Friday, June 14, 2013

Simple Father’s Day Menu

I am not cooking this Father’s Day. My son and daughter in law who are fabulous cooks have invited us to their house. If I were cooking I would probably cook something simple so we could enjoy the beautiful weather .


Start off with the simplest of appetizers fresh figs and bleu cheese
(wonderful this time of year)

Add Cafe Sucre’s Salad (one of my favorites) the secret is the dressing!
This time of year I would substitute fresh cherries

Grill some asparagus (what is better than asparagus on the grill?)

                                      Finish off with a big ole piece of red meat in honor of Dad
                                                                Santa Maria Tri Tip

                I marinate mine in lots of garlic, salt, pepper, beer and a touch of liquid smoke

                                                    For Dessert Sorbet & Fresh Berries by the fire

via southern living


Hopefully this little guy will stay in the pool


Are you Cooking for Father's Day?  If so what is on your menu?


  1. Cindy, You must be the best cook as well as entertainer! I love all these recipes and pinned some on my Alfresco board! Great mix of fresh and seasonal treats here. I'm glad you get to relax and this weekend! Enjoy!


    p.s. Love swimming dogs! What a cutie.

  2. OMG that asparagus dish! Must make that! It all looks delish, enjoy!

  3. The food looks amazing! I can almost taste it!!! The dog, well, I'd like to jump in and swim with him too!

  4. I want to come to your house for looks fabulous!

  5. No kidding, I want to come too!
    I'm checking out the recipes for sure.
    Love the DOG !!!!

  6. This looks like perfect menu. The asparagus (my favorite) and the salad (just pinned it!) it's all making me hungry. We have tri tip on the menu for our bbq afternoon but I'm still working on the rest of the menu.
    Happy Weekend!
    xx, Heather

  7. Cindy, I'm smiling as I read this, I have almost the same menu planned..yes, I'm cooking for the my guys! My husband loves Roaring Forty a wonderful blue from Tasmania which I will serve with dried figs and toasted walnuts...lucky Cali girl, you have fresh ones!! Roasted asparagus, with olive oil and Parmesan, spinach salad with a toasted sesame soy dressing.....yours looks delicious...I will check it out for certain...and my sons love rack of lamb, which is already marinating. It will be a laid back Sunday..and if it doesn't rain again..we will be outdoors. With all the rain and cooler temps the garden is green and lush this year....enjoy your day with your loved ones.....your doggie is the cutest ! N.xo


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