Friday, July 26, 2013

Rough Luxe Shelving Units

I have a client with a fireplace that is not centered in the room and we are looking for a minimalistic rustic unit
to fill the void. She has great accessories and artifacts so it just needs to be simple and clean. Here are a few that I have found.
I think this one from Dovetail is minimal but interesting and I am pleased that it does not have wheels. 
AB173_L.jpg (490×800)
This one from Restoration Hardware has a great look but I am just  not a big fan of wheels.   I think the look will become dated and who wants any piece of  furniture that rolls around the room?  Is it just me?  I hate sofas and chairs with wheels as well. The good news is these are small at least.

This one is from CFC/Noir.  I think it has an interesting architectural quality to it.

I think I might prefer the metal/wood version here.  What do you think?
:: CFC ::

Here is another Noir piece.  This has a nice look as well again no wheels a plus in my book.

:: NOIR ::
This Isabella bookcase from Gaby Furniture has an interesting little detail in the back but wheels again.
Isabelle Bookcase
I think this one from RH is my favorite if size were no consideration.

1950s Dutch Shipyard Shelving

The boys from Bobo are the ones who started it all and designed the original Restoration Hardware versions.  The three below are a little less predictable.

If you want the look for less you could go here $354.00!!
ETHAN HOME Myra Vintage Industrial Modern Rustic 40-inch Bookcase

And as for styling…these look pretty fabulous don’t they?
cecile starin
Cecile Starin
I think Victoria Hagan’s fabulous combination of items would look just as at home on and industrial unit don’t you think?
Lovely collection. Victoria Hagan.
victoria hagan
Bookcase styling vintage French themed-soft items to fill in bookcase and make it interesting
B Wisely

I would love to hear which is your favorite, and why? Would you go for the less expensive since it might become dated? Do you find that sometimes when you try to save money you end up spending money ?  In my opinion if you stay away from the wheels it won’t become dated so quickly.


  1. I have the similar one from Dovetail only the baker's rack version...two in my kitchen...really solid. I keep all our dishes and cookbooks on them.

  2. Objects of art and artifacts, to me are best showcased against a solid backdrop...not competing with all the crisscrossed metal bracing. Your Hagen examples work so well partly because of this factor. If not welded on, a solid panel may be able to fit in between shelving and bracing, using longer screws or bolts...just athtought. I do agree that the larger casters many become dated,, and they do spell industrial. Smaller ones may be a bit unstable.

    As a small indie business, I am always encouraging people to step off the beaten path and investigate the plethora of very talented craftspeople and artisans we have working right here in America... Their voice often smothered by the corporate entities having product made elsewhere. Try Hudson goods. I like these, but would be nice to have elevated on feet. Also,, and search for industrial/rustic shelving.

  3. Hi CIndy, Hope you are having a good summer! I am just catching up on all my blog reading! You know, I just love the look of these shelves, especially with the wood and metal mix. I also love seeing all the ways it can be styled. I think my favorite would be the rounded top one, but honestly they are all pretty and I bet once you put your things on it will be equally as nice. I would love to get one of these for my dining room!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. There all pretty great...I'm with you on the wheels...I like the others better and love the examples of items on the shelves...great ideas...

  5. ALl good, but I like the Starin and the Noir best... love the oval shape of one and the metal work of the other.


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