Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One Room Challenge Guest Bedroom Makeover

Those of you who read my blog regularly will be shocked (well maybe not) that my own house is not “all that put together”.  We have lived in our Monterey Colonial for over 25 years.  While I am busy redoing and reworking clients homes my own home  gets ignored at times.  My friend Maryanne from Classic Casual Home (i know you know her and read her wonderful blog), and Nancy & Bethany (from Powell Brower home) participated awhile back in the six week one room challenge and the results were fabulous!! This is the kind of impetus I need.  I can pull it together when I have to.  We have had four weddings here .There is nothing like a deadline to spur one on.  I have been “thinking” about one of our other guestrooms and what I “might” do…but you know…work is first, right?  So…back to the six week challenge…I can do it right…you guys will support me right???
Here is what the room looks like now. I know what was I thinking of when I glazed those walls? I moved these twins into my son’s old room.  I posted about it here
Our son in law is 6’8 so a queen bed is not exactly comfy for him. We will be moving a king bed into this room so they will be more comfortable when they come to visit. We have collected American Antiques for over 40 years so I will be “shopping my own house” for most of the furniture and accessories. 
Like our other guestroom I am seeking a more soothing palette for this room. 
via an Urban Cottage
Splendid Sass: BARBARA WESTBROOK ~ INTERIOR DESIGN  this bedroom is perfection personified!
Barbara Westbrook
The room is neither small nor large but whenever you throw a king size bed into an average sized room you have to be careful that it doesn’t “eat the space”.  My husband thinks I am nuts but I am thinking about putting the bed in front of the window like this.  I really prefer walking into a room and viewing a beautifully dressed bead head on rather than from the  side.

Ironically I  ordered some similar vintage bird prints prior to finding this image that I may use in this room.
Bedroom by Meg Lonergan of LeSueur Interiors | Houston, TX
So the pressure is on!  I am forced to get this done!  I need your support to complete this task! Stop by Linda’s blog today to see what all the “invited” participants are up to.  I am just a “tailgater”!
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  1. Your son is 6'8", that's a big boy! I am so happy you will be joining in. Thanks for the mention, it will be fun...and yes, you can do this. With 40 years of antiques, I'm sure you will have plenty to pick from. I love your inspiration pictures.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do. Good luck, I think you'll have fun.

  3. Cant wait to see what your going to do...Your so talented and I know it will look great! 6'8" boy your son is tall!

  4. Oh my gosh you have great know I wish I could SHOP YOUR HOUSE, too.

  5. I think your "before" looks pretty awesome so I can't wait to see what your after looks like! Have fun and good luck!

  6. Cindy, the before pics don't look so bad....I know exactly what you mean, about shopping your own house...I am doing it here...that object you have had forever, always looks new again in a different space or re invented...amazing how that works....coming right along for the ride...

  7. Wow, your son is tall! Can't wait to follow along and see what you come up with! By the way, the room is already pretty!

  8. Glad to have found your blog, Cindy ~ your inspiration is gorgeous, can't wait to see what you have in store for us next week!

  9. Thanks for the mention Cindy, you certainly CAN do it, and we will all support you. It'll be fun, but it's time to put yourself on top of the list this time! So easy to put our own homes on the back burner while we're doing others. I have two kids gone now for a while and I need to do their rooms MY WAY. Good luck and I love those suzani throws and your beautiful ideas. yes to the bed in front of the window!
    xo Nancy

  10. Love your plans for the room! And I know you are changing the space but I still love those suzani throws on the beds!

  11. Great inspirational ideas. It's going to be fun following your room along. I have chosen a much smaller space, but I still need the motivation to complete it. I'll be back to root you on.

  12. This is going to be gorgeous! I love the color pallet.

  13. Excited to see how your change the room Cindy!!! Love your inspiration photos!

  14. well these are mine dreams bed room. i must love to spend my time with UK Leading Bed Manufacturers

  15. Cindy, What a fun feature. SO excited to see what you do. Already I love the throws, sconces and art you had in that room. However, the inspirational ones are gorgeous with their pale palettes. Can't wait for Wednesday!


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