Monday, July 23, 2012

Beau’s favorite blog dogs

I think the first dog that I had a crush on was  Ella of For the Love of a House.  She is a “rescue” dog…why do they say that anyway?  She didn’t get rescued…she got picked …here is a pic of Ella.  I think Ella is a little better behaved than me because she gets to go in antique stores.  I can go in wineries… but antique stores…that is a stretch…Her mom writes a great blog that my mom really likes… you can read it here….

Mocha & Panda live in D.C,  I wonder if they know the other Beau (you know the one I am talking about)  Their dad Loi writes the blog Tone on Tone .  They have beautiful gardens.  I am sure they do not drag wood in the house and I bet they don’t eat plants.

Another pal that I have met on the blogosphere is Ben.  Isn’t he cute? He lives in France.  I bet he would like to play with me.  His mom writes the blog Lost In Arles  My mom wants to go to France so she really likes this blog.

Here is Nullah (I wonder what her/his name means). Her mom writes the blog   She lives in Sacramento (that is why she is eyeing that fountain she is about ready to pass out from the heat ).  It gets really hot there in the summer (kinda like my lake house).  C & J went to school in Davis and they said it was hotter than ….. well you know…She is cute don’t you think?  She might be too sweet for me…I mean I am sweet but kinda playful…I might scare her…Mom and dad copied Katie’s design for this fountain…I can’t wait to jump in it!  They think I haven’t figured out yet that it is filled up…I am just waiting for the right moment…

Here are Georgie and Sammy.  They are from Houston.  Their mom writes the blog cote de texas. What does that mean anyway?   You can read it here  . Mom says it is one of the most widely read blogs out there. They look important. They have been in a magazine.  Joni (their mom) did a post about our house once.  She didn’t even ask me to pose. I bet she wouldn’t let Georgie and Sammy play with me. They have white slipcovers.  I bet they can’t jump on the sofa(I am not supposed to either). Here is a picture of them.  Wow if that was my house those slipcovers would be soaking wet…and that pile of books with the shells on top…well you get the idea…

Then there is Millie…she is a yellow lab like me.  I can tell she likes to sleep…me too!  But I bet she likes to play too..labs are like that…I haven’t seen any posts about her lately…hopefully she is doin okay…Her mom writes the blog The Polished Pebble…they live in Ojai…Millie has a yard kinda like mine.  I bet she gets dirty and eats wood and stuff too…I think we could really bond…

Here are Campbell and Wallace.  Their dad Grant Gibson is a designer in SF (translation city dogs).  He writes the blog He lives in Jen’s neighborhood in SF, maybe sometime I might run into them.  Do you think they would play with me? Ummmm probably not…they sure are cute though…

Well that is about it from here.  If you know of any other blog dogs that might like to play with me drop me a line, or better yet send me a picture. I would like to post them here when mom gives me a chance.  I always like to meet new victims  friends.

Your Friend,

P.S This is the last week to register for the giveaway! Next week someone will win this pillow! I promise I didn't lay on it!


  1. Greetings from Panda and Mocha! We are so excited to be featured with such great company :-) Though we might look cute and innocent, we're 99% bad: barking non stop....chewing up legs on antique furniture. That's why we can't go to the shop. We also scare away customers.
    P & M

    1. Darn and I thought they were perfect! They might be friends with Beau after all!

    2. OMG, when Phyllis from Henhurst visited, they wouldn't stop barking! Bad indeed!!

  2. Georgie and Sammie Jo say thank you !!!!!! so much!!!!!!!

    This is too adorable. thank you for including me!


    1. Joni

      Georgie and Sammie Jo are really cute and I know you are really nice (mom says so). If you ever want to get really dirty and have a lot of fun give me a call!

      your blog friend, beau

  3. Beau couldn't resist..he loves attention...and he is always looking for friends...

  4. Oh Beau! You know how to win over a girl!! Such a precious post and Ella is most honored to be included. We know of most of these pups, but will have to go introduce ourselves to a few.
    Sending wags and lots of puppy cookies!
    xojoan and ella

  5. p.s. Ella thinks Beau is VERY handsome!!

  6. Such a cute post. We love hearing about other dogs that chew antiques, dig up the garden and jump onto white sofa's. We do a lot of that here over at Roses and Rust. We don't understand why our mom gets cross. Love Baxter and Blossom (the Beagles).

    1. Hi Baxter & Blossom

      Thanks for sending your pics. You guys are cute. If I stay out of trouble my mom might let me do another post about my newest blog friends!

      Your new friend, Beau

  7. Chère Beau,

    Je suis très honoré et ravi de faire ton connaissance. Parce que je suis un Golden, je vis pour mes croquettes. Je suis prêt à toute faire d'avoir une "treat" en plus. Si tu viens en France, on pouvons charmer les humains, non? Ensemble, nous serrons irrésistible! Ha-ha!
    Avec mes sincères remerciements,
    Ton pote,

    Hello there Beau! Something tells me that you might not read French, so I'll translate for you--thanks for including us with such a special group of doggies! --Heather

    "Dear Beau,
    I am very honored by this mention and am delighted to make your aquaintance. Because I am a Golden, I live for food. I am capable of doing anything to win that extra treat. If you come to visit in France, we can can charm the humans together. Together, we would be irresistible--haha!
    With my most sinceres gratitude,

    1. Hey Ben

      Maybe you can teach me to speak "dog french". I live for food too. I even remember my training when food is involved. You sound like you are a lot of fun.

      Merci d'être mon ami

  8. Hi Beau! I liked all of the pictures of the other dogs...they look like they would be fun to play with. I like to sleep but I also like to chase squirrels and roll around in the dirt.

    I can't go to the store with my mom because my tail is always wagging and I knock things over and jump on people.

    Thank you for showing my picture on your mom's blog. My mom says she likes you alot!

    your pal, Millie

  9. Hi Millie

    I just knew you liked to get dirty since your mom is such a great gardener. And the tail thing...well I have that same problem. I tend to knock over and wine are my specialty. Hey and guess what I jump on people too! I knew we could bond!

  10. Cute post...I'm sure if Cappi had made it (she died in January, and was the love of my life)Beau would have really liked her. Ha!

  11. So many precious pups...they make the decor even more beautiful!


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