Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Styling and Storage Ideas that will Make you Want to do Laundry

The next room in our house that is badly in need of an update is our laundry room.  It isn’t large but it isn’t mini like some laundry rooms. As I stated  in my previous post I am not about to post a before until I am ready to post an after it is that bad. This room below is my inspiration.  Some of the pretty images we see on Pinterest are lovely but not necessarily practical if you know what I mean.  This room is functional and looks pretty darn good. If you are thinking about updating your laundry room or area here are my tips to guide you.
Laundry Room Organization
Get rid of all the branded clutter and store your soap,dryer sheets, and laundry booster in pretty containers.

via bhg
If this had a "sucks" under the laundry sign, it would be perfect… Adorable laundry room.
Clear glass lidded containers like the above can be found at Target
Buy some pretty storage baskets, cloth bins, or carts to keep the dirty laundry off the floor
Pottery Barn - Laundry Baskets. Shelf styling.
via potterrybarn.com

via creative coop on Amazon

Set of Two Rolling Laundry Baskets
3 large for Mudroom -Rolling Rattan Baskets...
Roost Maker Baskets | Modish Store
from roostco.com
Buy a pretty ironing board cover and hanger so you don’t have to hide your ironing board

PADDED Ironing Board Cover with ELASTIC around EDGES made with Riley Blake small white polka dots on black fabric
via compelled to craft on etsy.

via pottery barn

Beachcomber Extra-Large Round Basket | Pottery Barn

Purchase a cute drying rack like this one from Ballard Designs so you don’t have to hang your clothes all over the house.
Corday Accordion Drying Rack
ballard designs
Or this one from Abundent Earth that you can paint to match your own décor
Expandable Wooden Wall Clothes Drying Rack

If your laundry room doubles as a dog/kitty room like mine you might need a clever rack like this to stow your dogs leashes, treats, etc. from Pottery Barn.

Kellan Wall-Mount Storage Organizer

Add some clever laundry room art for interest
Laundry Subway Art  Wood Sign   Laundry Room Decor  by vinylcrafts, $55.00

via etsy.com

Is your laundry room in need of an update?  If so what are your plans and suggestions ? I would love to hear them you guys are always a great source of inspiration.


  1. I only can dream of a larger laundry room. I did change the door from a 1960 ugly thing, to a french glass panel and it made a huge difference. I'm told by my contractor that for a minimum price I can do a make over. After seeing this, I'm convinced. I think I will be adding the addition of incorporating pet supplies. Great idea!
    The House of Hampton

    1. Sharon your comments always make me smile...I think we are on the same wavelength!!

  2. I'll take the one at the top, please. Our little California tract house has the laundry area in the garage. There's not much room for beauty but I've gotten used to it and since laundry is a chore, it's been okay. :-) Still, a girl can dream, right?
    This is a fun post.

    1. Karen your comments are always so insightful...yes and we can dream...my dream is for a smaller house and maybe a teensy laundry...but I am getting old!!

  3. Cindy I would love to have a more spacious laundry area. In the meantime you have given some great ideas to make it more organized!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. I know don't we all Karena! I am hoping it will rub off on me!!

  4. Great tips and items, Cindy! In my next home, I want a proper laundry room. We have a laundry closet now, haha. Good luck with yours. xoxo

    1. I bet it is neat as a pin and lovely even if it is a closet Loi!!

  5. Love these ideas! At least I could look cool with the mesh cart on wheels heading to the laundry room in the building.

    1. You could put Chief on top and post on Instagram!!!

  6. I never imaged myself actually wanting to do laundry but, you're right, these spaces are so inspiring!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

    1. Oh god me either Leslie!! I am just hoping that a redo will inspire me !!!

  7. Okay maybe I want tto do a little laundry... I love all these great ideas you posted!

  8. Recently redid a laundry room for a client and we framed photos of laundry hanging on the lines that she printed off of different sites. It added color and humor and celebrated their love of travel as many of the photos were of old buildings in Italy, Greece etc. Looking forward to seeing your completed project.

  9. I love that concept Diane! Would love to see pictures!! It sounds so clever!!

  10. Yes! thanks for all this inspiration Cindy!

  11. Great inspiration pictures...my laundry room needs so much help!

  12. I hid a stackable in my master bath but these examples are so cute I wish I had a laundry room. My idea of ironing is spraying wrinkle release

  13. This is such a lovely laundry room! If I have one like this I'd want to do the laundry all the time with pleasure! Thanks for the inspiration! Greets, Storage Mill Hill Ltd.

  14. Cindy, I love all of these ideas—especially the rolling carts. I have the large jars with the metal tops in my kitchen for flour and sugar—found them at Target on sale. Now, I have to go redo the laundry room.
    xo, lissy

  15. Great accessories! and I want that sign, its me!!!

  16. Love! This post was made for me - my laundry room is need of lots of love and these are all fabulous ideas that I can use!

  17. UGH! I am in the midst of my laundry "hallway" update and what is killing me is my old style dryer ... and I can't get rid of it because it still works wonderfully. I am slowly taking charge!!


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