Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Fun Stuff, Fashion Finds in Shades of Gray

Here are some the things I am either buying or coveting.  I am partial to anything  heather gray or silver . I am sure you can guess why. You can probably tell by the price what I am actually buying and just plain coveting…  I purchased this great tote (Downing by J Crew sold out) on Ebay.  I love the combination of the natural leather and the silver.  There are other versions out there if you like this one. I had a Michael Kors one a couple of years ago that I literally carried until it was in shreds.

J.crew Downing Tote in Metallic Leather in Gold (pale gold sandstone)

My friend Roxanne and I stopped at one of our absolutely favorite stores “Warmth Company” and foun these fabulous tees from  Wilt . There is a short sleeve version as well as a v neck.  They have multiple styles in gray, black, white etc. and they are all flattering.  You can call the girls at Warmth (831) 688-3200 and they will help you out or buy it here

Wilt Twist Slit Tee
I am a sucker for anything polka dot. Warmth also has these great scarves from  If your local grab one at Warmth, if not you can purchase from Pom Pom online.

Helen Kaminski makes the absolute best packable hats in my mind.  They are a bit of a splurge but if you can find one on Ebay like I did it isn’t quite so painful.  Nordstrom also carries the line here .

Love this tee from Johnny Was/ 4 Love and Liberty with the patchwork lace back

Heather Grey Patchwork Back Tee
The back is even prettier than the front

I have been searching for a “stylish” comfort sandal in Natural.  I finally got the approval from my fashion advisor (my daughter) for the Olukani Hema flip flop.  You can buy them here  The great thing about this brand is they come in practically every color imaginable.

Last but not least how about this metallic dot scarf from Target.  For $14.99 it is hard to beat!
 Women's Metallic Polka Dot  Scarf - White

What’s on your shopping list? Has anyone found a great fitting pair of jeans?  I would love to hear about them!


  1. Cindy I am loving all of your choices, the tee with lace back is darling! Adore your tote as well!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Cindy, as usual I love all your choices, especially that silver tote! Seems perfect for lugging around work related stuff. Too bad they are sold out!

  3. Great choices Cindy:) I love those TEES .. perfect for spring and the tote is functional AND pretty. Enjoy your weekend. xxleslie

  4. I love all of those! Gray and silver are no-miss, and that combo of silver with the raw leather tote is really elegant. I have found a great fitting jean, by Just USA but the store i found them at stopped carrying them -- and i can't find the exact style online. Other than those, i'm pretty happy with the $12 stretch ones from Forever 21.

  5. You have THEE best luck on Ebay. I tried to buy another RH cashmere throw like you did…but my bids up to $75 are never accepted. Anyway, love your picks! Look so comfy.

  6. I love heathered gray anything. The little metallic polka dot scarf is really cute and you're right, can't beat Target's price. I need a few things for spring so I'm shopping lots, gathering the information, then I'll buy them when they go on sale! :-)
    Fun post.

  7. We wear lots of grey over here and as for Target they have some really cut pieces to accessories with....I always find the more plain pieces so not to scream " I know where you bought that? " keep everyone wondering where I could have got such a cute shirt from.
    Jeans for me have to be worn in, and beat up a bit, relaxed and so on.. I find it all depends on the fit, and style and I often will wear a pair of Levi's brand low rise straight leg seem to fit great !

    See you soon beautiful, next post model it all for us :))


    1. Ha!! So true Dore! No modeling from this old bag!!

  8. i am not surprised to learn we like the same things! and i need that first tee, now :-)
    maybe will be good for round top?

  9. So many great picks - just love the first handbag you have and great tees for Spring - do you think it's ever going to get here?! Happy Sunday!

  10. Love your taste...that hat is so cute and so are the polka dots...

  11. Love all your selections and just placed order for sandals! Great post, thanks!

    1. Hi Juliet

      So glad you like them! Pass along some of your fashion tips! I would love to hear them!!

  12. Thumbs up on the Helen Kaminski hat Cindy. I bought one in Sydney last year, the foldable one as you have shown but with the wide brim. Perfect for travel and I love that you can use the string around the perimeter of the hat to make it looser or tighter. Essential, especially if you are using it on a windy day. ;)

    1. You know you used to be my fashion guru!! I have the wide brimmed one as well. I thought this one would be more practical for everyday use (not the beach!!) I think I have about five of her hats...they are the best in my mind!!


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