Friday, July 13, 2012

Project Update

I don’t usually like to double post on both blogs but many of you have asked  .  I started a blog Villa Cantina a couple years back to chronicle the completion of an unfinished lake house that our family  purchased.  You can read about it here if you are curious  After the home was completed and I had no more projects to chronicle (except maybe one or two) I decided to focus on the things to do and see in the area. since we do rent our home out as well. You can see it on vrbo here .  My last “design related” post describing our vision for the lower patio area was here  My husband and son have been working on it off and on the past six months or so but lately rather diligently as we have a family reunion coming up and we need the extra space, not to mention a reprieve from the heat!! They do all the hard work…I just come up with the ideas that complicate things! Actually they come up with probably more ideas than I…but theirs are always more practical. 

These are the kinds of things I do that drive THEM crazy….I have already purchased the chairs, the clock, the shutters, and probably many things they think are unimportant!

Here is the clock waiting to be hung.  I love the fact that it is the same green as the trim.



I don’t have a picture of the shutters after I cleaned and oiled them so I won’t post until they are hung.

Here is what the “boys” have accomplished in just a few weeks.  They laid base rock (several truckloads) and laid this concrete wall. The base rock will be covered with “california gold” this weekend.


They designed and built this unique fence.  Here at the lake a fence has to be see through.  Well you know what that means…chain link, etc….ugly! They built this with redwood posts and rebar!


Next our good friend and plasterer extraordinaire John of Favazza Plastering came down and helped us out and wala! It now looks like this




And this…. after we began planting (with what we could find locally).  Notice the table base in the picture.  Our friend and very talented craftsman Jim built the base for us and we are going to add a zinc top.  I will post a better picture upon completion.




This weekend or the next couple we (meaning the boys) will be installing the metal for the fountain ala the fabulous design of katie denham that she posted about on her blog here  Then we will finish the tabletop, and hang the shutters and clock. I will have a more interesting follow up post to this in the next couple weeks.


  1. Cindy - Thanks so much for sharing the photos. You all make a great team! I love that clock face.....fabulous piece! Look forward to seeing more photos. Have a great weekend!
    PS - Hope you'll post on the future family reunion...they are always very interesting ;-)

  2. So fun to see the work in progress! I look forward to seeing more. :)


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