Friday, June 29, 2012

Cheap Chic Stools


I am crazy about the Reata Counter Stool from Anthropologie for $189.00.  I love the recycled wood top and the rope base.  I think it would make a great small drink table as well. If you are using as a barstool read the reviews.




West Elm’s Industrial  Stool||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Summer%202012%20D1%2B2%20Billboards-_-# is priced well at $179.00



 Of course World Market as a version with an even better price point ar $109.00 here  They are very sturdy and we are using them on a commercial job that I am working on right now


Twist Swivel Stool | World Market

Wisteria’s Industrial Swivel Stool has superb styling, and has a great price point of $179.00.  I used their earlier version at our lake house.  






via house and home

I also like their Smart and Sleek Stool for $149.  Again I think it could use some “aging”  (ie a few gouges and some colored wax) so it doesn’t look quite so perfect.




Ballard’s Dorcester Barstool has been in their lineup forever and for good reason.  It still has a lot of style for the price.  It comes in four color ways and is a bargain at $139.00. 


Dorchester Barstool

You have seen them all over the blogosphere and the shelter magazines.




.interesting splash of blue

You can dress them up and/or make them a little more comfortable. I have had them in my own home for over 15 years and I still like them. They wear the teeth marks of both of our labradors. Of course I managed to turn a bargain into something not so cheap by adding the cushions in the Michael Smith fabric.



World Market’s  Cargo Bar Stools  Set of two for $79.00

Cargo Bar Stools, Set of 2 | World Market


Ben Dhong Design

Ben Dhong Design

Pottery Barn’s Tibetan Stool

Word Market again has the biggest bargain of all at $69 for counter height.  It has great bones but is a little slick for my taste.  I would have to gouge it up and give it a sanding & waxing first.




After that you would have a look similar to this


via verdigris vie

Bar stools


tradition with a twist


Monday, June 25, 2012

My Other French Garden Crush


Trading in haute couture for horticulture, Nicole de Vésian, the retired fashion stylist from the House of Hermes, spent the last ten years of her life dressing La Louve (her own personal garden) and several others with her signature sense of style. Hers are gardens of textures, shapes, scents and stones.  She preferred a garden  devoid of flowers, in harmony with the land on which it grows. She advocated using the plants growing wild on the surrounding hillsides including Cypress, Laurel, Arbutus, Rosemary and Thyme.













All images above by Clive Nichols

IMG 9186

source unknown

                                                                                                                                         clive nichols

                                                                                                                            clive nichols

clive nichols

                                                                                                                                              clive nichols


For more information on the Gardens of Nicole de Vesian and more of Clive Nichol’s beautiful photographs you might want to purchase the latest book by Clive and Louisa Jones


Friday, June 22, 2012

Inspired Interiors….Kim Fiscus & Dana Abbott Mema Design

In the living room of designer Dana Abbott's Corona del Mar, California, house, 1960s black leather butterfly chairs provide a counterpoint to the 1940s-style linen-covered wing chairs. She decorated the house with her Mema Design partner, Kim Fiscus. English specimen cabinets have "tiny ivory knobs that are so beautiful, we took the doors off," she says.

mema design


mema design

mema design

mema design


mema design



mema design



Below are photos from Kim Fiscus’ own home via House Beautiful





Dining Room by Kim Fiscus



sitting room




kim fiscus



kim fiscus



Kim also has a carefully edited collection of 18th and 19th century antiques and accessories at her lovely shop at 2313 Greenwich St in San Francisco. Her hours are currently Wednesday-Saturday 10am to 4pm, by chance and by appointment anytime. You can also visit her website at if you are out of the area.


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Monday, June 18, 2012

Consoles with Character

A Console can be statement piece that sets the tone in an entry. It might even reveal a little bit about the personality of the owner. It is a great place to display small collections of things.  A console table in a dining room is a natural fit.  It can  provide extra serving space for large gatherings.  When styling a console be sure to  keep in mind, the balance, structure, texture and scale of the items you want to display.

Symmetrical arrangements tend to look more classic and orderly.  They are usually created with pairs of things, ie candlesticks, lamps etc., ottomans etc.  The artwork is usually hung in a balanced fashion as well. 



In this picture of the foyer, you can see the iron railing on the gracefully curved staircase.  Antique trumeau and candlesticks sit on a French console.

via cote de texas


beautiful  eleanor cummings

Eleanor Cummings



phoebe howard


PIne cones in a basket by Charles Faudree

charles faudree

devine nathan turner<br />love the fireboard

nathan turner


Asymmetrical arrangements can be a little trickier for the amateur, or anyone else for that matter. They usually begin with something tall on one side next to some randomly placed objects. Repetition of one or more of the objects can help unify the look.


I love how the cat is perfectly placed in this vignette….the balance would be off without the cat!

I wonder how long it took to get the photo?

images via Jean Allsopp  console tobacco basket

via Jean Allsop


I think console tables,  look best when they have something tucked below to ground or connect them to the floor .


barry dixon

Barry Dixon


home of Amy Howard via cote de texas

amy howard via cote de texas


nicely styled  clever

pub 1 emagazine


ginger barber

Dan Marty, Maison au Naturel, Los Angeles

dan marty


shannon bowers

Skirted console, plant, like

image source unknown

A console table is a great place to showcase  small collections as in this instance below.  I am completely smitten with this whole arrangement.  Love the lamp made from a found object, the small collection of pottery and of course the small bouquet.  I love the different textures and the contrast of the black and white.



via Braebourne Farm



So pretty stone home near San Francisco. RJ Dailey Construction Co.

rj daily construction

Notice the symmetrical placement of the chairs and prints, but an asymmetrical arrangement on the console creates interest.




via Color Outside the Lines

 Simple, organic lovliness below.

architect Stan Dixon's office from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

stan dixon


Now..let’s play a game….

If a console table is an opening statement that tells us something about the owner of the house….Which one would you like to meet and why? Don’t pay attention to who designed it pretend you don’t know…

dan marty, rj daily construction

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