Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Small Space Coffee Table Solutions

I am working with a client right now that has a very small living area. We are searching for a coffee table that won’t further dwarf the space. How do you make a small  space live large? Fool the eye by creating the illusion of more space. The obvious solution is to pare down the size and keep the design monochromatic.
rug + rustic table
via french gray
Are you a color and pattern person? Designer Sig Bergamin’s apartment is awash with color and pattern.  Because the coffee table is kept to a minimum size it works

The living room of São Paulo–based designer Sig Bergamin’s Manhattan apartment. The ottoman, linen-covered chairs, and velvet armchair, which has a back upholstered in a Braquenié cotton, are by Bergamin. The photograph of Gisele Bündchen is by Michel Comte; the antique bone-inlaid screen was found in India.

See more red, white and blue rooms.
Clear materials have less visual weight
Wonderful cozy room
Try combining two small side tables. The two together have more negative space than a large coffee table.
Cream room with gold accents.  Love the cream/beige natural wallpaper.
Michael Hampton D.C Design House
rough luxe lifestyle Trad Home Napa Valley Showhouse Caldwell Vineyard Thomas Bartlett Design
Trad Home Napa Valley Showhouse
Nate Berkus: smaller round tables instead of a standard coffee table are better for small spaces.
Nate Berkus
They don’t have to be the same size.  Mix them up for interest as we did in my client’s former home.
Anything with an open base  creates the illusion of space.
Briggs Edward Solomon..clean lines.
via Briggs Edward Soloman
Anything glass or mirrored requires less visual space
I love the set of prints framed and hung to act as one large piece of art.  The coffee table is beautiful with nailheads and mirrored.
via amy howard/cote de texas
Antiqued Art Deco Coffee Table -- This will be my coffee table, if I decide not to go with the vintage lucite waterfall.
via wisteria.com
Mirrored coffee table in an eclectic living space-love the sofa, the art and the rug
via decoist.com

Use these helpful tips when shopping for a coffee table

Rough Luxe Lifestyle Small Space Coffee Table Solutions

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  1. Love this post - such great tips and inspiration. It's got my wheels turning about what to use when I redo our family room. I just love the clear Wisteria coffee table (and those dark bookcases!).

    1. Like you really need any help from me...are you kidding!!

  2. Great selections here Cindy! I wish you were in Saigon with me yesterday. I was on a furniture tour...so many possibilities for coffee tables and more. Lots of clever ideas. You would love it. Really like the first photo, I have been toying with stocking up on rice baskets to cover a large wall space over our kitchen island at Tahilla. It will be one of those space that you do not look up to very often and I thought the rice baskets would be fun. I would hardly ever have to clean them...big bonus! xx

    1. Jeanne that sounds like a fabulous idea I love it!! Would have loved to have been on that tour!!

  3. Cindy,
    Thank you for this. I remember when you asked what topic we might enjoy hearing about and I believe I listed this as one that can be perplexing, especially in a small space. There are some wonderful examples here and I'm inspired to tweak some things in our family room this weekend.

  4. This is such a perfect post for me Cindy. As you know our rooms in the new place are so much smaller than my previous home and I need all the tips I can get! :)

    1. I am hoping to join the downsize group one of these days!!

  5. this was a chalk full inspiring and informative post cindy! of course one can have two coffee tables adjacent to each other but different sizes, alas, i never thought of it. good to have friends with high design abilities!

  6. I am dying over these images - the first one is amazing and the Wisteria living room…heavenly!

  7. Wonderful points and images Cindy!


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