Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rough Luxe at the San Francisco Design Center …COUP

Coup d'état is one of the designer go-to galleries  http://coupdetatsf.com/wicifc1xn56gy8k0mns04ft8jxcziu for those looking outside of the box for that unique and unusual statement piece.  Coup has been featured in the New York Times, San Francisco Magazine, 7x7 Magazine and California Home and Design. Their eclectic vintage furnishings, art objects, and their own Coup d'état Studio line, have found a home in many galleries and ateliers.   COUP D'ETAT owner and proprietor Darin Geise has a knack for constantly pushing the envelope with his acquisitions and own designs. Many of the items in his studio collection are produced by the hands of local San Francisco Artisans.
This is their fabulous window display which is changed seasonally
January 2014
How clever is this ?
Check out this wonderful vignette…
Every picture tells a story, right?
The holidays… Coup Style
I also met up with a new friend….anyone recognize her? By the way I thought she was WAAAAY younger than me.  Sadly she just looks it. Since we hadn’t formally met before I told her to look for a silver haired old lady. Her response was to look for a short fat old lady! Ummmm…not quite what I would call a fat old lady.  I will say she is cuter and just as fun as you might imagine in person!!!  A joint post coming in a couple weeks… love her!!


  1. ohhhh. I could so live in some of those rooms! thanks for sharing this bit of lovely.

  2. Let's go to Coup next time. You forgot to mention that I was pointing to your favorite faux bois wallpaper! Thanks for showing me around!

  3. Very interesting look. Very honest and unique.

  4. Nice. What an interesting place to find some unique treasures.

  5. What a creative place and so fun that you met up with Mary Anne! Hugs to you both. xo Nancy

  6. Some very interesting and unusual design details. I especially like the penny farthing.


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