Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Fun Stuff

I have a new best friend, Amy Howard One Step Paint. Have any of you tried it? There are a lot of similar products out there but in my opinion hers is far superior.  We have tried many and this paint goes on better than any of the others. I will show you where we used it in an upcoming post on a fun commercial project we are working on.  I knew when Amy came out with her product that it was bound to be good.  Amy has mimicked old finishes on her lovely furniture reproductions for years.  She knows her stuff.  Oh and did I mention the best news of all you can get it at Ace Hardware.


Boy were there some thought provoking and apparently controversial posts from some of my favorite bloggers this week.  Hooray to Tish Jett for this post  about exorbitantly priced cosmetics and the value of using this little product to prolong your manicure or pedicure.

Essie gel setter

Sandra Sallin who pens the blog Apart From My Art, composed this post  the "Beverly Hills Ladies Diet". It  will have you laughing so hard you will cry

Little girls crying over scale

Do you read Preppy Empty Nester?  I think I was a late comer to Katie's blog.  Her posts are always full of fun and laughs.  This weeks post was particularly amusing.

Vicki Archer had a timely post about amping up our immune systems and overall health in the new year here. As with many of Vicki's posts the comments are as worthy as the post itself.

One of the prettiest posts this week was from MaisondCinq.  If you love vintage botanicals you will want to check it out.  

I had a crazy week this last week so I didn't get my intended Monday post out.

 Come back on Monday for a look inside the stylish digs of a young San Francisco couple.  Have a great weekend! 


  1. Thanks for mentioning me, Cindy. I'm hoping people will think that that is a pic of me. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Now they might think it was me Katie but not you!! Your blog makes my day!!

  3. I love these posts, Cindy...I want to find that polish. I'm getting a manicure today.

  4. With the exception of ONE but I do follow HER on INSTAGRAM WE FOLLOW THE SAME PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!
    IT was a GOOD WEEK in BLOG LAND!
    I think I"m on sabbatical.................NO FRESH IDEAS!

  5. Why thank you Cindy for including my blog. So happy that it delighted it you to tears! I'm honored. Off I go to check everyone else out. Thanks you!
    Sandra Sallin

  6. Hello Cindy! So happy to see your comments and post on the Amy Howard paint! I just discovered this the other day and can't wait to try it out - it looks and sounds fabulous!

  7. First of all Cindy, thank you for your beautiful visit to my place, as for these bloggers I have visited a few of them, but will have to pay closer attention and get over there and subcribe.
    I am on my way to go check out what's all the fun and laughter and of course the beauty included.

    See you soon.


  8. Cindy,
    The post about dieting was hilarious. I love Tish Jett for speaking out against $90 lipsticks. More power to those that can afford them and truly believe they are better. I cannot, nor would I choose to spend my money that way even if I could afford it.
    What a fun post.

    1. Karen those are my sentiments exactly. I have bought expensive lipsticks that sit in my drawer and have gone back to my drugstore brand that I have been wearing for years. When will I learn?!!

  9. Awww, thank you so much sweet Cindy for featuring my post! I so appreciate the support, always.

    And thanks for giving us such great blogs to visit - I've been turned onto not only two, new (to me) funny and entertaining blogs but I've also got a great new nail polish to try. You are the best!


  10. I LOVE Amy Howard because of my back round in decorative finishing she is awesome! Her products are so wonderful too! xo K

  11. That cartoon is hilarous! I'm on a 'serious' diet right now to get back into shape (finally), so that cartoon speaks to me!


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