Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Dream Home…

I would like to invite you to come visit my new home nestled amongst the vines.

My gardens are simple…wide gravel paths, more grasses, fewer roses, lot’s of lavender and anything else that deer don’t find tasty. 
Le Pavillon de Galon,  Cucuron, Provence
Le Pavillion de Gallon , Provence, France 

heirloom philosophy: Inspiring People: Meet Barbara Colvin
                                                                        barbara  colvin

Water features  abound here and there….

Vicki Archer's garden and chemind'eau
                                                   vicki archer

outdoor sanctuaries

Our home is constructed of salvaged beams, flooring, and stone from a barn dismantled in Pennsylvania.

 Barn style houses are fabulous! Love the doors and openness. heirloom philosophy: Inspiring People: Meet Barbara Colvin

Please come in!

Dutch door in farmhouse

neutral painted wall panels, timber floors, sliding barn style interior doors
source unknown

It is an open floor plan (all on one floor) .  

 kitchen by mcalpine tankersley
mcalpine tankersley 

 melle design

As you can see the kitchen is open to the rest of the space.  We have no need for a formal dining room or living room anymore.

 hanging lanterns  roughluxeperspective.blogspot.com

20 Ideas for Storage with Baskets and Bins | Midwest Living
midwest living

I am working on a powder bath right now & wish the client would consider the horizontal plank for the wall ~ stunning use of textures here by M. Elle Design
melle design

Reclaimed barn beams and flooring have  been used throughout

If you like you could sleep in the second floor loft above the living space

Loft bedroom, bathroom, swing...

Feel free to gather vegetables or herbs from the kitchen garden outside the kitchen door.

Chelsea Flower Show 2008

or you might like to take a swim before dinner...

Hillside pool in Provence, France

…on the patio

bunny williams
bunny williams

or enjoy a glass of wine (or two)  by the fire…
Nancy Warren atlantahomesmag.cm
If you would prefer you may stay in the guest cottage

christie brinkley

It'll be barn style all the way with grey timbers, pitched roof, french doors and windows, level lush lawn...
melle design

Enjoy yourself.  There is plenty of room for you and your family

closet space was turned into a trio of bunk beds.

                 I hope you will enjoy a cup of coffee on the terrace before you leave!


Thank you so much for visiting!  I would love for you to linger but you have five other “dream homes” you won’t want to miss. Don’t delay they are expecting you!


I can’t wait to hear which home you would choose for your dream home.  Please stop by and come back here and tell me which you would choose for your dream home and why. Or better yet tell me about the home of your dreams!!  


  1. Move over...I am coming in Cindy! At the very least, I plan to pin every one of these. You never fail to delight me! Thank you for asking me to participate in this event, it was so much fun for me...more than you can imagine. Your dream home is beautiful, just what I would imagine for a California girl!

    Jeanne xx

    1. You better come visit once you are back in the States!

  2. Cindy....I'm on my way with a basket of cheese, wine and fruit! How funny that we used so many of the same images in our post!

    I am off to see what the rest of the girls came up with. I know it will be amazing

    thank you so much for this fun project

    Cheers, Kelley

    1. I kept thinking as I was cutting and pasting...I wonder if Kelley and I are using any of the same images! You did notice I said a glass or two!

  3. Cindy...I like your dream house better than mine...

    1. I would love to have your home for my second home!

  4. Well, I thought I had my dream house all sorted, now I wish I had chosen so many of your lovely pictures! I will just keep dreaming! xx Sharon (PS Such a fun idea - well done for organising it)

    1. I had to work today but I am checking back to pin some of those fabulous images! I didn't have time this morning! Thank you so much for participating!

  5. Cindy -
    Your dream home reflects your signature livable, organic style. Really fabulous selections!! Thanks for all the inspirations ~

    1. If you could only see my house right now...it is REALLY liveable!! If you know what I mean!

  6. All of you women have amazing taste ! It would be so difficult to choose a dream home based on all of these wonderful choices!

    1. Carolyn

      Thanks for stopping by. I just became a follower of your wonderful blog!

  7. what splendid taste you have! when can i come over?

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  9. Beautiful! I loved everything. Particularly the wine, then the coffee, then the wine... - a girl after my own heart! :) I am just making my way around to everyone and looking forward to seeing what they've selected. xo ~L

  10. Cindy...swoon! I love your dream home! All of it. I think I just love all the natural materials in everything. I always love anything from McAlpine and that dining table with the chunky woven chairs is my favorite as well.

    I'm looking forward to checking out all these links tonight when I can!

    Beautiful post!


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  12. Hi Cindy! I am loving every aspect of your home. It is quintessential 'Rough Luxe' style.
    I am so in the mood for Alfresco dining that the terrace tableau has me entranced today.
    As always I love your style!
    Happy Easter Cindy!

  13. You and my wife have a penchant for good space. You both dream of a Zen-like garden and details on the house. Haha! She’s really fond of Oriental accents on everything. Anyway, thanks for letting me tour your house. I really enjoyed the view.

    Calvin Mordarski

  14. Wow! So, your dream home is something country style, right? You should add some sliding barn doors too, it'll make your house look cool! :) I'm planning to build my dream house and I've been consulting with some mortgage companies about my status. I hope that they'll give me the loan that I want so I can build my dream house already.

    Levi Ervin

  15. Your dream house is breathtaking, Cindy! I particularly like the garden; the sanctuary and water features gives an ethereal factor to the place. About your ‘poll’ on the other five lovely homes, I like the second to the last (roseandrust’s blog); her choice is just amazing – very quixotic.

    Erick Bush


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