Friday, July 27, 2012

Kitchens Outside of the Box, Last Day to register for the Giveaway!

What causes  a kitchen to be “outside of the box”? To me it is neither contemporary or traditional  but rather the use of the unexpected.  Some of the images below combine traditional elements with contemporary surfaces.  Some use unconventional lighting, recycled materials or unconventional combinations.

 No “outside of the box” post could be complete without something from Erin Martin.  Look at all the interesting finishes and surfaces she has used in this kitchen.



house of mirth california home and design


Love the barrel ceiling, the lighting, the old beams, Moroccan inspired tile, and the gutsy bar stools!


Ceiling...tuscan with a touch of the wild with animal print barstools


Love the lights over the island , and the clever combination of elements here by the ladies of MElle


MElle Design


McAlpine Tankersly always does something unexpected. Notice the double islands with a cross through

Kitchen by McAlpine Tankersley

McCalpine Tankersley

This combination of what appears to be old limestone with marble is rather unique.  The rough with the sleek…

Kitchen by Joseph Dirand

joseph durand

Another Bobby McAlpine  gem note the curtains.

McAlpine Tankersley

Meg Ryan’s kitchen combines industrial looking windows and lighting with a more organic looking island.

Kitchen of Meg Ryan via Elle Decor

I adore everything about this kitchen by the fabulous Eleanor Cummings

eleanor  cummings

Local designer Ken Fulk’s South of Market Loft …Love those lights!

Ken Fulk via the Style Saloniste


This kitchen draws elements from both contemporary and traditional styling with flair

the style saloniste

The Style Saloniste

This kitchen from the House of Windsor has a huge wow factor

House of Windsor via Veranda


 Crazy about the mix of surfaces here!  Love how the sleek stainless steel top contrasts with the rough plaster walls.



via french by design

Love the herringbone barrel ceiling!

Ceiling love.

via postcard from paris

The addition of the stone wall here really creates interest don’t you think?

This kitchen is current without being trite. wow.

via southern living

Stephen Gambrel never disappoints.  The fireplace is definitely the heart of this kitchen.

Steven Gambrell via heirloom philosophy

stephen gambrel


Would you want to make one of these kitchens your own?  If so which would you choose?

Don’t forget today is the last day to leave a comment for a chance to win the beautiful pillow from Euro Linens!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Beau’s favorite blog dogs

I think the first dog that I had a crush on was  Ella of For the Love of a House.  She is a “rescue” dog…why do they say that anyway?  She didn’t get rescued…she got picked …here is a pic of Ella.  I think Ella is a little better behaved than me because she gets to go in antique stores.  I can go in wineries… but antique stores…that is a stretch…Her mom writes a great blog that my mom really likes… you can read it here….

Mocha & Panda live in D.C,  I wonder if they know the other Beau (you know the one I am talking about)  Their dad Loi writes the blog Tone on Tone .  They have beautiful gardens.  I am sure they do not drag wood in the house and I bet they don’t eat plants.

Another pal that I have met on the blogosphere is Ben.  Isn’t he cute? He lives in France.  I bet he would like to play with me.  His mom writes the blog Lost In Arles  My mom wants to go to France so she really likes this blog.

Here is Nullah (I wonder what her/his name means). Her mom writes the blog   She lives in Sacramento (that is why she is eyeing that fountain she is about ready to pass out from the heat ).  It gets really hot there in the summer (kinda like my lake house).  C & J went to school in Davis and they said it was hotter than ….. well you know…She is cute don’t you think?  She might be too sweet for me…I mean I am sweet but kinda playful…I might scare her…Mom and dad copied Katie’s design for this fountain…I can’t wait to jump in it!  They think I haven’t figured out yet that it is filled up…I am just waiting for the right moment…

Here are Georgie and Sammy.  They are from Houston.  Their mom writes the blog cote de texas. What does that mean anyway?   You can read it here  . Mom says it is one of the most widely read blogs out there. They look important. They have been in a magazine.  Joni (their mom) did a post about our house once.  She didn’t even ask me to pose. I bet she wouldn’t let Georgie and Sammy play with me. They have white slipcovers.  I bet they can’t jump on the sofa(I am not supposed to either). Here is a picture of them.  Wow if that was my house those slipcovers would be soaking wet…and that pile of books with the shells on top…well you get the idea…

Then there is Millie…she is a yellow lab like me.  I can tell she likes to sleep…me too!  But I bet she likes to play too..labs are like that…I haven’t seen any posts about her lately…hopefully she is doin okay…Her mom writes the blog The Polished Pebble…they live in Ojai…Millie has a yard kinda like mine.  I bet she gets dirty and eats wood and stuff too…I think we could really bond…

Here are Campbell and Wallace.  Their dad Grant Gibson is a designer in SF (translation city dogs).  He writes the blog He lives in Jen’s neighborhood in SF, maybe sometime I might run into them.  Do you think they would play with me? Ummmm probably not…they sure are cute though…

Well that is about it from here.  If you know of any other blog dogs that might like to play with me drop me a line, or better yet send me a picture. I would like to post them here when mom gives me a chance.  I always like to meet new victims  friends.

Your Friend,

P.S This is the last week to register for the giveaway! Next week someone will win this pillow! I promise I didn't lay on it!

Friday, July 20, 2012

More Cheap Chic …Remember the Ubiquitous IKEA Rug

I did a post awhile back about cheap chic rugs here  One of the rugs was the Ikea Stokholm Rug  While perusing my pinterest images for a client I realized there were numerous opportunities to use the Stockholm rug for the budget minded, or those that would prefer to save their money for art, antiques, or that special piece of furniture.  Some of the images below are of the actual Stokholm rug and some are probably much more expensive.  The idea is you can have the look for less.

Look at how the multi talented Nate Berkus used it or a similar rug in this fabulous living room.


Black and white rug

nate berkus

Black and white rug

source unknown via pinterest

black and white rug mixed stripes

via apartment therapy


Black and white rug, gold accents

source unknown via pinterest

Black and white rug #linear #oar #painting #chair


farm houses and black and white. But the striped rug really speaks to me.

source unknown via pinterest

black and white rug

via Lonny

bedroom, Architectural Digest, bedroom, eclectic, blue, Amelia Handegan

Amelia Handegan via Architectural Digest

guest room


What about using it as a throw at the foot of your bed?


Betsy Brown + black / white / camel 

betsey brown


black and white rug

via pinterest

Ghost tables / black and white rug

john jacob


white and black

via pinterest


Black and white striped rug

                                                                                                                                   via apartment therapy


What about chopping it up and making pillows?


 love the idea of an Ikea rug as pillows.  I always like them but don't want these little rugs all over my floors.  I'm thinking that using them for floor pillows would be awesome.

The options are endless!  Do you have a favorite?  Have you used the IKEA rug in your own home?  If so I would love to hear about it!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Beautiful Art of Patricia Huber & the Giveaway


Pat Huber studied fine art at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA with a major in Interior Design.  After 20 years of practicing interior design, she returned to her fine arts background, taking instruction from local artists who have influenced her work.

Pat’s motivation to consistently improve her work has deep roots.  Her mother was an accomplished artist who instilled an appreciation for art in Pat’s early years. Pat has won numerous awards for her work and scholarships to further foster her craft. I am a great fan of Pat’s work.  I have several of her paintings in my own home and have used them in client’s homes as well.

Currently I am loving her paintings of sheep. There is something so peaceful about sheep grazing. 


Grazing in the Steinbeck Hills by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 12 x 24

                                                                                                                 Grazing in the Steinbeck Hills


Lunch by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 8 x 6




Spring Pasture by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 10 x 8



Sheep with Eucalyptus by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 12 x 9"



                      If you love the Italian Countryside, you will love this  group that was inspired by her recent trip to Italy


Bergamo with Hillside Neighbor San Vigilio by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 9 x 12

Bergamo with Hillside Neighbor San Vigilio


Guardian of the City, Bergamo, Northern Italy by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 6 x 6

Guardian of the City, Bergamo, Northern Italy


I think my very favorites however are these beautiful local landscapes of the Central Coast


Lobos in Bloom by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 9 x 12

                                                                                                                            Lobos In Bloom


Receding Fog near Rocky Point by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 9 x 12

                                                                                                                            Receding Fog Near Rocky Point


Backyard Gate of The Tor House, Carmel by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 12 x 9

                                                                                                           Backyard Gate of the Tor House Carmel


Moody Morning, Point Lobos by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 9 x 12

                                                                                                                          Moody Morning Point Lobos

If you have a favorite pet Pat can capture the essence of each and every one of them.  We had her do our wonderful labrador Bridger before he passed away and I am so glad we did.

Bridger by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 12 x 12


'Paris' by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 6 x 8



'Bob' by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 8 x 6


The Boys by Patricia Huber Oil ~ 12 x 12

the boys


If you would like to see more of Pat’s work go to her website


Or if you are local, she exhibits at the Venture Gallery, Portola Plaza, Monterey, Ca

Do you have a favorite?  I would love to hear which one!

 Don’t forget about the Giveaway!  One of Patine’s beautiful French Ticking Pillows! All you have to do is become a follower and leave a comment!


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