Friday, January 20, 2012

The Allure of Vintage Paisley


Although I would never advocate cutting up an intact antique paisley shawl, there are many so called “cutters” out there that are suitable for making pillows, lampshades, etc.  What is it about that splash of red that lights up a room?  Although Pottery Barn and many other major retailers are doing nice reproductions it is hard to replicate the richness of the handmade paisley shawls. 

Dan Marty often incorporates it into his designs.  Who doesn’t love Dan Marty! Notice the shade on the beautiful floor lamp on the left.

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Dan Marty paisley lampshade

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Dan Marty Paisley Pillow


more Dan Marty


Alessandra Branca paisley seat covers




Alessandra Branca Paisley Covered Mirror




Martyn Lawrence Bullard designed bedroom



More MLB


Vintage Paisley Antique Club Chair

How about this fabulous chair at


The incomparable Charlotte Moss





Beautiful paisley cloth via


How about these fabulous moose antler sconces from Branca at



Vintage Paisley Pillows on my own sofa


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