Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Fun Stuff…Fall Fashion Finds

I don’t know about you all but my wardrobe is in dire need of a few updates.  I need a new bag. My old handbag from the last couple of years has seen finer days. When shopping for a bag I have two rules
#1 it needs to be big  (big enough to stash fabric samples, hold about 10 tape measures (because we leave them at people’s homes all the time, right Maryann?), paint swatches, tablet, not to mention all the normal stuff we need in our handbag.
#2 NO ONE ELSE’S INITIALS UNLESS THEY ARE MY OWN! (am I the only one out there that does not want a bag with someone elses initials?)
If you are looking for something easy on the budget that looks fabulous this bag fits the bill.  It is $60 at my friend Marsha’s website.  I have no problem with faux leather as long as it doesn’t look “faux” and this does not.
If money were no object I would probably go for this beauty from Dooney & Bourke. But at $428.000 I just can’t rationalize it. Their handbags are nearly indestructible. I have had several over the years and they literally do not wear out.  So if you don’t mind the price tag go for it.
Dooney & Bourke Handbag, Florentine Clayton Satchel - Dooney & Bourke - Handbags & Accessories - Macy's

In an effort to update my look I ordered this from Banana Republic. You probably think I am a walking advertisement for BP.  I think they have nice things again and best of all they have great promotions! They are having a great sale 40% off ending 8/24.  Naturally this was one of their BRPICKS which is not normally on sale but they are currently 20% off !!!
I also ordered these Sloan Faux Leather Ankle Pants (also a BRPICK).  They are $110 but 20% off sure helps!!
This was another safe purchase from Nordstrom.  How can you go wrong with gray cashmere at $148.00?
Halogen® High/Low Cashmere Tunic Sweater (Regular & Petite) | Nordstrom

My daughter in law and I just ordered these boots from BedStu  I was not familiar with the line but they have great quality boots at a great price point.  Lauren and I spotted them in Santa Barbara.  Thinking they were probably $500 or $600 I didn’t try them on. I found them at Ambiance in Paso but in the wrong color.  The good news…they actually fit in spite of my foot issues.  I am not ready to start wearing old lady shoes just yet.

Love their Skye bag as well… I am not much of a bag switcher outer….but this would be a great weekend/more casual bag for  $200.
I love the excursion vest from J Crew. My natural inclination is to get black but yellow might be really fun
Excursion quilted vest : puffer | J.Crew
Especially if I got brave and purchased  this beauty for $325.00 from the Splenderosa shop It has lots pockets and is such a fun color.

If I were daring and bought the above…wouldn’t this look great with it?Woven Animal Print Scarf
What have you picked up for fall, or what are you looking to buy?  Do you have any handbag suggestions for me?


  1. I have had so much luck at Banana Republic too lately - funny because I just posted about my latest BR purchases today too. How did I miss that black jacket - love it! And I'm loving those boots too. Have a great weekend Cindy!

    1. I thought they were awful for such a long time, but the quality has improved and the sales are great!! I am coming over to see what you found!!

  2. I am dying here…I want everything you show!!! I could really use that jacket and I think it comes in petite. You are my fashion icon. I think you would look great in that yellow vest but the way.

  3. Cindy-Poo, thank you for this shout out for Splenderosa! We are so happy out beautiful Italian Leather Handbags have been so successful & that you guys love them. I think the Banana things look fab, especially those leggings.
    I mean, seriously, everyone needs a pair for Fall don't they? xx's

  4. j crew factory has a camo puffer vest that I really want but cant barely gets cold here in Houston. ever. best purse ever, ok, so far, is a big coach hobo bag that I scored online sale on sale. I love it and carry it all the time, everywhere, and it fits everything of mine (and my three boys...I could set up a library and a lego store with just their stuff it carries :))

  5. tried to send you this on pinterest but wouldn't let me...the coach purse...

    1. Love that bag ! Thank you so much...the bag I am carrying right now is a Coach and we have an outlet!! Woo Hoo I am going to check it out!!!

  6. One thing about a big bag that I require is that it has to be light weight! I have tons of stuff to carry and heavy big bags just eventually hurt my shoulders! I'm a bagaholic Cindy and have colors, styles, brands and sizes in all sorts, but for daily use, I love 'em big and practical. :-)

  7. Wow…so many great finds and I am loving the handbag from Splenderosa. Give me any cashmere sweater and I am in heaven…my go to for sure!!

  8. Great finds but I shouldn't be looking at these bags as I really don't need another one but I just find them hard to resist!

  9. Cindy, Great choices! I love your taste. I agree I love a nice tote and I'm don't care for labels or initials either! You should definitely get the yellow vest. Would be darling on you! x Kim

  10. What a fun post Cindy, you are a fashionable little thing! :) I love these picks - I'm definitely going to check out our BR and I love the yellow vest!


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