Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Tour Highlights

Today is the day that if you missed any of the lovely homes on the tour you can click on them and take a second peek.  Tomorrow come by, link up, and add your own home.  I have seen some lovely peeks into your beautiful homes on Instagram. I am not going to mention any names but you know who you are!  I would love to see a little Rough Luxe Christmas! It can be your whole house or just your mantle or your front door.  I will publish my favorites here on the blog.  

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  1. hey,Hi...Nice share.Hope you have done good research.Mostly,I liked the Classic casual home,Driven by decor and Rough Luxe Lifestyle....:)BTW,the pics are very nice and interesting.Cheers-Dora Pete

  2. Cindy,
    I did have trouble reading yesterday's post from you and I left a comment but I see that didn't make it either. Computer elves have been busy on my computer this season. They wreaked havoc on more than one occasion! :-)
    The tour summary was very fun, thank you. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the talented folks handiwork this time of year, including yours!


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