Monday, February 18, 2013

Rough Luxe Concrete

How do you feel about concrete?  Do you think it is here to stay or a passing fad?

 concrete counters / stone basins / reclaimed wood mirrors - love for a master bathroom

Love these reclaimed wood mirrors…the concrete counter & vessel sinks, love, love, love….in my next life I would like this bathroom.

concrete shower & rock floor
Love the organic look of  this concrete shower with the pebble floor.
Brooke and Steve Gianetti  used waterproof plaster in the shower in their vacation  home here  I think it looks beautiful with the limestone floor 
Concrete floors in the Netherlands. I found this in the latest issue of Sköna Hem, a dutch home with concrete floors throughout. With a white base the owners can change the decor very easily by adding different colors, and right now it's decorated in my favorite style with a natural color range with lots of wood and grey/black pieces. Via Emmas Designblog.
This is a little too much of a good thing for me personally but I absolutely love the look!
concrete countertops. artwork.
I love the juxtaposition of the counter here with the abstract art and the lovely pendant lights

bar area w/ thick concrete counters!
Joni where are you  (  I love everything about this room the counter, the reclaimed brick floor, the backsplash.  There is just one thing that really bothers me can you guess what it is?

Concrete floors + counter
Beautiful Concrete Counter and floors. I love the thickness of the counter.  I am crazy about that Oyster Stick lamp as well.

Stenciled concrete floor.
I love this beautiful stenciled concrete floor.  We have done stained concrete ourselves…This looks a little more tricky to me. 

Driscoll Design Group's formula for what they uniquely term "Curated Design & Modern Sense." The formula: (fresh white walls + stained concrete floor + little or no molding) +  (antique oriental rug + mirror + large jardiniere + commode) +  (abstract art + modern bench)   =   CURATED DESIGN W/ A MODERN SENSE.

Love this entry by Driscoll Design Group…the concrete floors look lovely with the rustic beams and modern art. To me the balance of this room is just perfection.
reclaimed wood cabinets
What is there not to like in this photo? I love the old/reclaimed wood doors…the simple piece below the window.  I do however  think when I see minimalist kitchens like these that the people that live here do not cook…is it just me?
We have concrete counters at our lake house and I love them. They are practically indestructible (we do have renters ), and all I have to do is wax them every 3-6 months or so.


There are many tutorials out there on how to do your own counters. I personally would not recommend it. My advisor (my husband) says the finishing of the counters is an art . We hired a “professional” to do our lake house counters ( not the professionals the boys normally use who do impeccable work). We were trying to save money (note to self don’t do that again).  I ended up finishing the edge myself.  There are several tutorials on my pinterest board here….if you would like to attempt it yourself.  I know there are some who have. Do you have concrete in your home?  Have you attempted or accomplished doing your own counters?

Sources to all images found on my Pinterest Boards here


  1. I think concrete is beautiful and organic, yet with an urban coolness! It is such a versatile medium. But it looks best when handled / done by a professional.

  2. I really like the concrete look and hope it is here to stay for a while!!

  3. I love the contemporary and it has a expensive feel!

  4. Cindy, I love your future bathroom, especially the mirrors. I hope that the concrete counters are here to stay.
    xo, Lissy

  5. I like it a lot. We considered staining the floors in our new home rather than putting down tile, but opted not to when we found a gorgeous tile. But I've seen other homes with stained concrete and its gorgeous!

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  8. Concrete countertops will stay. Yeah, I say that with conviction. :] In terms of design, it has never lost its appeal. Its durability isn’t questionable either. And nowadays, people prefer green options. On that note, concrete may be one that has the best potential.


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