Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Fun Stuff… Decorating Tips and Tricks

Meg Braff-fun dining chairs, table & alan campbell/china seas fabrics.  capiz shell chandelier.
meg braff
The Dining Room
  • Dining tables should be 30” high
  • Allow 18” of table width per person
  • For rectangular tables, you’ll need a table that is at least 48″ long to seat 6 people, 72″ for 8 and 96″ to seat 12 people
  • Dining seating should be 16”-18” high from the floor to the top of the seat
  • To pick the right size light fixture for above a table, you can either
1) Divide the width of your dining table by two to get an approximate chandelier diameter OR
2) Add the room’s length and width in feet; the sum equals an approximate chandelier diameter in inches
3) If your ceilings are more than 8′ high, increase the height of the chandelier or pendant 3″ for each additional foot of ceiling height.

  • sconces’ back plates  should be roughly between 60”-64” above the floor
area rug size guide for dining rooms.
The Kitchen
A band of pendants running the length of a kitchen bar or countertop should be at least 10″ smaller in diameter than the width of the counter, and mounted 27-36” above the counter.
0405_numbers01.jpg. Kitchen counter, island, and working surface(s) guide.
How big an island should be. #quotes #designer_quotes #kitchen_islands #kitchen #decorating #home_improvement
wicker stools, blue & white transferware, white cabinets, natural light from the bay windows, window treatment filtering the light
The Living Room
  • You need at least 26”-36” clear as a pathway to walk comfortably through a room
  • If you’re covering the entire room with one area rug, leave 12″-18″ clear all around to the wall.  In smaller rooms, 7″-12″ will work
  • Choose side tables that are about 2” less than the height of the sofa arm
  • Coffee tables should be 1”-2” less than the height of the sofa’s seat cushion
  • Place the coffee table 18 inches from the sofa or chairs
  • "The length of the table should always be long enough for everyone seated on the sofa to be able to reach the table without getting up from their seat,but not as long as (seat length) of the sofa
  • For art groupings with more than one row, spacing between the images should be 1 ½” to 2”
  • If using art above a sofa, fill at least 50%-60% of the 5-foot high space above the sofa
  • Hang your flat screen tv at eye level when you are in viewing position.  The ideal viewing distance is 1 1/2 times the size of the screen
  • hang your art at 57" on center."On center" means that the middle of the picture is at 57" (obviously, the hook will be higher).

Beehive, Bahamas | Tom Scheerer Inc.
Tom Scherer
The Bedroom
  • If you place a bench, box, chest or trunk at the end of a bed, it should be slightly lower than the height of the bed and no more than 15”-21” deep
  • For most beds, 24”-27” is the ideal height for a nightstand
  • For a King-size bed, nightstands should be at least 36” wide
  • Area rugs underneath beds should extend 6”-12” beyond the outer edges of the nightstands and the end of the bed
  • Swing arm lamps above bedside tables should be mounted no farther than 3” out from the edge of the headboard with the bottom of the shade about 20” above the top of the mattress
  • Table lamps should also have the bottom of the shade about 20” above the top of the mattress
  • Use a 47″ tall headboard if you don’t want much headboard to show above your pillows or 52″ and up if you want to show more headboard above the pillows
area rug size guide -queen bed
via decor mentor
Peter Dunham  via High St Market. Different window treatment, same fabric.  Overall fabric mix.
peter dunham
Window Treatments
  • Curtain width should always be at least twice the width of the window for fullness.  For modern rooms, just twice the window’s width or even just 1 ¾ times for a really sleek look
  • Extend the curtain rod by at least 6”-8” past the outer edge of the trim on each side of the window
  • Hang curtains as close to the ceiling line as possible to help elongate the window and add anywhere from 2″-8″ to the length if you want the curtain to have the puddle look
Does this mean that if you aren’t following these guidelines you are wrong?  Of course not rules are broken all the time.  If it feels good to you and you like how it looks, that’s all that matters.  But, if you’re unsure where to start, these measurements are a good starting point.
Designer Matthew Bees in Southern Living.
Matthew Bees Southern Living
For tons more helpful tips you can go to my Design Tip Pinterest Board here
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Artist Spotlight...Karena Albert

There is a lovely lady out in blog land that is a great proponent of the arts, and interior design. Karena is a native of Kansas City and a member of the Kansas City Arts Coalition. She studied art at Johnson County Community College, and the University of California San Diego.  Karena is the embodiment of altruism.  I have never met Karena personally but have always been struck by her generous spirit.  I pop by her blog now and then but for some reason never took the time to REALLY explore her lovely work.  I thought I would do a post about her art since it struck a chord with me.  I also thought all of us wouldlove to know more about this wonderful person who supports so many others.

Here is my interview with Karena:
What is your background?
Although I spent many years in Real Estate, both here in Kansas City and in San Diego, I have always had a love of the arts; going to the theatre, the symphony, ballet, museums, designer show house tours, art openings and more. I have also been a Gallery Director and Marketing Director for another gallery.
Did you always want to be an artist?
It was not until my late husband died that I needed a new way to express myself and so I started taking classes at UCSD in San Diego. When I came back home to Kansas City I also studied with a variety of artists and art professors, going to a studio called Artichokes. It is closed now and I really miss the camaraderie of painting with other artists.
What inspires you?
Music, travel, design, fashion, an image, a thought, my family….so much!
What other artists do you admire?
Some would be Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Picasso, Helen Frankenthaler, Marc Chagall, David Hockney, and many more.

What inspired your works? 
A need of self expression, of finding a way to put thoughts/ visions on canvas or paper; to take the ideas floating around in my head and create the image.

Which piece is your favorite?
There is a large one with a moody pink sky, a slash of vibrant yellow across the skyline and then a deep blue sea; it reminds me of a sunset on an endless ocean, then the knowing of a new dawn coming. It can become very easy for an artist to form an attachment to their works!
What would you call your style?
Generally, my most favored is minimalist abstract expressionism, although I have done paintings in many styles. I do love to work in large canvas format with oils the best.
How long have you been painting/drawing/etc? 
Off and on for about 20 years.

What's the best thing about being an artist?
The freedom of expression, the endless ways to use art materials in the way that best suits ones style. Exhibiting and knowing that your works of art are being loved and appreciated in someone’s home or office.
 What's the worst thing about being an artist? 
This is really a personal experience, as I am now on the road back to great health, (or will be after this next surgery) For several years I have been unable to paint as I’d like or to exhibit. That is what led to me using my blog to pay it forward and to support The Arts of all genres.
For other artists, simply because I do know so many, it can be finding your style, your audience, the venues, selling to collectors, and determining if one is able to make a career of being an artist.
What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
Be true to yourself. Learn everything you possibly can, read about art and artists, write down your thoughts. Visit museums and galleries everywhere you go, and then just do it.
Also, in this day and age, you must be a marketer or hire one. Use social media to the fullest extent possible. Go out and meet as many gallery owners, collectors, curators, esteemed professors in the field, and find a mentor.
If  you would like to see what Karena is up to check out her blog here  If you are interested in any of her artwork email her here
Thank you Karena for inviting us into your world! 


All imagesabove are the property of Karena Albert