Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday


Today is the day that you can celebrate all the small shops that carry the wonderful items that you cannot find in any of the big box stores.  Take the time today and go out and shop small. 


Not only will you be able to find unique items that are most often personally selected by the small business owners themselves, you will be supporting your local neighbors and friends. 

Think about the next time you are looking for a donation for your local charity.  Who do you go to for support? The small businesses are the backbone’s of our community go out and support them today! Instead of the crushing crowds you will more likely be greeted with a friendly smile, a cup of coffee or cider and great appreciation for your support!

Where would you rather be?  Here?


Or be greeted personally by one of the owners of one of my favorite local shops Tancredi & Morgen here

Gwynneth Alldis (left), daughter of Tancredi & Morgen's owners, talks with shoppers Lorene Morgan and Louise Von Hasslen at the boutique in Carmel Valley. Photo: Jason Henry, Special To The Chronicle



  1. Thank you for the post. I live in a great area with big box and small business. I try very hard to support small unique businesses 365 days a year. I love the charm....

  2. As a small business owner I thank you, Cindy, for this post!! Without the support of my family, friends, clients and community, there would be no Tone on Tone. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I'm recovering from the big weekend and too much food :) Happy December!! xo Loi

    oh so true and i speak as a small business owner and as someone that supports independents.
    warm wishes this holiday season!

  4. Love these images ... small and friendly PLEASE!! I boycott Black Friday with all my might!! Happy December! xo


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