Monday, June 15, 2015

Gorgeous Brentwood Home by Windsor Smith in Veranda

Believe it or not this home is situated right in the middle of Brentwood.  Windsor Smith creates another beautiful environ with her characteristic light hand with pattern, and  inimitable style of blending the old and new.

I am not a huge fan of blue velvet but this room is lovely.
Forsaking the shelter of a Beverly Hills gated community life, this active young family followed their passions to a smaller house and a larger lifestyle on three acres in Brentwood, at the end of a winding eucalyptus-lined driveway. The wife, a devoted dressage equestrian and mother of two like-minded daughters, is now but a short trot from her horses. 
A bold painting by James Nares gives a traditional dining room a modern edge. Chandelier, Daniel Barney. Pewter tray, Little Paris Antiques.

I love the simple roman shades that offsets the grander bed treatment
Three years in the making, the newly refreshed residence underwent structural renovations in collaboration with architect Michael Burch that included raising ceilings, adding beams, and enlarging door openings between rooms. The addition of a loftlike kitchen and family room, with huge steel-cased windows, says Smith, "completely changed the energy of the house and formed a glorious connection to the outdoors," with a direct view of the paddock and stable.
Natural textures and a light palette make for an airy master bedroom with casual flair. Bed, Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Linens, Calvin Klein Home. Jansen bench in Caldelle leather. Roman shade of World Linen fabric with Rogers & Goffigon trim.
Love this kitchen with just a touch of blue and her signature mix of chairs.
All those windows and doors, however, can confront one with harsh light by day and gaping voids by night. Yet here, the sweeping landscape provides a softening effect. "The exterior is stunning at night because the property is so beautifully lit, with every window framing a gorgeous vista or a century-old pine tree," Smith says. 
A variety of chairs plays with scale and adds a surprising element to the expansive kitchen. Chairs, in Caldelle leather, Windsor Smith Home Collection. Backsplash tile, Exquisite Surfaces. Sink fittings, Waterworks.
I love how the line between inside and out is blurred here.  No fussy fabrics to detract from the beautiful landscape.
And while curtains protect from daytime glare, they serve a visual purpose as well: "The roof pitch lines are not high, so I hung the drapery at the top of the wall to lift the eye. And rather than use a big, heavy treatment, I chose a small rod that's less ornate and more youthful." The curtains also add a necessary vertical element. Absent tall armoires or secretaries, a room can become horizontal, she says. "The drapery breaks through that line."
Sofa in Marvic Textiles linen, Windsor Smith Home Collection. Louis XIV-style settee, Balzac Antiques. Curtains of Brunschwig & Fils fabric. Walls in Mountain Peak White, Benjamin Moore Aura.
This outdoor space is perfection.  Me thinks someone has to keep that paddock immaculate.  Smells and flies would abound if not!
With her signature light touch in unfussy fabrics, a neutral palette, a mix of metals and woods, and a pointed use of antiques, Smith creates inviting rooms that look collected rather than store-bought, curated rather than settled for. "If I'm in a room where everything is new, I'm uncomfortable," she explains. "I want a story, things that have a vibration of history." Her client shared this seminal sensibility, and their collaboration was keen and constant.
Chairs, Restorations Hardware. Hanging lanterns, Windsor Smith Home Collection.
All photos via Veranda
I could move right in here, how about you?  Happy Monday!!


  1. Me too! It's beautiful, what a view...(in another world I'd have horses. :)

  2. Oh that bedroom. Would love to wake up slowly smack in the middle of that inviting bed. Purrrrrrrrr

  3. So much to love here Cindy. The atmosphere created through the height of ceilings, paint colours and paring of color and texture works for me. I am with you in blue velvet but it seems to work here. I would be inclined to use linen..if only it did not wear so fast on dark colors. I speak from experience! Best...xx

  4. It is truly beautiful and I adore Windsor's design style!! Thanks so much Cindy!!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Cindy,
    I love Windsor Smith's work. There are so many beautiful details in this home. Dreamy.
    Have a great week.

  6. Windsor Smith is one of my all time favorites! Her talent with mixing furniture is legendary. I do love the blue velvet on the dinning room chairs.
    xo, lissy

  7. What a beautiful home and we are big fans of Windsor Smith! Love the kitchen!

  8. i love the first living room...she is so talented!

  9. You are right…such a good mix of antiques with fun new elements. Really nice. I like all the white too.

  10. Beautiful! I especially love the white walls contrasted with the woodwork. Gorgeous home!


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