Monday, June 17, 2013


Do you ever start a simple project like painting and have it morph into a major one?  We decided to paint our guest room to give it a more fresh updated look (boy did it need it!!). Our hardwood floors upstairs need refinishing.  My husband decided  since our room was empty that he would hand scrape the floors and refinish them .  Well you know the rest….
Here are some of my favorite twin rooms for inspiration.

Marshall Watson 
jim howard
via sarah’s fab day

                              vintique object

beth webb


                               pam pierce
ginger barber

via curated style
I love having a set of twins in my home. Do you have a twin bedroom in your home?  How do you feel about twin bedrooms? Do you find them versatile, or dated?


  1. There's some great inspiration here. I like the Ginger Barber and Houzz ones the most.

    I've always loved these twin rooms; they seem great for a beach or ski house. I have one twin in my guest room at the moment and it's really charming.

    1. I agree Steve...we have four bedrooms and I would not like to eliminate the twin bedroom!!

  2. Great post!! Perfect timing! I am redoing an upstairs bedroom and using my Grandmother's twin beds! thanks xo Leslie

  3. what about OBLIQUES???????????????

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  4. I don't have twin beds in my home, but I love this look. Those horse heads over the beds are TDF. Wonderful images and ideas here!
    Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

  5. Hi Cindy! There is just something about twin beds that reminds me of childhood. I love all of your picks and photos of course.

    xo kelley


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