Friday, December 21, 2012

Beau’s Holiday Pics

Hey Beau here guest posting for my mom.  She is kinda busy with the holidays and decorating people’s houses. She asked me to do a post on some of my favorite Christmas pics for my new friends out in blogland.


This is Gus. Isn’t he handsome? His mom writes the blog Henhurst Interiors I think Gus needs something very regal looking don’t you?  I don’t think I would be allowed to visit Gus’ house.  Something tells me I might get that beautiful rug and white sofa a little dirty.  I think Gus has nice manners…maybe he can teach me some.


I think Gus would look handsome in this collar from 3 Pooches here  If you want Whitney will put your name on it too.  I have to have my name on mine with my phone number.  You can probably guess why. 

dogberry plaid collar  3 pooches on Etsy

I think Gus would like this Faux Fur bed from Not Too Shaggy on Etsy here  I bet he doesn’t jump in the pool and then shake all over everything.  Of course I don’t either…well maybe every once in a while.

Shaggy Faux Fur White Pet Luxury Lounge Rug - Large 40" Round

Hey! How do I look photoshopped into this Orvis bedroom?  I think my mom and dad could use one of these since I sleep on the bed.  Hey guess what this isn’t really me.  He sure looks like me doesn’t he?  He is an Orvis model.  I had you there for a minute didn’t I?

Microfiber DogProof Coverlet

Maybe there is a future for me after all.    I mean how hard is it to hop up on a bed and pretend you are asleep?


Here’s Baxter and Blossom. Are they cute or what? They live in South Africa and their mom writes the blog Roses and Rust.  They are my kinda pups…lounging on the furniture….


I think Baxter would look dashing in one of these hounds tooth collars from The Hound Haberdashery.
Martingale Collar: Classic Houndstooth (1.5 Inch), Dog Collar, Greyhound Collar, Custom Dog Collars, Greyhound Martingale
       Blossom on the other hand would need something a little more feminine like this

Martingale Collar, Red and White, Polka Dot, Dog Collar, Custom Dog Collars, Greyhound Collars

I think Baxter and Blossom might like one of these feeders.  The big one for Baxter and the little one for Blossom.  Personally I need my water bowl as high off the ground as possible.  You know that way the water has farther to fall.  I am not very neat when I drink.

If you have been reading this blog very long you know that I have been known to drink out of even higher bowls.


Every dog needs  good treat once in a while.  Especially if you are “well  trained and mannerly” like me you .  My favorite treats are from a local “bakery” called Lucky Dogs.  I sent some to my friend Gus in Vermont.  His mom said he liked them.

If you are in a festive mood and love polka dots like me you might want one of these babies!


I think these antlers are sort of the dog version of the ugly Christmas sweater.

 After posing for this photo I could use a cocktail.

Photo: Yum!..this looks so festive...cranberry margarita...


I would also like to thank Tara for posting my picture on her wonderful blog Landscape, Design, Decorating, Styling…Vanishing Threshold here
 She knows a good looking dog when she sees one!


  1. Well, you already know I think DOGS RULE !

    Sending my best wishes for the happiest holiday season ever !!

  2. Oh, Cindy, my girls and I have had such a laugh over this post! The bird bath had us doubled over. Wish we could get the boys together for a play-date! Have the happiest of days ahead, merry Christmas and all best wishes for 2013!

  3. cindy
    my pooch cooper and i are also hysterical over beau drinking out of a on earth! but i don't want my guy to pick up these bad habits :-)
    loved, loved this clever post and beau is a charmer
    love and wishes for a blessed christmas and 2013

  4. Beau and Gus.....they look like brothers!! Thanks for all the inspirations in 2012. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year ahead!
    My best,

  5. Cute post....How does he get up on that funny!

  6. Hey Beau!
    Sorry I haven't been by in a while to see you. My mom doesn't let me on the computer that often. I forgot how much we have in common, even though I am not all lab... a little touch of special & unique in my genes my likes to say! That's what my dna is anyway, unique.

    I sit kind of off to the side like you, and that upside down puppy sleeping position is the best isn't it!? Yep, sure to get a little tummy rub, too.

    You look kind of dashing in the Christmas head gear.... hee heee, bet your mom told you that.

    Anyway, Happy New Year Beau! from Cody Bear.


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