Monday, February 3, 2014

Trend Oversize Art…


I am loving Over scaled Art right now. If you can’t afford to purchase an original work of art there are a number of companies that will reproduce almost any work of art onto a large canvas format.

I love the combination of periods and styles in this room by the wonderful Victoria Hagan.  The artwork provides the punch.

oversized art

Victoria Hagan

I used an oversize horse head in a commercial environment several years ago and still admire it every time I drop in the office. Love the combination of the horse and the leather here.

oversized art #equine #horse #horselover

I would love to have our crazy pooch Beau blown up into something like this.

The original pinner wanted to have a large photo of pet on wall.  An earlier pinner wrote:  "Staples does oversized prints called "engineer prints." The largest size is 3' x 4' and they cost only $4.99!!"  [ pinned from:   ]

image source unknown

oversized art by Manolo Valdés in designer Alberto Pinto's Paris studio | Town & Country

Alberto Pinto

Eclectic style living room in black, white and tangerine


layered rugs and oversized art

an exceptional interior by San Francisco's Lorissa Kimm, architect

Lorissa Kim

image source unknown


Do you have a favorite  photograph that you would love to have supersized? The effect is instant, ready to be hung. Canvas Pop ( specializes in taking everyday photos and blowing them up without losing detail.

I love the way these photos are displayed.  The “rough luxe style” mounting echos the style of the photograph.

I like the oversized prints but would only use one.

image source unknown

image source unknown

Art Poster Wall. Make a blank wall art simply by printing out a giant poster.   @MyAMInspiration

Would you like to introduce an oversized work of art into your own home? I would love to hear about it if so!


  1. I have one room with an oversized work of art. I would like to incorporate more in my home. The catch for me is my home is small. So scale is key. It's next to impossible to see the beauty when the perspective is so off. The good news is I'm planning a move! So until my next home is found I can only imagine.....

  2. Seriously considering something like this - I have a strange crush on a graffiti-style wallpaper I saw recently, but I'm thinking it might not agree with our super-trad house. A painting, though, over-scale and modern, might be a very interesting element. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. I would absolutely consider having a large scale piece of art like one of these. I'd just have to decide which image because I think it sets such a powerful tone in a room. Thanks for this link, I will definitely be bookmarking it.

  4. Those rich blues in the first room look fabulous with the cream sofa. It's so important to choose the right artwork in a room as demonstrated here.

  5. So much more "cutting edge" than the typical gallery wall. I think it turns some of these rooms from OK to Wow. Thanks for the source. I will be contacting them asap.

  6. Some great examples,here, and all work very well scale-wise in their environments. I see them as BIG statements, but not "Over". These do have a way of making the traditional gallery wall or space seem a bit programmed with bits and pieces. Do love this may encourage some to think beyond the 18" x 24"!

  7. I would love to if I find the right one! :-)

  8. Cindy we must be channelling the same thoughts these days....I have an oversized canvas that I am thinking will give my small powder room some pizazz...these examples...lovely..and thank you for the source...I am off to bookmark it...N.xo

  9. ABSOLUTELY. I just wish I had more wall space. You have the best vision.

  10. Hi Cindy...I'm finally back...the longest break I've ever taken! I have an over sized antique flag in my family room...I love your examples!

  11. I love the look of one huge oversized piece of art on a wall but the real stuff is so expensive. Such a great idea to blow up a photo!

  12. Dear Cindy, I am so very pleased to have discovered your beautiful blog!! You have written so much interesting articles and I do love your design work! I scrolled down to somewhere in the middle of 2013 and I can't wait to have scrolled to see more of your post today.

    Thank you so much for you comment on my latest blogpost!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  13. I love oversized art as well. I interned for Victoria Hagan when I was in design school and learned a lot. She has an amazing eye!


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