Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rough Luxe Wine Cellars and a Giveaway

About four years ago my husband  got the bug to build a wine cellar.  He had some grand idea about digging a cave below the pool with an underground entrance.  That sounded very complicated and like way too many $$$$$.   We had a small room that we used as an exercise/junk room. Translation there was more junk storage going on than exercising!  I suggested turning that into a small wine cellar and tasting room. As usual he blew me off until he had time to think it through.   

If we had carte blanche and could have built anything we wanted we would have built something like this.  It has everything I like in a wine cellar, stone, old doors, beautiful windows and lovely lighting. 





harrison design associates


Or this.  Love the old beams the barrel ceiling and recycled woods!

Segreto Secrets Blog -old reclaimed wood we stained and plastered walls. used to be a hallway--love the transformation!!

via segreto secrets blog


This one by Stephen Gambrell is the wine cellar of all cellars!  Amazing!

steven gambrel



 Love the arched  entrance to this beautiful cellar


Aspen Wine cellar

via willow decor blog

 The use of old wine boxes (in the flooring) seems to be a popular trend of late.  Love the shape of this one.

wine cellar

This is not a wine cellar per se I don’t think but part of an outdoor kitchen.  I love the tiled wine storage, the counters and the beautiful cabinetry.

via Eleanor Cummings


Here are some pictures of our little cellar.  The walls were already color coated this lovely color.  My husband uses old beams in a lot of his projects and there were a few left over.  Steve and I designed the cabinetry (mostly Steve), and I did the finish on the cabinets.  We had already purchased a console table from Brazil Baroque seen against the wall.  We decided to “try” and replicate the finish on this piece on the cabinetry.  I purchased old ceiling tiles and Steve made a mirror seen above the console.  The counter on the back bar is old barn flooring from another barn.  The front piece was purchased.  It is not great and probably will be replaced some day.



We were kind of in a rush (to say the least) to get this completed for my son’s wedding four years ago.  We have had another wedding since then so any interior improvements have been on the back burner!



Once we completed the tasting area and cellar it was time to get all of the boxes of wine out of our house!



The issue for me was how to label the wines properly so they can be located?  The name of the wine could be scribbled on the bottom but one still has to pull multiple bottles out to find the desired bottle.  My husband was constantly losing track of his wine and it was driving me crazy.  Enter Ed Schmidt and his reusable wine tags. They are attractive and reusable!

They rings come in black or gold.  He also has a patented product called the QuakeGuardian a laboratory tested restraint system to protect your collection from earthquakes. You can find more information about them here  For those of us that live in California the thought of losing our collection in an earthquake is frightening.  Here is a pic below of Ed’s product in our little cellar.






 So on to the giveaway!  One lucky winner will receive two 25 packs of the QuakeGuardians with name tags!




 Two other lucky winners will each receive a 25 pack of the WineTagits.

 All you have to do is leave a comment at the end of this post . The winner will be chosen at random on September 1st!



  1. Oh, heavens! These wine cellars are phenomenal but your's is just as pretty! I really do love it! I"m very impressed and now by brain is in full gear trying to think of where we can put one! I love the tags! Great idea! So glad I got to see this fun and beautiful post!

  2. You posted the best wine cellars I have ever seen! I love yours - how great that you have that right in your looks lovely. We have a small bar area off of our dining room so I could definitely use some of these tags!

  3. Wow, love the inspiration photos. I have a wine cellar and could use those tags! Thank you for a lovely post.

  4. Cindy, Love your wine cellar! The inspiration pictures are wonderful–where is the one with the well in the ground? I love your counter top just the way it is.
    xo, Lissy

  5. I adore the first cellar, and I love your counter.

  6. Cindy, great post! Love the Wine Tags. My husband has wine stashed all over and we have no idea what is what. We would love to have them. They are darling!

  7. I hope it is not too late to leave a message. We could really use those tags. I am always worried about losing all of our wonderful wine in an earthquake.

  8. In contrast, passive wine cellars are not climate-controlled, and are usually built underground to reduce temperature swings.

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