry naked and vow to pile more on, but it never looks as good on me as it does her! She should make her own jewelry line! x Kim

  8. Cute and Chic! I can totally see you in that dress ; )))



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