Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What would you Choose…a Mountain Home,a Lake House, or a Beach House?

In  the process of updating my current home I have been doing a  few minor updates to our lake house in the Paso Robles Wine Country.  You can click on the sidebar if you are interested in renting it.  It got me thinking. If I could have any type of vacation home, what would I choose?  A mountain home, a lake home or a beach house?  Here are some of my favorite Beach Houses. 
via Coastal Living
I always love a subtle coastal look that just hints at it’s locale….
image source unknown
Love all of the texture with just a touch of blue…
seaside inspired blue and white
via Joe Ruggiero

I am not usually a fan of family photos in an eating area, but something tells me this is just a resting place so it works!
Beach House Blends Coastal Style With European Elegance | LUXE Source
Phoebe Howard really knows how to do coastal without looking kitzchy doesn’t she?

via Coastal Living
Phoebe Howard sun porch styling!  #coastalliving #coastalrooms
phoebe howard
I love the practicality of this house that was/is for sale on Avalon.  It looks totally inviting, yet totally practical at the same time.
Avalon Beach House For Sale | Desire Empire

avalon beach house
This lovely setting just oozes relaxation, don’t you think?
image source unknown
Would you love to have a place at the beach? In my next couple posts I will post some of my favorite lake and mountain homes.


  1. We had a mountain house in Lake Placid, but I think I would love one on the lake! I do love a coastal home but there is something so lovely about a lake community and you can always have fun with decor there as well!

  2. Hard to choose - I love them all!

  3. My choice would be the beach! Rosemary Beach is my favorite - we try to get there every summer and choose a different house to rent each time. It's so beautiful there!

  4. I would love a beach house but these are all too nice for me. I'd like something with a lot of patina, painted wood floors, planked walls and exposed beams with minimal furnishings, all vintage in their natural state. Just a bed, a chest, a sofa, a dining table a two chairs. Oh, and a lamp. That's it.

  5. I think that last photo is by Barclay Butera. I just love a beach house and all the light. Beautiful examples.

  6. We live in WA state .. so mountains and lakes are everywhere. It would be the beach for us! I like the sound of the waves and the don't mind the sand everywhere. Your pictures are wonderful! Good look with the house projects! We are in the midst of a big one ourselves..

    1. Just noticed your blog roll has my old address!

  7. Without a doubt, a beach house would be my choice! I'm in the middle of the landlubbing midwest, & I long for the ocean. I always love seeing beach house inspiration, too. Lovely post!


  8. hands down, beach house. To me, there's nothing like an ocean breeze.

  9. CIndy, You always find the most gorgeous photos! I love all of these and think I would love a beach home someday!! Phoebe Howard is one of my favorites always. I just love the horizontal plank walls too.
    Have to pin some things here!! x Kim

  10. We are in the throes of an 1800's beach house remodel, so I would definitely choose the beach! Love all of these image and the second one is a favorite. I believe that is Kay Douglass Interiors, because we adore her work! Happy weekend ~

  11. I'm married to a surfer and all my children I would have to say...a beach house!

  12. I would love a vacation house in any setting and would be more than happy with any of these beautiful beach houses! xx Sharon

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  14. Cindy I would definitely have to have a beach dream come true!!

    The Arts by Karena

  15. given a choice, beach it is! and while i am dreaming let's say nantucket or northern california......sigh!

  16. My favourite look here is the third room with the fabulous blue and white creating a real beach feel. Stylish and relaxed and those two white jars are fabulous.

  17. Hmm....right at this moment I'm thinking any house will do hahaha but seriously, these are some lovely shots. I love those wide stripes in the first photo, the muted, classic look of the third photo with those blue pillows and of course, I love those chunky rustic beams in the fourth one. BTW-I hope you had a relaxing weekend..

  18. I am totally a beach girl and I would take any one of those places!!!


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