Friday, October 16, 2015

Nate & Target-Cheap Chic Fall Accessories for Under $35

I haven’t done a Cheap Chic Post recently. Those of you that have read my blog for awhile know that I am a huge fan of spending the big bucks on the things you will have forever, and decorating with timeless pieces you will not tire of. If you are going to follow trends update your look with affordable accessories that you don't feel bad about replacing. This time of year we are all looking for inexpensive ways to infuse a little holiday spirit into our decor. Don't we all love ideas that don't require tons of money, but with just a little imagination can add instant style to our homes? My plan was to scour the internet for great fall accessories at a great pricepoint. Don't we all feel pretty darn good if we can find something for less that looks "well not so less". 


Target is always on trend. Between their in house Threshold brand and Nate’s stuff I found everything I was looking for.  I purchased the patchwork placemats,  and ordered the rug for my kitchen. I am seriously thinking about picking up Nate’s faux fur throw and/or the herringbone throw (which by the way is a dead ringer for a nearly idential one from a much more exclusive brand).   Either would not only serve as a great throw but make an inexpensive topper on a skirted round table ( or strewn across a longer table). And I might add I also ordered the plaid napkins!  Here are my favorite finds. Seriously I could have added many more.

Nate Berkus Black Faux Fur ThrowNate Berkus Black Faux Fur Pillow 

Threshold™ Herringbone ThrowThreshold™ Black Patchwork Placemat
Nate Berkus Braided Handle BasketRizzy Home Hand Sewn Felt Circles

Nate Berkus 2x3' Black Diamond Accent RugNate Berkus Wood and Metal Inlay Tray

Accent Decor Bowl - Bark WoodNate Berkus™ Striped Throw - Black/White

Threshold™  Plaid TableclothThreshold™ Napkin Set of 4 - Orange  Plaid

Natural Root Wood Bowl - Medium
Nate Berkus Faux Fur Throw, Nate Berkus Faux Fur Pillow,Threshold Orange Herringbone Throw, Threshold Black Patchwork Placemat, Nate Berkus Braided Handle Basket, Rizzy Home Pillow,Nate Berkus Diamond Accent Rug, Nate Berkus Wood & Metal Tray, Accent Decor Bowl, Nate Berkus Striped Throw, Threshold Plaid Tablecloth, Threshold Plaid Napkins, Natural Root Wood Bowl

If you found anything you can’t do without Target is offering 10% off. Also if you spend $75 you can save $10 if you use order pickup, or if you spend over $25 you qualify for free shipping!  How great is that?!! 


  1. They do a GREAT JOB.I do not get to TARGET often's just off my radar.When my BOYS were younger I went ALL the time!When I do change lanes and STOP I enjoy myself and my walk through........and NEVER have I left with an empty BASKET!

    1. Sadly, true...I had an old friend that called Costco th $500 bargain stop...Target is kind of the same!!

  2. Once in awhile I have a trip to target with my daughter-in-law and we always come out with more than we planned on! These are great buys for freshening up for the season!! Thanks Cindy!!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. I know is painful isn't it? I have found myself in Target quite often since my mom has been ill. I have learned they have great PJ's for a great price. They are comfortable and pretty stylish. She is getting used to being in Pj's that look good...

  3. love these! I was just there and circled through the home décor section many times but only left with home office supplies for my time that black and white rug will be coming home with me. and the baskets, and a throw. or two. :) oh how my husband hates it when I go to target.

  4. Love Threshold and Nate's line from Target!

  5. Awesome finds. I have to return a dog collar that's too big for I just might be tempted to do a little shopping now.

  6. Nice :)
    Maria V.

  7. Great find! These are great buys for freshening up for the season! Thanks!

  8. Wonderful photos! I love those. So tempting :)

  9. I LOVE Target! As you say, there is nothing better than saving money on items that are well designed. Target is my go-to place for stationary and greeting cards, they have the best selection at good prices. I recently used Target for dorm decor which is also something does very well. Love all your choices!

  10. Target is a great go-to destination for soooooo many things for the home. All the fun accessories you want to try without a big investment. Love that striped throw!

  11. I like this post! My choice would be the herringbone throw. I am pretty selective when it comes to faux fur throws -- the one I purchased from Restoration Hardware is excellent quality. It feels like the real thing and looks great. I really like the wood bowl, and might have to check that out! Thanks for the tips.

  12. Cindy,
    It's always so much fun to find a "steal" from Target. I've seen some of these items for much more at a couple of the high end home stores. I love the splash of orange in the herringbone throw and the cloth napkins and table cloth.

  13. Cindy, You are so right, If you are going to follow trends they need to be affordable accessories that you don't feel bad about replacing. I think Target has done a great job in the last few years in that niche. Although I try never to buy them... but that tray had me at hello. xx Rié

  14. Target for stylish interiors? Target? Had no idea. I always go there with the grandkids for toys and clothes but never looked in the home stlle section. Thanks for the introduction!

  15. I grabbed some new Target stuff for my ORC......they had some great Black and white....along with neutrals! Nate's stuff was perfect also.

  16. Hi Cindy,
    I have been noticing Nates pieces, and loving them....take them out of there element and you would never know they were from Target, not that, that matters! I have a Smith Hawkins wood caddy tray sitting on my kitten table, I took and bought from Target, I took and sanded with a palm sander all the finish of its glaze finish off of it smoothed over the edges and you would think it was an old euro chic find from a French brocante. Seriously if I buy something wood at target I have to age it a bit adding a bit more aged time to a new piece.

    I am considering the black and white throw :)

    Great post my friend.

  17. Thank you Cindy, I needed this! I will be moving into Tahilla Farm for the winter with limited furnishings. We are keeping it simple until our furnishings from Vietnam arrive, hopefully next year. It is all a matter of timing. I am telling myself that going simple New England farmhouse, taking in the beauty of the woods through the windows and the white walls..and kitchen and stained pine floors and soapstone counters will be enough. After this post...I think I will need a touch of color. Thank you!! xx ;)


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