Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Black Windows…

As I mentioned in a previous post my Spanish colonial is in dire need of updating.  We are in the process of updating the upstairs bedrooms. You can see my post here http://roughluxeperspective.blogspot.com/2013/07/guest-bedroom-update.html  but the downstairs really needs an overhaul.  My walls and kitchen cabinets were originally white.  We have lived here for over 25 years.  At one point we glazed our walls (I know yuk!) and painted the kitchen cupboards green.  I would like to paint the cupboards and walls white again and do the windows almost black like the windows below.
delicate details that i love
image source unknown
black windows and casings
via indulgy.com
Black Window Frames by jolene
via blocklighting.com

image source unknown
an elegant booth; Angie Helm Interior Designs
Angie Helm
black window frames, white brick style tiles, calcutta marble. This will be my kitchen.
via homebunch.com
I don’t have any crown moulding or baseboard so it would be just the windows, doors, and trim.  This is lovely but a little too much black for me.  My ceilings are whitewashed wood with beams.
Neutral with black window trim, crown molding, and mirror frame.

Bedroom in San Miguel de Allende Mexico.
Love the sofa styles and the windows!
image source unknown

My floors are saltillo tiles that cannot be changed (though I would love to darken them).
Spanish Colonial by George Washington Smith
image source unknown

What do you think?  I am thinking a color like Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain or a little darker. Any suggestions? Is it a trend whose time will pass or a look that will stand the test of time?  I would love your advice! Also speaking of rooms that need updating!  I have been dragging my feet updating one of our guestrooms.  I am going to be participating in the six week one room challenge over at Calling It Home http://www.callingithome.com.  Be sure to check in there Wednesday and Thursday of this week to see what all the participants are up to!  It should be a lot of fun!!  Yikes the pressure is on!  I need your support and encouragement!!


  1. I think it will look fabulous for many years! The look is classic and not trendy.

  2. Love this look, Cindy! So chic and crisp. Can't wait to follow along on your room challenge. xo, Loi

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  4. I say...go for it Cindy, I love the look and I imagine the style of your home will suit it very well. I look forward to seeing your room challenge. I am off to look at your guest room! xx

  5. Love the Mondrian-esque lines of black painted window frames Cindy.
    X Paul X

  6. I love the look. It mimics the look of steel trimmed windows. I really love it with white walls, but not colored. I am sure it will be fabulous in your home

  7. Hi Cindy..I think it will look super...the photo you have shown with the Saltillo tiles really gives me a feel for it...lovely! I have found that when renovating and working with existing materials nothing should be left to chance...carefully examine all the elements together, as you have done here....I know it will be lovely...looking forward to following along on the challenge...best, N.xo

  8. I have always loved the look of the metal casements painted near black. I think all your examples work well...except # 4, color-wise is pretty gray, which, in my opinion, won't work as well with the color of the Saltillos. Scale and proportion in the room is everything. If the framework is fairly wide, if there is minimal space between windows, or if the windows/doors dominate the room, painting them black might tend to overwhelm. Like I say...scale and proportion. Also having other black, or black and white, or black and terra cotta (to pull-in the floor) elements in the room is important. The B.M. Iron Mountain looks too much on the gray side to me, but a lot is the lighting in the room. Best to you with the Challenge!

  9. I've wanted to paint my window sashes dark gray or black but question if I need to do it through the whole house. If I'm trying to simulate metal windows, I certainly wouldn't have them in just one room. So I chickened out.

    The porch on my last house (painted a medium gray) was Iron Mountain. I'm thinking of using Kendall Charcoal on the new back decks which is alsoa color I've considered painting my interior doors.

    I say go for it. I'll live vicariously.

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