Sunday, December 29, 2013

White on White

Every year about this time, for about five minutes… I wish I were back East in the Snow .
A winter wonderland in central park
It passes… I come to my senses…but I am still inspired by the white on white…

Nancy Fishelson
[markandgraham] exquisite cashmere throw.
Ivory Cashmere Throw Mark and Graham
Splendid Sass
Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles/Beth Webb

lisa luby ryan for arteriors

image source unknown

 Light Natural Cowhide Rug World Market

lisa luby ryan
Vietri - Bellezza
Vietri Bellezza

ceiling/beams  linda keenan via ivy clad via veranda

via Veranda
Cienaga, Ann Sacks
cienaga/Ann Sacks

Daryl Carter

Tabarka tile
What is inspiring you right now?  Are you ready for a dose of color, or is the whisper of white calling out to you as well? Be sure and check out “The Loft” my online store (click on shop in the upper right hand corner ) and check back later in the week for another giveaway! Happy New Year from Beau!


  1. It's easy to think whites are a copout but they're as brave a choice as any other color. There are just as many whites as there are grays and picking just the right one isn't easy. But I'm still loving white.

  2. The best white thing is Beau....what a darling! I also would take any Lisa Luby Ryan....!! N.xo

  3. Although I come from a tropical country originally, one of the things I truly love about America is the snow. As much as I hate it at times, I LOVE the look of it and the feel of it, cold as it may be, it makes me feel cozy inside! Once I'm done packing my Christmas stuff then I'm ready to re-decorate for winter, which usually is subtle and calm, colors usually come in the Spring! Happy 2014 Cindy!!!!

  4. I can't get enough of white and light naturals - it's so soothing and beautiful! Happy New Year to you and Beau (how cute is he?!)

  5. I love white and color both - makes it so hard. Love the tile you showed. Happy New Year!

  6. Count me inspired - as the biggest fan of neutrals, this post was my heaven. Thank you for all of the beautiful inspiration and wishing you all the best in 2014!!

  7. Divine!!! I'm in white heaven :) Happy New Year, Cindy!!
    Cheers to 2014,

  8. White! White as snow symbolizes clarity and purity as symbolize my love for your topic today. I like the second photo. Looking forward to celebrate holidays with you again!!

  9. I love white on white. It's such a palette cleanser after the sensory overload of the holidays.

    I would gladly box up a shipment of snow & send it to you if it would make it! I'm only in the middle of the country where the snow is usually a bit more moderate than further east, but we've had a foot already.

    Best wishes in the New Year!

  10. please tell beau and his family happy new years from us! i hope you have a wonderful one!

  11. I love these images! All best wishes for 2014!

  12. Neutrals greys and whites are my choice.

  13. "Back to your senses" made me chuckle Cindy! That's what happened when we moved to Arrowhead. The snowfalls were so exquisite while they were happening, but the aftermath wasn't much fun... but white on white will always delight!


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