Monday, July 15, 2013

I’m dreaming of a home on the range ….in Wyoming…

What if you have husband and wife clients that are setting up their main residence in Wyoming after living in Southern California for many years? That sounds like a twist of fate, right?  What if she would like to live in a French Chateau and he would like to live in a man cave where “ if it can’t be rode on, walked on, slept on, eaten on … it ain’t gonna work”  I know you are thinking UH OH!!  Green Acres here we come!  But wait he isn’t a red neck from   …..he is a retired dentist.  His dream  is to live in the wide open spaces where he can hunt, fish and live on the range with his beautiful wife (who doesn’t want her home to look like Roy Rogers just left the building )!  
They are full of fun and respect each other’s opinions but have slightly different visions.  My job is to meld their visions into a reality they both can appreciate.  From here on out they will be known as Cowboy Joey and Lady J. 
As you might imagine Cowboy Joey has quite a few “trophies” from his forays.  Lady J only allowed “one” in his office ( in their prior home).  You can be sure  she is loosening up the rule now that they are moving to the Wild West (or the Ponderosa as Cowboy Joey fondly calls it). I am pretty sure Lady J is not going to allow anything like this

On the other hand we have strict instructions from Cowboy Joey that  there won’t be anything like this either


Seriously, Ralph Lauren ( for the majority of the fabric) and Taracea will   be our mainstays.  Here is a sneakity peek of what we are working on.  We love that Taracea’s pieces are all made by hand. Aren't they incredible?

Sorry this is a poor picture but Ralph really knows how to do American West at it’s best, doesn’t he?


Lady J and I are crazy about this piece from Taracea and we are hoping Cowboy Joey agrees.  He is out on the range someplace at the moment but we know he will be checking in...

If you want to follow the adventures of Lady J and Cowboy Joey  follow along on Pinterest here  Maybe if we are lucky Cowboy Joey might do a post sometime won't be disappointed...


  1. Oh, I love the way this is going! You can't go wrong with RL. I'm looking forward to seeing the updates as you make progress. Thanks for sharing....

  2. This looks like a fun the fabrics and the furniture choices...

  3. I can't wait to hear more about this! It sounds like fun!

  4. This should be fun! The fabrics look great for the ponderosa. Please keep us updated.
    Xo, Lissy

  5. Ooh, fun, fun! And challenging, but it looks like you are fully up to it. Best of luck!


  6. oh cindy what dream clients, lucky you, o make that lucky them for hiring YOU!

    this will be fun and lucky us for enjoying the ride

  7. Hi, Cindy -
    That view is incredible. What a beautiful setting! Do you need extra help with this project? I'll trade my services for a stay at the future home :) Love your fabric selections. Enjoy this project and keep us posted.


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