Monday, August 27, 2012

We Bought a Little Cottage…Chapter Two…Kitchen inspiration

 We decided on a pallet of black and white for the little cottage kitchen.  The house was built in the late 30’s early 40’s.  I think it is important not to try and make a house into something it isn’t.  It is possible to add modern touches while remaining true to the original design. I have an aversion to “bastardizing” a house.  The cupboards will be a simple recessed panel design and the counters will be black quartz for easy maintenance. 
 Kitchen inspiration
Southern Living Idea House Tracery Interiors

This oft photographed and much loved kitchen of Joan’s from for the love of a house is pure perfection.  It is definitely more upscale than what we can do for our cottage but i am taking inspiration from it all the same.  We will use some glass in the upper cabinets for interest and a farmhouse sink.

inspiration kitchen
for the love of a house kitchen

I like the hood in the kitchen below and the small simple pendants.

counter cabinets subway tile

We are going to use subway tile.  It is really economical and has a great classic clean look.  I am thinking about using charcoal grout like they did in the kitchens below.  What do you think about that yay, or nay?  We took up the old linoleum and low and behold beneath was vertical grained pine flooring so we will finish it in a color similar to this.  It will be a little darker than the rest of the house.  The question is grout color?  What do you think?  Traditional white or  charcoal? I happen to like both.
Pinned Image  subway tile dark grout
source unknown
i love big clocks and i cannot lie!
amy morris
                                                            Here  is a real estate photo of the kitchen
                                                                     And here is what it looks like now
The sink will  be between the two windows.  The range will be on the left and the dishwasher on the right.


 This wall will house the refrigerator with pantry cupboards on either side. The cupboards in the picture have already been torn out. As you can see it is a pretty roomy kitchen for a small house.

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  1. When I remolded my kitchen a couple years ago I chose white grout. I just wanted a very guiet backsplash nothing that would stand out too much. I still love it...

    1. I so appreciate your input. I am torn. I normally don't ever advocate colored grout in any of my projects. You guys are keeping me in line!

  2. Wow, Cindy, you guys are moving fast! I think a classic white and black kitchen will be fabulous and very appropriate. I prefer my grout to match the tiles....just seems cleaner and easier on the eye. The dark grout does look striking. Can't wait to see more.

  3. I was just saying that I never specify colored grout to funny that I am thinking of it myself. I would never do it in my own home....thanks for keeping me in bounds!!

  4. i love the first image. a black and white themed kitchen.

  5. Hi Cindy
    That floor is a fabulous discovery!!
    Love the kitchen ideas, fresh, clean and modern, also love the little pendants.
    I would definitely go white grout, the grey is bold but the white will keep things looking more open...also allowing you to add dark grey to the scheme with some lovely accessories.

    Looks a fab project!
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Fiona! I so appreciate your input! Good point about keeping it open! love all these suggestions!


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