Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Fun Stuff …Perfect Summer Getaways, Picnics, and a Gorgeous Wine Country Wedding

I haven’t mentioned it publicly to you all, but most of my summer is going to be spent recovering from hip surgery.  Yep you got it.  We had hoped to go to Italy and Paris late July with friends. Instead  I am having a hip replacement on July 6th.  If all goes well once the summer is over I will no longer be hobbling around like an old lady. Why is it such torture when you know you can’t do or have something?
Here are some fun things I would like to be doing from around the blogosphere.  A fabulous summer picnic from  After Orange County at one of my favorite spots in Paso J Dusi Winery. 

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What signals summer more than a beautiful Wine Country Wedding chronicled by Heather from Stylemindchic
Wine-Country-Wedding-Stylemindchiclife-Jasmine Star_The Knot-wedding reception
wine-country-wedding-stylemindchiclife-theknot-Jasminestar-and the flowers in the vineyars
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If I were able to travel I would be staying at Vicki Archer’s Le Petit Bijou in Provence 

Le Petit Bijou, Provence, France Colin Poole, Vicki Archer, French Essence
Le Petit Bijou - Vicki ArcherAbove images via
Or tag along with Emily from Splendid Market in Botswana

Above images via Splendid Market
What are your plans for the summer?  Hopefully you have something more fun than a hip replacement planned!

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  1. Cindy, I'm sorry to hear you're having hip surgery, but hopefully it will make a huge improvement in your quality of life after you have recovered. I wish you a safe, successful surgery and a smooth healing process. I'm sure one day you'll be saying how glad you are that you did it.

  2. Hi Claudia

    Thank you so much. I am actually looking forward to it! I have always been so active and this has really put a crimp in my style!


  3. Oh Cindy, I am so sorry to hear this news. I know a trip to Italy and France would be much more exciting. The good thing is that you will get it down and be your best when you do take that wonderful trip. Thanks so much for sharing my post of the 'Dream Wedding'. I was honored to be invited. I had a lovely response from the bride on my Instagram feed. It brought tears to my eyes...I was happy to be able to capture their bittersweet, romantic story.
    I'm hoping that you will stop by and add your links to our Lifestyle Linkup #stylefocus. It just went live this morning.
    Happy weekend fabulous lady!
    xx, Heather

  4. Bets wishes for a speedy recovery. I have a few friends who have had replacement surgery -- hips or knees -- and recovery is not too lengthy anymore. Just do keep up with physical therapy and you should be up and about in no time...pain free.
    XO, Victoria

    1. Correction: Best wishes (my dyslexia kicked in)...V.

    2. Thanks so much Victoria that is what I hear! I am expecting it to go smoothly!!

  5. Well, Cindy, my husband is having a hip replacement on July 6, as well. That must be serendipity and a sign of good luck with both surgeries! I so enjoy your blog, and also follow you on Pinterest. Always a joy and a new discovery! Linda Klinger, Houston

  6. Linda let's take notes!! Email me above I would love to hear how he is doing! I cannot wait to get it done!!

  7. oh girlfriend, you are on your way to becoming bionic & even more wonderful!
    sad to miss such a fun trip, but until you do go, you are on your way to another "trip"; R & R. i planned for the after of my ankle surgery with books, magazines, projects and movies, it was such an escape i would never do otherwise.
    want to join me in paris and normandy end of september ?? :-)

  8. The best of luck on your surgery. You are going to feel like a new person afterwards. It's so hard when you can't get around like you used to, but soon you will be run and running around all over the place.

  9. Cindy,
    Having just observed Mr. B's. major surgery, I believe they've some miles in the methods and recovery time seems so much better/faster than it used to be for most surgeries. I wish you the best with hip replacement, I'm certain you'll feel 20 years younger once you're recovered. :-)
    I hope your trip abroad is just on hold for maybe next spring?

  10. Dear Cindy, I wish you all the best with the hip replacement I had my last one on the right hip last August.
    Rehab is the most important afterwards, so don't skimp on that!! Lots of life left to live!!

    The Arts by Karena

  11. OH DEAR.................BUT GOOD to get it OUT of the WAY!How about a visit from ME!Would that cheer you long will you be will in the have NO IDEA I BET!SEnd me an email with your phone number or house number so I can touch base with the HUBBY!I have NO, ZERO summer plans and it would be a DELIGHT for me to HOP down the 101 and find YOU!I KNOW I KNOW you will not be LOOKING your BEST!!!!IT"S OKAY.............I get it!!!

  12. My neighbor just had hip surgery and he went back to work a less than 2 weeks after. He just supervised his workers but it was still amazing that he was out and about. A week after that he was planting flowers. I'm calling him Superman because of how active he's been since his surgery.

    1. Hi Naz

      I hope I am just like your neighbor!!

  13. Dear Cindy, thanks for the shout-out about our lovely picnic at J Dusi winery. I am sorry to hear you are having surgery and wish you the very best. I understand of all the joint replacement surgeries, hip is the one to have, as they have perfected it these days. My husband had knee replacement surgery about 10 months ago and is still suffering, but everyone I know who has done the hip says it's a breeze and wished they had not waited so long to do it. I hope you have the same success.

  14. Hi Cindy! Just found your blog and loving it. I am on my way to read some of your former posts. Sorry to hear about your hip - hope things go smoothly and you are up on your feet in no time.


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