Saturday, October 11, 2014

Friday Favorites on Saturday

Valley LoungeAs I said earlier my wardrobe has been in need of some updating.  I have a few foot issues so shoes and boots can always be tricky.  Here are some of my favorites that I have picked up. Believe it or not Clarks has a good looking comfortable shoe in calf hair! It comes in leopard as well.
Ponchos are big this year and they are very flattering.  I picked this Cashmere one up at Ann Taylor, another store I haven’t shopped in in years.  It is 40% off.  It is very lightweight, soft and fits beautifully.
I also picked up this High Low Tunic Sweater from Nordstrom on Sale.  It comes in Camel as well.  It is currently unavailable because they sold so many of them at such a great price.  I was told by Nordstrom that they plan on restocking. They do have this one that is almost identical here on sale that also comes in camel.  I find that I can’t really wear camel anymore but I love it!!

I have a million scarves (literally) but I couldn’t pass another leopard number up from Nordstrom.  Very nice quality for $38.00!
Leopard Print Scarf
Lastly these boots that I told you about that Lauren & I discovered on our trip down South, love them!!  Most of the boots that accommodate enough room in the toe box for my foot issues are not exactly sylin if you know what I mean. Super comfortable and amazing quality for the price.  They were a tad too distressed for this “old lady” so I had my shoe lady fix that!
Remember when Banana Republic had really nice quality clothes at good prices.  Well I am sure you have read that they have a new stylist.  I have been really impressed with the quality and style of their new line.  If you haven’t checked them out in awhile do it! I have purchased several things that I am really happy with.
I love these waxed jeans from Banana Republic.  Dare I say they are almost like wearing Spanx?

I love the weight and quality of this cotton sweater.  It is much better looking in person than it is online.
You are probably thinking does she ever wear anything but black and gray? Well not very often!  I have found at my age I really like the versatility of being able to mix and match everything in my closet.  Once I let my hair go gray I found my whole color perspective changed.  Some of the colors I loved I can no longer wear.  I love fuschia and purple and  am not afraid of a pop of color.  What have you purchased this season that you love?


  1. Love the wax jeans and those boots. Tres chic!

  2. Cindy you've given me some great ideas here; I see we really like a lot of the same styles!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Such great purchases Cindy! I love each one of them, and I too have foot issues so will check out these boots. Do they have an arch in the footbed? I am a fan of those places you are shopping, too. Youve got great taste! Have a wonderful weekend. xo Nancy

  4. OMG Cindy, I adore all of your choices! I knew we were kindred spirits!

  5. I like these suggestions. Great classics that can go the distance!!!

  6. I will take of these great pieces for Fall! Thanks!! All classic and everyday chic!

  7. I cant wait to be able to where boats...its been so darn hot here!

  8. These are great resources Cindy! You have fabulous taste. I live an hour and 1/2 north of Sacramento and end up doing lots of shopping either online or while traveling out of the country. It's good to hear your review of Banana Rep. with the new design lead. Good to hear about the quality since I haven't been in to pop into the store and feel it for myself. Those wax jeans and boots look wonderful. I love all your choices!


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