Monday, September 16, 2013

Bookcase Styling Ideas for the Transitional Home

One of my clients has a traditional home filled with some lovely furniture.  She has great personal style so we wanted to update her home with some fresh fabrics to give her home a more updated look.  She  has a bookcase on one side of her fireplace.  I suggested painting the back a color to add some pizzazz to the space. While searching for inspiration I came across these wonderful examples.
Don’t you love the predominantly white accessories against the gorgeous blue.

Love what the “muddy” paint color does for this organic mix
Color Outside the Lines blog ....beadboard in back of bookcases painted gray
via Color Outside the Lines
paint back of bookcase
via apartment therapy
I have always loved the soothing quality of terracotta and blue.
Melon and Gray. Stunning.
Martha Stewart
I love the moody ethereal quality of this monochromatic display, even though form overpowers function here!

painted bookcase - love the blue/green paint on the back of the bookcase...and the rest of the room too!
via how to do it
This fun wallpaper really adds graphic appeal to this bookcase
DC Design House 2012
DC Design House 2012 Marika Meyer

This clever grouping of elements makes this simple bookcase spring to life
emily henderson bookcase decor
 Emily Henderson

Love the functionality of this bookcase that is interspersed with articles from the owner’s travels.
Love open bookcases

image source unknown
I hope these last two posts have provided some inspirational styling ideas.  I know they have for my client and I.  I think we are going for a painted back…now just what color?

FLASH!! Last minute update! I just found out that the second image is of my "blogging friend" Steve's dining room. He pens the blog Urban Cottage (one of my absolute favorites I might add).  I had no idea if you haven't ever read his blog run don't walk right over here  For you ladies whose husband's get tired of hearing "about blogland" send them Steve's blog.  I guarantee you they will love it even if they won't admit it!!


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I love the idea of painting the back of the bookshelf! I think that's the look my bookshelf needs!

  2. Did you know the second photo is my dining room? That would be the muddy one which is Benjamin Moore Fairview Taupe. It's a huge compliment that you chose to include it.

    1. Your treatment works so well, and enjoy the depth of the items displayed. And your blog!!! I subscribed right away. The behind-the-scenes scenarios and your humorous anecdotes as you delve into the guts of your "urban cottage" never cease to both inform and entertain.

  3. Love Steve's dining room and many others in this and yesterday's posts. Thanks.

  4. After seeing your previous post, and your smart use of the green as a backdrop for the shelving, I excitedly await what you come up with for this current project. BTW, an urban cottage blog is so fun! Like his shelving you have featured, as well as the #5 neutral.

  5. More fabulous ideas, Cindy. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I pinned the last group and I'm going to pin these...Great ideas!

  7. Cindy I love Steve's Blog!!
    My living room bookcase is backed in a deep terra cotta and I love it. It has lots of blue and white, white pottery art, etc,

    Great feature!
    2013 Artist Series!

  8. Hi, Cindy!
    I'm catching up on your posts :) Been swamped!! Sneaking in some blog reading on my day off today. Thanks for featuring my friend Marika (Mia) Meyer's work. Mia is super talented. I will have to send her this post.
    Take care,

  9. Great worthy every one of them....and of course I adore Steve.

  10. What is the bookshelf background's blue green color, in the picture with the brown and white striped chair and ottoman... it is a beautiful shade!


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