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How to Develop Your Own Sense of Style

Everyone is creative, and  has originality. The challenge for all of us is to reign in those qualities and become confident in expressing them. Style is fluid. Your likes, needs, and wants will change over the years. This is the process of growing and developing your own personal style
Décor de Provence: Simplicity = Beauty
via decor de provence
Finding your own taste goes much deeper than just decorating.. From the clothes you wear to the books you read and the activities you enjoy, style encompasses your whole life. What kind of music do you listen to? Which films, novels and artists inspire you? Where would you love to travel? Your answers to these questions can help you define your own style.
Design by Melanie Turner
Melanie Turner
It's about understanding yourself, gaining the confidence, to unleash your creativity. Consider what attracts you most to objects (shape, color, pattern, material?) and once you get your own preferences clear in your head, you can sort through your stuff easily and create a more cohesive look.
 Une cuisine à l'ambiance récup'
cote maison france
Through life changes, one becomes wiser with age. Finally understanding what is really important makes you realize that you've come full circle.  Knowing your style is all part of settling into your home space.

Suzanne Kasler Design | Entryway | Opaline Glass | Black & Gold Console Table
suzanne kasler

Don’t be afraid to copy – If you see something someone has done that you admire use it as a starting off point.  Your own style will evolve as you collect ideas from others. Start to collect looks -- Tear photos out of magazines, peruse , organize and pin your ideas on Pinterest. As you collect images you love, you'll start to see your style evolve.
joe minton  southern accents
joe minton southern accents
A few years ago if I were to search my own space for an image that best defined my sense of style it probably would have been this

Today it probably would be this image.  A little more spare, a little less perfect….

Remember definining and developing your style is a process.  Be selective. Often times, less is more when it comes to successful decorating. If you can identify your personal style and eliminate the excess, your home will be beautiful!
I would love to hear which of the above images best reflects your personal style and why?


  1. I love this post! Everyone needs a starting point. And yes, our style evolves as do our lives. Your home could be a creative outlet as well as a comfort or safe haven. I can relate to almost something in all of your photos as I have nick named my home " my French, costal, Asian, ranch ". Enough said.

  2. Great post...I agree with everything you said....

  3. AMEN Cindy!!!! You nailed it right on the head! I find that most beautiful rooms feel collected, 'imperfect' and very personal. :-)

  4. So much wisdom! Especially the part about eliminating the excess.

  5. Hi Cindy, I got an error message the first time I tried to leave a comment so I am leaving the same one again - sorry if it is a duplicate! I wanted to tell you that I think this is a great post, that after a few years of trial and error, and 'trying things on,' I feel like I have really found my own style and feel comfortable expressing it and letting it evolve - as it does. I don't care if no one else gets it - I live here, right?
    Hope you are well!

  6. I think you have a great theme for a blogger party Cindy! My design style? I think you will be afraid you asked...but it certainly something to ponder. You raise a good point, our style does change. Back in the day I could not get enough of big floral English chintz...and now I wince. Our travels have sealed the deal on eclecticism...we have it in spades. As always, I love your style Cindy... xx

  7. Cindy,
    That second photo is stunning!

  8. Dear Cindy, this post is so spot on, I could be saying it myself...everything...I have been at it a long time..the creative process intrigues is a journey, an extension of one's soul, takes time...I also could be writing the post before this one, on the ORC....I have been riding the no avail...nothing much has changed here...practicing patience to the limit!! N.xo

  9. Great post. I find my style is constantly evolving, but the genre remains pretty much the same. X Sharon

  10. What an interesting post! You are absolutely right - style is fluid and encompasses everything. It's surprising how we are influenced by images and travel, sometimes without realising! I particularly like the hallway with the gorgeous collection of turquoise glass. I wonder if a little turquoise will now find its way into my home!!

  11. First - the first image reflects best my personal style/taste. Also the last image because of its kind of simplicity, but without the shutters on each side of the cow painting (which I love!) and I would like to see chairs covered in natural colored linen/hemp to "soften" the whole look (actually these chair seats are somewhat too low, don't you think?).
    Such an interesting and informative post again, Cindy.
    I must say that I have not changed my style over decades all that much. Sometimes I'm going a little bit "over the top" in decorating, but only for a few days/weeks or so. And then back to my theme: "Less is more"....and "keep it simple"....but all with quality and certainly with objects one loves and like to see every day, lifting up our daily life.
    Have a lovely Sunday afternoon,

    1. Oh Cindy - forgotten to thank you for your comment!
      Dyeing: Yes, I know what you mean about a modern "ECO" washing machine. I just add about 10-13 liter of extra water when dyeing. No problems so far with my large linen and hemp sheets. xk


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