Monday, February 22, 2016

Shine Home Love

When Lisa of Shine Your Light asked me to join her series Shine Home Love I was honored. Lisa is one of the sweetest bloggers I know and it sounded like fun.  Once I agreed I thought maybe I had lost my mind.  My house is a bit torn up right now (well who am I kidding it almost always is).  It seems we always have a project either looming or going! My friend Pat suggested I use our outdoor fireplace area.  I wasn't sure Lisa wanted outdoor shots so I scratched that one.  My friend Roxanne suggested the wine room. Thanks Roxanne!

Welcome to our wine room.   As with any Hattersley project there is always a story within the story...

john granen for Tuscan Style

The room was originally my husband's workshop (visualize concrete floors & unfinished sheetrock walls) before we built our detached garage.  It has the most beautiful windows in our entire home.  Note to architect, why did you put them in the shop? This room has had many incarnations. When my son and daughter were still home it was their workout room . 

Fast forward several years.  My son was about to be married at our home and my husband had this grand idea about escavating under the pool to build a wine cellar.  It sounded way too complicated and way too many $$$ to me.  I suggested we turn the workout room into a small cellar and tasting room.  He eventually warmed to the idea.

Here is a picture of the room just completed packed with people from the rehearsal dinner.


When we began the project we tore out the carpet and scored and stained the dirty concrete floors (from the old shop). To stain a concrete floor it doesn't need to be perfect. Sometimes the more stained and distressed the better!

My husband added some old beams to give the space more character. My husband has used old barn beams in his custom homes for over 25 years.  We made the mirror from old ceiling tiles and added this console from Brazil

He had one of his guys build the cabinet behind the bar.  We painted and distressed thefinish and added handmade hardware from Brazil. The top is made from an old piece of barn flooring. We purchased the actual bar counter and stools online.  If we were going to stay in this house long term I would replace them with something more fitting for the space.

john granen for Tuscan Style

The door to the actual cellar was a reject from a job.  Steve had the top panel removed, old glass installed, and the grate was made by local artisan Bob Signorello.

This room has many memories as we have enjoyed many celebrations here. Here is a shot from Jenna's wedding reception a few years later.

We Hattersleys do like to have a glass of wine or too and often have appetizers in the wine room before dinner.  Sometimes for Steve and I dinner is just that.  

john granen for Tuscan Style

Thanks again Lisa for asking me to join your series.

 Be sure and check out Lisa's blog Shine Your Light. It is filled with clever diy ideas and that special dose of Lisa's signature personality and style.  She has a beautiful instagram feed here and her facebook page is filled with clever tidbits.  I am always finding great recipes and love her diy board on Pinterest here.  Stop by and say hello!  You will be happy you did.


  1. Cindy! The room is positively gorgeous. I love every beautiful detail. I am so jealous that you have your cocktail in there before dinner. Have a great week.

  2. Wow, you and Steve have made a simple garage into a room with wonderful ambience! What a wonderful and luxurious addition it would be to any home.

  3. Oh Cindy, Tuscan Style magazine front cover worthy.
    It's an amazing space and so much beauty and soul of the countryside you gave it.
    Loving the cellar door, as well as the cabinetry...the beams and windows were perfect finishing touches to the room, as for the header beam over the door of to wine keep it really make that doorway perfect.
    I know pictures do not always do a room justice, to see this room up close and so personally sure takes ones breath away without a doubt.

    Thank you for a beautiful share. Perhaps a metal street walk sign hanging outside the door wall would be another great move in advertising the village cellar in your very own back yard.


  4. Wow! is all i can say...your home looks dreamy and definitely magazine worthy. Love Lisa's blog too :)

  5. Thank you so much for this beautiful post!!! The wrought iron on the door is amazing. All so Rough Luxe!

  6. Cindy,
    I love this room. The size and design makes it an inviting space for all kinds of celebrations. The beams and the door make the room seem like it could be part of a historical winery.

    i am moving, instantly to california. stunning cindy, but no surprise there.
    big question for you; maybe i missed a post, but your photography is magazine worthy, what changed?

  8. I love a good story. It is hard to believe this was a workshop, than a workout room. IT looks like a wonderful place to spend an evening.

  9. What a fantastic renovation! Love it. What a wonderful use of that space and so charming.

  10. This room is a beautiful unique design. Have never seen another like it! So inviting, which is a characteristic of your designs. John Granen's photos are beautiful too.

  11. Cindy this space is truly so dreamy, thank you so much for sharing it on Shine Home Love!! It was such a treat to see and hear about where it started!!

  12. Cindy I absolutely love your wine cellar! It is always so interesting to hear about how a room evolves! Adore Lisa, she is a bright light in our blog world!

    The Arts by Karena

  13. What a charming, warm and delightful place to entertain. Love it! And how lucky you are to have a handy husband!


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