Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Captivating Interiors of Serena Crawford


While perusing Pinterest I  stumbled across the photo below of a home designed by Serena Crawford.  Of course I wanted to see more! From what I  can tell the homes she has designed are located in incredible locales.  She has allowed the surroundings to be the focus.




I love the liberal use of texture here don’t you?


Most of her designs favor little or no color.

Look at these two adorable dogs! The only time can get Beau to pose is when I really don’t want him in the picture!










In the living room below the addition of the ethnic textiles add just a hint of color.

Here on a cliff overlooking the burst of blue echoes the sea below.

What do you think?  Do you love her designs as much as I do?  Do you have a favorite?

To see more of her beautiful designs go here http://serenacrawford.com/portfolio/

All image sources can be found on my Pinterest Boards here http://pinterest.com/chattersley/.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rough Luxe Black & White


Whether on their own or together these two can make a bold statement.?  Do we love them because they can pack a powerful punch ? Or is it because they are also so classic and timeless?

I love it when the duo is paired with a lot of texture so that it tones down the contrast.


  The armoire and picture frame in this Daryl Carter designed room creates a bold statement against the stark white wallsThe rest of the room is quietly peaceful.



This textile is the star of this room against a gray wall.

shyrdak headboard, as featured in anthology magazine

Here the walls are a biscuit color.  Notice how the background of the large pillow and the art echo the color of the walls.  Here the statement is subtle.


I adore this room.  The addition of texture and “the not so black” accessories lighten the effect. 

Great Furniture Finds at Gregorius Pineo - Veranda.com

This painting is the star of this setting.  Can you imagine it without it?

Designer Rose Uniacke in London.

I am crazy about this vignette….. the clever mix of the art with the  folk art.

via Phoebe Howard


More Daryl Carter…does anyone do Black and White better than he?

Darryl Carter . The Collected Home: Rooms with Style, Grace, and History


Me thinks a stylist did this.  What do you think?

Do you have a favorite? Would you or do you use black and white in your own home? If so how?

Sources to all images can be found on my Pinterest Boards here  http://pinterest.com/chattersley/

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Gallery Wall Tutorial

So you have a big  empty wall that is just calling for a gallery arrangement!   The possibilities are endless. Botanicals, Vintage Maps, Photographs, drawings or paintings are all prime suspects.  You can create groupings based on color, type of media or even frame color or style. A gallery wall should reflect your personality and style. Mix paintings and photography, black-and-white or color  photography, and combine different shapes and sizes. The easiest way to make your gallery wall appear unified is to pick a common theme. Or you can use works in a similar color palette that will complement each other and the space.  


These sketches look beautiful framed in simple gold frames.  No need for any matting.  They look wonderful on their own. Try not to  hang items too high (or translation don’t let your husband tell you where to hang them!).

Interior Infatuations: Frame Arrangements


The unifying factor here is color.  Love the mix of drawings, black and white abstracts and photographs.

greige: interior design ideas and inspiration for the transitional home : Black and white magic {via Lonny}

These vintage egg prints with simple mats echo the color and texture of the setting in which they are placed.


In my home I framed old calendar pages and filled up a huge vacant wall in my entry.  The ceilings are over twenty feet so I needed something that would really fill up the space. Here I followed the line of the railing and centered them in the space. 

cindy hattersley design


Botanicals are always wonderful. The more the merrier.  You can gather your own, press them, and frame them in inexpensive frames.

love it

A collection of arrowheads are framed in matching frames.  Love this!

banded drapes

Once again an eclectic mix of art.  The unifying factor is color.

gallery wall

Here is an example of placing one of the larger works (in this case the mirror) first and working from there .

guest room twins

I love the eclectic use of different medias here. You can’t go wrong with black white and gold. 



This grouping was created by working from a center line.  This works great when you have more horizontal space than vertical.

Love the pictures


A large photograph, drawing or map creates a different impact when divided and conquered.




A lovely grouping of mirrors. The sum of the parts here is more interesting than each one individually.

mirror gallery wall via greigeblogspot.com


I find this little grouping extremely interesting.  The unexpected placement of the small painting is genius.

bread boards

Once again each one of these trays individually may not be that interesting, but presented as a group fabulous!

Tray Collection...

At our lake house I grouped old ceiling tiles together in shades reflected in the room .  I think the imperfections of the individual tiles make the group more interesting.  These can be found on Ebay and antique and junk shops.



This arrangement took some talent to put together. Combining high and low items and different shapes creates interest.  I like the ethereal quality of this grouping. 



I always lay out my works on the floor before hanging. If you are nervous about putting holes in your wall (who isn’t!) try this trick from fabulous home blog before making a gallery wall. Hold piece of paper on back of frame and mark with Sharpie where to put the nail-then tape back on wall and nail right through the paper!

Here are some different combinations that might be helpful to you when creating a gallery wall that I found on Pinterest.


more ways to hang a gallery wall


So what are you waiting for?  Grab your hammer, some nails, and gather some of your favorite works of art and have fun!

All image sources can be found on my Pinterest Boards here http://pinterest.com/chattersley/

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Shot of Yellow


I was going to do a post on Concrete (save that one for another day) but it is absolutely freezing here on the Central Coast.  I decided we could all use a dose of sunshine to lift our spirits!



table arrangements from my daughter’s wedding

yellow french barn doors



tablescape from my daughter’s wedding




Yellow kitchen.


privet berry, kumquat & ranunculus






outdoors and yellow barn doors

Sources to all images can be found on my Pinterest Boards here http://pinterest.com/chattersley/

Have a Great Day and Stay Warm!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weekend in the Wine Country

We have always loved the Sonoma Wine Country but have not been for a visit in awhile.  Our children gave us a weekend in Healdsburg at the beautiful Le Mars Hotel for Christmas lucky us!!
We stopped in Sonoma on our way up on Friday and dropped in on a couple of our favorite haunts. I always love visiting Sonoma Country Antiques. The shop is packed full of antiques, architectural items and home accessories.  I always find some thing interesting for myself or one of my clients. I wouldn’t think of going to Sonoma without stopping.

                                  They do an incredible job with their displays.  I loved this arrangement with the oversized Santo.
This deer head hanging on old shutters was calling my name.  I think I am going to try this little vignette at my lake house!
Look at all the fabulous goodies they have stacked on top of this oversized cupboard.  They make it look so easy don’t they?!!
They always have tons of wine related antique and vintage finds.  Aren’t these gathering baskets great?  I would love to take one of these home to hang in our wine cellar.

I am crazy about this long oval table (sorry about the horrible photo…left my good camera at home).  I wish I knew someone who needed thislove it!

If  you make a trip to the wine country you will definately want to stop by. They have a revolving inventory of antique and one of a kind items for your home.  For more information go to their website here http://www.sonomaantiques.com/
Literally across the street from Sonoma Country is Cornerstone Sonoma a unique venue, for garden, home, special events, wine tasting and dining.
Cornerstone Sonoma
Inside CornerStone is one of my favorite haunts Tesoro Home and Garden.
I worked on a house in Silverado a few years back and I always stopped and visited their tiny storefront in St. Helena.  They have now moved to Cornerstone where they have the room to display display the artistry of floral designer Paul Stokey and Staff. They too have wonderful inspirational displays and unique decorative accessories for the home.  For more information and how to find them go here http://tesoroflowers.com/
I thought this display was extremely clever.  Simple square floral vases in three sizes filled with tea lights.  I could see simple greens wound around for a less contemporary look as well.  I loved this!

                                  Next stop Artefact Design and Salvage also located within the confines of Cornerstone.

This photo from their website says it all. They specialize in architectural items, and decorative objects crafted from salvaged materials.

You can see the variety and depth of the objects offered.  Many things are very large scale creating maximum impact. The displays and designs are the genius of owner and founder Dave Allen. Notice the spoon chandelier in my photo below.
                                If I were to walk out with one item I would have nabbed this fabulous Santo
For more information on their wares or directions visit their website http://www.artefactdesignsalvage.com/.
Our last stop before heading up to Healdsburg Chateau Sonoma.  Owner Sarah Anderson always has wonderful vintage and unique objects for the home that delight and surprise shoppers.

How about this French Train Station Clock?  Wouldn’t this make a fabulous statement piece in your home or garden?


Lovely cabinet filled with the gorgeous  Astierre de Villatte dinnerware. I will take the whole cupboard full thank you!!
If you would like more information on the lines they carry and their services please check out their website here
I hope you enjoyed my day trip to Sonoma.  More wine country shops to follow in one of my next posts!