Friday, June 26, 2015

Fun, Fabulous Clothes for those over 50 and Under!

Carolyn Vaile
Maybe it is because I reached the dreaded 60, or that I let my hair go gray, or that I am about ready to have a hip replacement ! I am determined  to not look like I am trying to relive my twenties or even more (maam can I help you?) not look like a granny.   I love shopping my favorite local boutiques like Tancredi & Morgen and Warmth Company, but I find now that I am a gimp I am searching more and more for online sources.  Enter Details Direct. I stumbled upon them because they had so many of the brands I have come to love.  For some reason my order wouldn’t go through.  I called them and I ended up speaking to the darling owner Mickey Judkins. We began discussing fashion and I thought to myself. I want to do a post on her! She is my kinda woman!

Planet Boxy Polka Dot Tee
Planet Polka Tee
Mickey opened  her first clothing store the same day she registered for her junior year of college. She planned to go to law school but after interning in a law office  changed her mind. Her storefront Details has  been serving the community of Eau Claire Wisconsin for thirty years.  Her business grew by leaps and bounds and in 1995  she launched
Mickey’s mission is to meet the wardrobe needs of the modern woman with a minimum investment of her time.  She believes every woman has her own sense of style and encourages her customers to express that.
I loved this Zoe Shirt from Tulip and couldn’t find it anywhere else. It is really lightweight which is great for this time of year.
Tulip Zoe Shirt
I wanted to buy this Tulip Claudine Top as well but I was worried that it wasn’t long enough in the front (to cover the bum)
Tulip Claudine Top
While talking to Mickey she commented “don’t you have the Sympli miniskirt”? The word miniskirt alone made me shudder.  She said “you wear it over the Sympli leggings if the top is too short”….clever…huh?  So you buy one of these….

Sympli Mini Skirt
And layer it over these

Sympli Classic Legging in Navy
Do you see where I am going?  Think Spanx over leggings…Genius!!  I decided to order the tunic and I was debating over the miniskirt/leggings duo.  Guess what I received in the mail?  The miniskirt…now I have to order those darn leggings!! Thanks Mickey!
I was really tempted to buy  these Cydwoq Tomkat Sandals  

CYDWOQ Tomcat Sandal in Black
and this Planet Jumper
Planet Honeycomb Jumper in Pearl Grey
If you have chilly evenings on occasion like we do here this clever two way pima cotton number from Planet would be great.  How clever is this?
Planet Two Way Cardigan in WhitePlanet Two Way Cardigan in White

Eileen Fisher always has great essentials for work.  I love this jacket.

Eileen Fisher Notched Long Jacket in Bone

or this little black dress that could also be paired over leggings

Eileen Fisher Classic Bateau Neck Dress

Stop by the details direct website. I think you will get into all kinds of trouble. If you have to call you might even run into the darling Mickey.  I think she is my new fashion guru.

Do you have a go to boutique or online source that you would like to share?  We would love to hear about it.  Happy Weekend and Happy Shopping!


  1. I love so many of these! That Eileen Fisher jacket- dying. I love THICK leggings and long tops. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great weekend. xo Nancy

    1. I agree about the Eileen Fisher jacket. I think it would be so far I am holding off but I could get into trouble with that one!!

  2. Great choices Cindy!! I love to find new fashions for us fab women of a certain age!!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Yes!! I just saw a gorgeous photo of you the other day Karena! I know how stylish you are!!

  3. I'm a plus-sized 61-year-old. The clothes available to me in my Canadian city (Victoria) are abysmal. I can either dress like a 20-year-old or a 90-year-old. There are no cute separates or outfits suitable for wearing to work, an interview or an evening out. If I want something even marginally appropriate, I have to head to Vancouver and even then the pickin's are slim. I'm slowly losing weight, but in the meantime, I still need something to wear. Middle-aged plus-sized women are largely ignored here.

    1. Hi Squeak

      I think there are so many great things available now online thankfully. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful city but I do remember the shopping there being very young!! Thanks for your comment!

  4. Great post. I don't want to look like a granny, even though I am one. I want to look smart and dress with style. I was a plus size, but now I have lost weight and still loosing. So I have added just a few new items to get to the size I want. Love all the outfits in this post. I will be checking out this online store. Thanks so much.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Mary
      I am not a granny yet but plenty old enough to be one! Congrats on losing the weight! Please share your strategy! I need to lose a few after my hip surgery!!

  5. I like Warmth Company too. I'm liking their jewelry lately

  6. I agree Nancy they do a great job! I get in trouble every time I go there!!

  7. What a fun post Cindy, thanks for introducing Mickey to us. I always enjoying hearing those fashion tips, personally I love Eileen Fisher's clothing line but being 5'2 means I have to select carefully or I look like a little munchkin wearing someone else's clothes hahaha
    I bet you're so ready to get this surgery behind you ....
    thinking of you,

    1. Hi Leslie
      You and Maryann have the same issues! I am only 5'4 but I can't wear those big flowy tunics or the same thing happens to me! Can't wait to get the surgery behind me yes!!

  8. Great ideas! I can't wear anything too baggy though with my height or I look like a teepee. I'm going to wear leggins with a shorter black dress tonight!

  9. Hi Cindy!

    I found your blog via Leslie Harris. We seem like minded and I was thrilled to read my first post from you on clothing for women of our age (--I'm 55). I have to check out some of these sites. Of course I have heard of Eileen Fisher, she's amazing. Mickey sounds amazing as well. I'm a good 40 pounds overweight but trying so so hard to work on it. And I have to find clothes that give me some coverage and enhance the positive. It's a lot of criteria when looking for clothes-believe me! It's not just about dressing for our age, we have to deal with bodily changes. Long earrings may draw attention to a crinkly neck. Some of us can no longer wear heels that are essential in completing an outfit. What a new ballgame!!

    I hope you keep posting things like this. You have a new fan!!

    Jane x

    1. Jane thank you so much for reading and commenting. I try to do a fashion/beauty post every other Friday. I am so glad you are enjoying them. The last pair of heels I wore to my son's wedding (maybe 7 years ago?). Fortunately I have a job where flats are acceptable and necessary!

  10. Your picks are all excellent and I love that short skirt. I am a great fan of leggings under a mini dress, tunic or long top. But, (unsolicited advice here…) even though that dress, tunic or top may cover your bum it is important to make sure it also covers your thighs. Everyone needs a full length mirror and a way to see how you look from behind.

  11. Great tip Cindy!! The top of the thighs can be as bad as the derrier! Thank you so much for weighing in!

  12. Ok, while I'm not an expert on women's fashion, even with seven savvy sisters that shop, I feel like that industry is focused on a certain look, age and size. How cool to have such an option! Maybe Mickey can start a line for guys. We have even fewer options. Cheers, L

  13. I've been driving 3 hours each way to Vancouver Canada to buy Sympli for the last couple years. Sympli are the best. They are comfortable, are designed to layer, pack really well and can go from classic to comfortable casual to formal. And the extra bonus is they will make whatever you've decided to order custom. 35 colors and different cuts. Want sleeveless, cap-sleeves, short, 3/4, or long. You choose the color and the sleeve length and the women working out of their homes in Vancouver make them! I'm such a fan! I checked the prices at Details Direct and they are much less than I have been paying. Don't mean to sound like a commercial but the really are the best! (No, I'm not getting paid or free clothes for gushing on....)

    1. Hi Lynne
      i too have found they have the best prices! I am happy you agree

  14. Hi Cindy, What a great post! I like Eileen Fisher, in fact I was just looking at one of her button up cotton blouses for the summer. Also .. love the idea of the leggings under a "shorter" skirt. Sometimes I wear really thick leggings in the winter under a tweed or wool skirt and it's warm and comfy. The soft, airy fabrics are so pretty and are both cool and flattering. It's great that you are sharing all of this Cindy .. It really does get more challenging as we mature :\

  15. Cindy,
    I love this post and the last post you did about the great blouses. As a fellow 60-something, I don't want to look like I'm trying to dress like a 40-year old, but I don't want to look like I don't care what I have on. I figure some of these items of clothing and a smile will serve me well! :-)
    I hope you are in recovery mode, if you've already had your surgery. I'm sorry, I can't remember if you were about to go in last post, or if you had already gone. I hear all of these "routine" surgeries are so much easier than back in the day (not that we would know anything about that 'back in the day') lol.
    Enjoy your weekend and thanks for a new resource for clothes that look like something I'd like.

    1. Hi Karen

      No surgery yet one week from tomorrow! Can't wait!!

      Thanks for the good thoughts!

  16. I'm short so "big flowy tunics" look horrible on me. It's very "Maude" Bea Arthur looking plus who wants to look they have their bedding draped over them?

  17. Hi Naz

    I agree they have to be somewhat tailored through the middle for me as well. The tunics above have some tailoring that is why I like them. The ones that flow from the neckline down are not flattering on me either, although I know they are on some. Bottom line we have to find what works best for us all. Thanks so much for weighing in!!

  18. Hi Cindy, again I never act or dress a certain age.... Still loving my holes in the jeans and a great white T-shirt tin and limp paired with a great blazer.
    I love the all black number with the long white over jacket.

    I do wear leggings mostly in the winter with boots and over sized sloppy fit sweater with an over sized scarf.
    And I have to tell you a dear family friend of ours who visits My daughter and I often is 75 and looks like a J.jill cover model dresses in beat up jeans and linens.... In fact she and my daughter and I will hit Victoria secrets shop and but the tin v-neck sleeping T's and wear them as outer clothing, a loose fit, great piece of altered art jewlery and a great jacket with a trendy vogue look and feel and I will tell you not one of us look like we are trying to hard to stay young or dated with an Inappropriate look and style for our age. It's an ageless look these days with style. And all about expressing who you are!

    Love all these choices, and would wear all of them :)
    It's not how old you are, it's how you wear it, and my dear you wear it well.


  19. Ooop's and Buy the Thin T's at Victoria Secrets .....
    Darn that spell check.



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