Friday, May 18, 2012

Erin Martin Epitomizes Rough Luxe


“The Chic Attic of a Mad Design Scientist” is how the San Francisco Chronicle magazine describes her showroom in Saint Helena. What do you think?


                                                                  Love the tree house feel of this space


                                                Study this…the unexpected splash of red…those stools…amazing…


This bathroom just boggles my mind.  The unrestrained use of unexpected materials and surfaces is just plain genius…love the shower door pull and the scratched up vanity….



Rustic Modern Bathroom Interior Design of House of Mirth by Erin Martin, California


                                                      Take note of the elements used in styling this bookcase



                                                 This barn setting is positively luminous with or without candles.



                                 I am not even sure what these things are hanging on the wall but the overall effect is stunning.



                                                This kitchen is sort of Robinson Crusoe meets R2D2.  I love it!

                                         Trinchero Family Estates Winery’s new Hospitality Center by Erin Martin

If you would like to see how Erin’s style has evolved check out Trish of Trouve’s blog  post here.

Or if you want to be totally inspired stop by Erin Martin’s St. Helena Showroom at 1350 Main Street St. Helena.

You can also see more of Erin’s portfolio here:

What do you think?  Pure genius?



  1. Cindy - I think it is all very hip, organic and cool!! There is a slight rawness, but very warm and stylish! I want to study those photos more. Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Loi

  2. catching up with your posts and this caught my eye, i LOVE Erin's style! I fell in love with it when I saw a magazine spread of a house she did in Belvedere... i may still have those pages. Great post!


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