Monday, January 19, 2015

Vintage Indigo Textile Love

I am in the process of updating the game room in our home.  The small pool bath off the game room has the original blue and white mexican tile.  I don’t care for it but I don’t want to replace it.  We are going to paint, get new shades like the rest of the house, and re-slipcover the sectional.  I am not normally a huge blue fan but I am loving the ethnic vibe of all the vintage indigo textiles that are popular right now. 

 Japanese Pillows


The Japanese boro fabric makes really interesting pillows.  I don’t think I would want a pile of them but one definitely makes a statement.  Boro textiles are sewn from nineteenth and early twentieth century rags and patches of indigo dyed cotton. Ironically now these textiles are some of the most expensive and sought after. This piece below from Dering Hall is priced at $4,000.00


These beauties can be found at Jayson Home

These wonderful pillows from John Derian are made from vintage african indigo textiles.

House of Cindy has some great pillows made from Vintage Indigo Textiles here…

Vintage Japanese from Botanik.  I love the natural fading and patches.

vintage indigo pillows

Vintage Laotian woven  indigo textile pillow from Hot Moon Collection

More African Textile beauties from Hot Moon Collection

vintage african indigo pillows

The lovely handwoven indigo hemp textiles from the Hmong mountain tribes  are still somewhat affordable.  Many can be found on Etsy and Ebay if you would like to make your own pillows.



I purchased this pillow from nicolle scott designs on Etsy.  I will be back on Friday to tell you how I am going to incorporate it in my game room update.

Vintage Indigo Dyed Hemp Lumbar Cover 12x20

I am off to Tahoe to see that project can’t wait to share some pics with you next week!!


  1. I adore all of these textiles! The first time I laid eyes on Japanese Boro was at Juxtaposition on the Newport coast and was immediately smitten! I love your new pillow!

  2. Have fun in Tahoe! I used these ethnic pillows in Mammoth mixed with French vintage grain sack. It's going to look great!

  3. I love vintage indigo! Thanks for sharing your sources Cindy!

  4. Gorgeous! I'm going to have to find somewhere to incorporate it, such beautiful variations of blue.

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  6. Oops! posted a comment asking for a link to Nicolle Scott, then saw the link and deleted my comment... but the link didn't work! I'll try looking under indigo pillows...

  7. Love, love the look...I would like to find these wholesale...have a great trip!

  8. Loving the indigo pillow you bought, and that it's handmade and dyed; making each one unique. Looking forward to the reveal.

  9. These are a great look and the perfect update!!

  10. Have fun in Tahoe! Looking forward to seeing your photos of the project!

  11. Ciindy,
    There are some stunning fabrics here. Vintage and antique textiles are so interesting and I love the history.
    Can't wait to see what you've been up to in Tahoe.
    happy travels.

  12. Cindy, if you mix any of these lush dyed indigo pillows you are going to add captivating vibe to your space, do plenty of them in a lush pile here and there. I wonder if world market would have some close enough to fool the eye of authentic hand dyed? Do you have a world market? We lost ours years ago when the desert economy crashed so sad to have seen it leave. I would see all kinds of indigo style pillows there with hand dyed fabrics, looking pretty authentic year ago. These kind of dyed pillows never, never go out of style, and often on a clearance or sale pile.

    I was so feeling your vibe when you were discribing your design plan and can't wait to see what you are up to.
    You know Cindy, I am not sure I have seen your tiles in this room, and they wouldn't bother me for your design style but, did your know they have some pretty great epoxy cement and tile paints out there that you could paint your tile floors with. I have a friend who painted her 1/4" ceramic brick tiles because they were to red painting them aged creams and they looked fabulous, you prime the floor, then paint, and you can seal them if you wish but no need...I painted my cement floor same paint and same technique for under $40.00 am loving the temp fix to the carpet, would love to do some sort of stone brick work, yet everyone who enters is loving the painted almond floor. An area rug will anchor the room with what ever shade and style you go with.

    I love the pillows by Jayson.

    See you and your room soon.


    Ps. Cindy they painted a tile kitchen floor on that HGTV show house flip.

  13. Reminds me of INDIGO SEAS!!!!!!The shop down SOUTH next to the IVY!
    Wave to ME as you DRIVE BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The pillow you purchased is my favorite of the bunch!! Love the look of vintage indigo - excited for your Tahoe update!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  15. Love blue and white anytime.
    xo, lissy

  16. Oooh, I love these Cindy! Anxious to see your project!

  17. Love all the blue...all looks so good together. Love Mary Ann's idea of mixing vintage grain sacks.


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