Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Fun Stuff-My Garden

The beauty of a mature garden is it produces in spite of one's neglect.  My garden has gotten very little "love" this year because we have been so immersed in other things.  I walked outside this morning and appreciated all the bounty.

This Brazilian Pepper is over 20 years old and is one of my favorite trees in our garden. I love the way it provides a window to the herb garden.  Don't look inside you can see the neglect.

Plumbago is such a workhorse of a plant here in Northern California.  It is the most beautiful shade of periwinkle.  In the early morning sun it appears deeper than it actually is.

Nothing seemed to thrive below my standard oleanders so many years ago I threw in the towel and planted these groundcover roses (they plant them on the freeways).  They need little care and produce all year round. They are surrounded by teucrium (one of my alltime favorites) It will be full of blooms soon.  We wack them off and it is a beautiful green the rest of the year.

Lavendar and mature olives in the background.  New Zealand flax on the left.  The front garden is virtually carefree other than the occasional wacking !

This is a glimpse (don't look close you will see the neglect) of my back rose garden looking off to the hills behind.  Again the morning light makes the colors more intense.

The back rose garden from afar so you can't view the bare spots! The fountains are empty to conserve water.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour.  Happy Friday.  I am off to a client's home and then to the Pour House.  The decor is almost complete.  I hope to do a post on Monday!


  1. Good morning, Cindy.
    What a lovely view and it appears you're enjoying a beautiful, sunny day. We may get a little sunshine this weekend. It's been May gray and we're all ready to see some sun.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. A beautiful tour...amazing! Have a great weekend.

  3. So pretty. I feel like I was on vacation. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Bravo! Your garden is splendid! The back drop of the mountains, the blue sky, and all the hues of the garden paint a beautiful picture. I could spend hours in your garden. Thank you for sharing!

  5. All I can say Cindy is WOW!!! Your grounds are breathtaking! Enjoy your week.

  6. STUNNING!YOUR VIEWS ARE STUNNING your plants SPEAK to me........I too have neglected my front yard this year.YOU Live in PARADISE!

  7. come on, you live here?!?!?!? did not see a weed just gorgeousness surrounded by mountains.......damn flat illinois
    W O W

  8. Goodness, your garden is stunning. I agree with La really do live in paradise! So lovely...

  9. Wow! Like something from Veranda, I swear. I love the roses among the teucrium, will have to borrow that idea. The view of the hills is the perfect backdrop.

  10. Your garden is really just stunning Cindy! And that view! I don't think I would ever leave:)


  11. Your landscape is spectacular. It must be hard to leave home in the morning. Thanks for sharing!


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