Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Series of Paintings Inspire a Room

Talbot Vines, Carmel Valley by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 12 x 16

When decorating a room or house we often have a starting off point.  It might be an antique tapestry, a rug, a special piece of furniture, or a wonderful work of art that inspires the whole design. 

I have featured the work of my good friend and wonderful artist Pat Huber before.  Lately she has done a series of paintings at the Cowgirl Winery in Carmel Valley that have really captivated me.  I even borrowed a couple (well several) for the photo shoot of our  house. Meanwhile our lakehouse living area needed freshening up. I recently sequestered my favorite slipcover “artist” Katie Baker to make some slipcovers out of the same neutral Sunbrella Canvas that I used for my dining room chairs. They currently are a dark green (which served us well as far as practicality goes) since we do rent the house as well. I wanted a lighter look for summer. After ooohing and ahhhing over Pat’s paintings.  She just keeps getting better and better….I became inspired...


I ordered some velvet ikat pillows from one of my favorite Etsy sellers here https://www.etsy.com/shop/YUNERSHOP?section_id=10452690&page=5 because I wanted a fresher look for summer. Pat from Cottage by Design http://cottagebydesign.blogspot.com/p/etsy.html came to the rescue and matched the green with one of her linens and whipped up four of these on the left.

Etsy has so many wonderful Ikat pillows and I spotted these the other day and had to order them

YUNER silk velvet, Ikat pillow cover-(2 pieces )  ,decorative  corduroy pillowcase double pillows -15,2x14,8 inc
I am not normally a blue person but suddenly I realized why this palette is so pleasing.  It is this series of paintings….GORGEOUS!!!

Cowgirl Winery, Carmel Valley by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 11 x 14

That darn blue truck was just calling out for a splash of blue don’t you think?

Velvet Ikat Pillow - Handwoven Blue Beige Decorative Pillow For Couch 15 x 16 Free Shipment Delivered within 1-3 Days by FEDEX


I have been dying to have Pat paint something to cover up the darn TV at the lakehouse.  I wonder if I can convince Mr. H to go for it?  I know he loves her work. Since these paintings inspired the whole palette why not?  Which one would you choose? To see more of Pat’s wonderful art go here http://pathuberfineart.com/workszoom/1489041.  How do you feel about art? Do you have a piece that has set the tone for a particular room in your house? I would love to hear about it.


  1. I love the 3rd one the most Cindy but all of them are exquisite so you can do no wrong in choosing! And those pillows look gorgeous! I added that etsy store to my faves already. Hope you give us a quick tour of the house again once it's all put together! Happy 4th!

  2. I love all her art. It feels happy and down to earth.

  3. Beautiful. The second one the of grapevines not only feels a little Van Gogh, it really seems to capture the spirit of your neck of the woods.

    Love the ikat pillows. I look at those on etsy all the time.

  4. I love her work! You surely could get her to the lake house Im sure! Have a great holiday! xo Nancy

  5. I am an art nut and these are so wonderful. I can see all the inspiration you got from them!

  6. Cindy, Love these paintings and the mix of blue with green is just so appealing. I am in the process of adding more green and garden inspired things to the home now. Love this! Pillows too. Hope you are having a nice summer! x Kim

  7. Hi Cindy,
    Pat's art is so beautiful, I love her palette and the soft edges in her work! Art truly makes a room sing!

    The Arts by Karena


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