Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Collected Look-How to Get It

A Gathered  look has personality, interest, and history. Collecting and gathering things from your travels, flea markets, and or art galleries creates a sense of  where you have been and where  you are going. The mixing and matching of furniture styles, finishes, and textures is one of the easiest ways to help a room look as if it’s evolved over time even if it hasn’t.  Here are a few tips on how to create a gathered look in your own home.
::The Style Files: Nathan Turner
nathan turner
#1 No Matchy Matchy
Anyone can decorate a room with “sets” of things.\
Image result for room with sets of furniture

via signature furniture rental

#2 Use a variety of textures and finishes
via Brooke Giannetti
White living room

#3 Mix and Match Furniture Styles
Love the old farm table with ghost chairs Modern farmhouse // Rue Mag
H2 Design and Build

by Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus
#4 Combine the Old with the New
While I prefer old to new, we don’t want our houses to look like a museum either.The kitchen of Lauren Leiss’s new home is a perfect example of this.  The vintage artwork, and the island constructed of reclaimed wood warms up the otherwise contemporary kitchen. 

via purestylehome
All of Ellen DeGeneres’s homes are filled with interesting artifacts. I love her style.

Ellen DeGeneres gives tour of horse ranch in 'Home' book — see inside -

via the today show

#5 Mix and Match furniture shapes
This room by Stephen Gambrel has it all, multiple furniture shapes and sizes, texture, old and new, and is filled with interesting artifacts.

stephen gambrel
This room has everything - symmetry, classic pieces...refined and rustic, natural materials, balance of colours - I love. Caldwell & Flake
Caldwell and Flake
This room could have easily gone the route of my house (borderline museum like) but the modern ottomans and leaf print pillows keep it current.
Deep tones  xo--FleaingFrance
Mr. H and I have collected antiques since we were in college (he doesn’t like anything new).  We have tons of beautiful accessories which is both a blessing and a curse.  Here is a vignette in my guest room.  What would you do to make it less museum like? I have a couple of ideas but I would love to hear yours!!
Do you like a collected look in your own home?


  1. Definitely! And love your tips here Cindy!!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. what a great post and such great eye candy! your guest room looks divine...i wouldnt change a thing but i cant wait to see what you have in mind. terrific tease...i'm staying tuned. please post more pics.

    1. This room was not photographed for the magazine. Maryann will post on her blog!!

  3. I love your guest room as is - wouldn't change a thing! And I'm all for mix and match. I do like more of a "contained clutter in a sparse room" look. Orderly and collected!!

    1. I agree with the contained clutter theory! Less is more in my book!!

  4. Wow, love your guest could easily stay as is in my book. The only thing I would consider doing is fabric headboards in a modern fabric.

    1. Great suggestion...I have thought about that...I have two large mirrors that cannot be seen in the picture there at present! I have the most talented readers!!

  5. I agree with Loi, I think that room looks great and I love all your treasures. This is a great post and some super ideas here about being more eclectic and not so matched. Some fabulous rooms!

  6. Cindy,
    I love this post! The collections, no matter what they are, seem to bring a home to life. I have to cycle my various collections throughout the year in different spots. It gives me such pleasure to remember where I got this or that. I love your guest room display and don't think it looks too museum like at all.

  7. You have put into words what has always been my design mantra and you didn't even use the word "eclectic". Well done!

  8. I am all about mix and match with old and new and anything that truly stirs your heart! Love all these fabulous rooms! Have a great weekend!!

  9. Candy your home is absolutely gorgeous!! I love how you have decorated. It is very classy.

  10. Hi Cindy, love this topic. I just read another interview with Nate Berkus who is a big believer in decorating with items that have meaning and tell a story. A collected room looks so much more interesting too, although it takes patience. Your guest room is absolutely gorgeous and I don't think it looks like a museum at all but if you did want an easy change you could switch out your pillows for a bold animal print....just a thought. Hope you're having a relaxing weekend. We're finally coming up for air after our last trip to the storage unit. It's definitely time for a garage sale. :)

    1. Oh Leslie you know I love a great animal print! I have been thinking about adding the Peter Dunham gattopardo on the chairs in that room! I love that Nate Berkus book...well I just love him in general...loved the post on your house!

  11. Hi Cindy, I agree with your husband, with having only things of old and collected through time, nothing hurried over here.
    Love a room with mixed pieces, never a room with matching pieces. One has to feel the life of a room with the history that it has gathered along the way, keeping it in its era, clean and organized.
    Your guest room is perfect, not sure how you could improve on perfection.
    I just added a little side table to my daughters room after I had posted it, it's a family piece that just had to be, and I adore the sweetness it brought with it to her room. A perfect piece next to her French iron bed.

    Thank you for this beautiful share.


  12. Great post Cindy...I love a collected look...its interesting and creative..

  13. What a joy to see your home in person, Cindy! You are the master at mixing antiques with a streamlined, fresh approach...and love your fabrics! You are so talented!

  14. Great blog! I'm now going to go thru your older posts. Love your taste!

    1. Thanks Katie and so glad you stopped by! I hope my other posts don't dissapoint!!

  15. I love to walk in any room that has a collected over time look. MIxing a few contemporary pieces in gives an instant update. Some abstract artwork or contemporary fabrics for new pillows would be great for your guest bedroom; although it looks super right now!

    The Arts by Karena

  16. Pretty room!

    If you wanted to change the feel, I'd add shine. The beautiful old patinas on the table are all light-absorbing, so go the other way with a smooth glass vase (colored? clear?) or a mirror leaned on the table that overlaps the bottom of the art slightly (maybe make it a contrasting upright rectangle or something, not a shape that echoes the art).

    I thought the idea of contemporary fabric headboards was great.


    1. Karin your suggestions are wonderful! I love the clear vase idea. What you couldn't see in the photograph is that the two beds have mirrors above them. There is always room for change however. Keep those great suggestions coming!!

  17. Definitely love a collected look. We used to have the matchy bedroom furniture, but not anymore. I love your guest room and saw the pics Mary Ann shared. Gorgeous!

  18. Oh hell yes! You know I like all things old....collected....and found! No sets for this gal:)

  19. I'd add a red shag rug between the beds.


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