Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I’m Dreaming of …A Natural Christmas

I have experimented over the years with faux greens and have found that I always go back to decorating with natural materials.  I have a “faux” tree but can’t bring myself to substituting plastic for natural.  How about you do you prefer items from nature as well?

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Christmas Mantle


Shannon Berrey Design Blog


Simplicity at it's best









christmas stockings


Burlap Christmas Stocking

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  1. Personally, I can only do the real thing; I can't imagine not smelling the tree when I walk by. Even though I know there are some very high quality ones out there, I feel the same way about fake flowers - why bother when they have no scent? Love those burlap stockings - very pretty!

  2. Hey there Cindy...I love all of your photos and will (of course) be pinning them all! I Have done both faux and real over the years and I think there is a place for both in holiday decor because sometimes the faux items are more practical. But these days I really enjoy the real deal. I seem to decorate much less and much more simply too. I spent a small fortune on a huge faux tree and it only lasted one family hated it! Oh well...back to the Christmas tree lot!

    xxx's kelley

  3. While our business is all about fabulous faux flowers, we're all about fresh when it comes to the holidays. We still haven't invested in a faux tree but hear they're so easy... Off to pin some of your pretty pictures!
    C + C

  4. Hi, Cindy ~ I am so glad the trend today is natural holiday decorations: real greenery, burlap, pine cones, etc. This is more of my style currently. Though I grew up with a faux tree each year, and loved it very much.
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Loved the pictures!! I get soooooooooooo inspired when I visit your blog!!!

  6. Hi Cindy,
    I was tempted by the beautiful Faux greenery I found this year, but the price was crazy and I realized what I really love about the greenery is the smell. I love to come home and be greeted by the fresh smell all the greenery adds to my home at Christmas.
    xo, Lissy

  7. I would prefer the real thing, but we do have a fake tree and I didn't put it up this year. I went and bought boxwood wreaths and poinsettias.

  8. Things must be simple. I use a mix of fake/live.

    Mostly, I don't want to look at anything that looks like 'work' to get it out of the house after Christmas.

    Must be a joy.

    XO T

  9. hands down real nature; the smells the looks........nothing beats it and you shared some great examples

  10. Gorgeous! Love that spiky tree, and the boxwood tucked into the burlap. I use a faux tree but everything else is natural. I like to make my own wreaths with magnolia or ficus leaves and boxwood.

  11. I always love visiting your blog Cindy....kindred spirits. Thank you for your lovely message today.
    Jeanne xx


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