Friday, March 18, 2016

Farmers Union Pour House Update

courtesy of Montery County Histoical Society

If you read my post here you know that I have been working on a project for my son and daughter in law.  They are opening a craft beer and wine tasting room in Oldtown Salinas soon.  

If you follow me on instagram you saw this little gem that I unearthed from the bone yard at the warehouse.

This  was once a decorative detail on a window of one of our rental houses. We thought it looked kind of rinky dink and removed it 20 years ago.  I recently spotted it and thought we should turn it upside down and repurposed it as a console.  Steve took it one step further and thought it could hold wine bottles.   

The original Farmers Union Building once held the town clock tower.  It had four faces. The Monterey County Historical Society has had them in storage for many years.  When Lauren contacted them regarding the history of the building, they expressed an interest in having it displayed in the building it once graced. Why have  it stored away where no one would see it?  How cool is that?  To say that we were beyond excited was an understatement. We recently went to see it.  Here is a shot of the fabulous clock face in storage.

monterey county historical society

Of course it has to be properly encased and needs to be displayed in a place of honor. The tasting room is long and narrow.  The clock will be displayed on the far wall that you will see when you walk in the door.  

We all discussed what to do with the wall and decided reclaimed wood would look great, but we didn't have enough to do both the bar base and the wall. I have used a lot of different methods for aging and distressing wood over the years depending on the desired outcome.

Here we wanted a weathered barnwood look so we used a technique new to us.

We used  1 x 12 redwood fence boards. 

Here is what you will need to get started

1. Redwood Boards
2. Wire Brush
3. Cement Mix
4. Throwaway or Old Paint Brush

Follow These Four Simple Steps
1.  Mix Cement with water until the consistency of cake batter
2.  Brush on boards. 
3.  Let dry
4.  Wire brush off to desired look.  

Here's a (poor) mockup so you can get an idea of what that wall will look like with the clock and console.

A few weeks ago we took one of the bar tables over to see if we liked the idea of using an old door behind each table.  What do you think?

 We have been experimenting with art for the doors. Each door will be different and will have something like this on it.

There will be a lot happening in the next few weeks.  I will keep you posted.  For current updates follow Farmers Union on Instagram here and on Facebook here


  1. Everything is coming together! It looks and sounds fabulous! I cannot wait to see the finished place, especially with the clock!

  2. I know it is going to be fantastic when you are done. I do like the idea of a door behind each table, as it's very unique. Did you decide to do it? Also LOVED getting your tips on how to weather wood!

  3. Yes Cindy Who doesn't love an old door. And as a back drop to a brick wall I like how it breaks up the brick work a bit. The door could even have a menu holder hung on it for menus or even the daily reads, I.e news paper.....
    So you have my door vote mounted firmly to the brickwork.

    Love how it's coming along, the console you plan to make from the ironwork would also look great mounted on the wall of bricks like an old hay feeder it could be hung way high up on the wall, adding atmosphere to the brickwork and filled with empty bottles of all sorts. Then a grouping could be arranged under the iron window box like the clock faces and such.

    Lots of wonderful ideas here, the finished space will be such a place of entertaining and great conversation.


  4. You are a genius, Cindy!!! So is Steve!!!

  5. How fun!! They are so lucky to have your keen eye and talent. Can't wait to see the final product.

  6. i am excited from afar watching the progress and the clock and your aging technique are both fantastic are amazing girlfriend! so so fun
    ps; thank you dearest for your sweet condolences xo

  7. Its going to look all the old brick and the weathered son owns Saint Archer Beer...have your son check it out!

  8. What a fun project. I would love to visit when completed so I can ooh and aah over décor and drink. Keep the updates coming - they inspire as always

    I LOVE MY sits in an old faded RED high back chair at the end of OUR kitchen table.I really should SEND you a PHOTO.The CAT THEODORE sleeps there.............and I should get a photo of THAT!

  10. It's amazing! It's you, Steve, Colin and Lauren all the way. Incredible!

  11. This is coming along nicely. Such a great concept. Our youngest son a a huge fan of specialty beers and visits various beer fests, at least one that is in the bay area. I'm passing this along to him so he'll have a new destination. I love the way the graphic turned out. Great job, Cindy.

  12. Love the whole concept! And the old doors will be a great background for changing artworks -- and notices for specials and special events! Perhaps consider adding a light at the top of each door?

  13. Cindy it's so been so fun to see snippets of this project, how amazing to work on it with your son and daughter in law! That iron piece that you re-found is so cool, and the wood wall !!!!?!!! I love the grey tone you created! The clock - that is so cool! Looking forward to seeing more from this space!


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