Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lauren Liess Love

She is a mother of three, interior designer, blogger extraordinaire, and a textile designer.  I am in constant awe of her talent….in particular this home she recently featured on her blog here
I am crazy about these chairs and their placement.  Imagine upholstered chairs in their place…the room would seem so much less inviting!

And…guess what… her client created the beautiful painting above the sofa on the left.  Isn’t it wonderful in the space?

Lauren has a knack for selecting art and it’s placement.  I love the gallery wall she created above the sofa.

Love the interest she created by painting the buffet blue here…

Isn’t she masterful at mixing traditional elements with contemporary pieces?  If you would like to see more of her wonderful work check out her portfolio here
I am completely besotted with her textile line.  I am considering this for a current  project
Fern Star in Moss - By the Yard
Fern Star in Moss Lauren Liess Textiles
I think this one would look wonderful in my guest room
Queen Anne's Bouquet in Black and Oatmeal - By the Yard

Queen Anne’s bouquet in black and oatmeal Lauren Liess Textiles
All of her textiles have an ethnic, vintage/modern vibe to them.  I just think they are in a class all of their own. And, the best news…you can purchase them via her website here  Happy shopping there are so many wonderful choices!!
All photos via Lauren Liess.


  1. I agree with what you say about the placement of those chairs and I love the neutral colour with the subtle shade of green. Gorgeous paisley print curtains - again a subtle design detail.

  2. I love the open weave chairs that provide seating options without visually closing off the space. They also add an additional layer of texture/interest. It's just a very appealing space with the touches of color spread throughout the room.

    1. So do I Charlotte...I think the chair choice was genius!

  3. I KNOW! When I saw that dining room this morning I was just in awe. And that living transformation is one the more dramatic I've seen. I don't think I would change a single thing in either of these rooms. I just adore her neutral color palettes that frequently bring in subtle blues and greens.

  4. She is very talented and never went to design school! You either got it or you don't!

  5. the first thing i thought when i opened your post was....
    damn! those are great chairs.

    beautiful work.


    1. I know the chairs make it don't they?!! My response exactly! Hope it is warming up in the north!!

  6. Those chairs are sooooo cool! I love them, too. Lauren is an absolute delight. She is talented, friendly and even more beautiful in person.

    1. I know they are wonderful. I am really impressed with her and how her work has evolved.

  7. We're big fans as well. Earthy, grounded, luxurious but perfect!
    xo Nancy

  8. Cindy, Love everything about this house! The chairs and the wall collage are my favorites. Just checking out her site. Great things. Don't know how I missed hearing about her before!

  9. Cindy- this made my day!! I'm really honored that you would do a post on my projects and thank you so much for such kind words. Thank you!! Big hug,

  10. It's amazing how she can think all of these designs. There are only few people I know that can mix traditional elements with contemporary pieces. I'm amazed on how she place the big windows close to one another without making it look awkward or redundant. I just hope it will look great on my house when I apply it. Thanks for sharing. =Lenore Rushford @


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