Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Collected Look-How to Get It

A Gathered  look has personality, interest, and history. Collecting and gathering things from your travels, flea markets, and or art galleries creates a sense of  where you have been and where  you are going. The mixing and matching of furniture styles, finishes, and textures is one of the easiest ways to help a room look as if it’s evolved over time even if it hasn’t.  Here are a few tips on how to create a gathered look in your own home.
::The Style Files: Nathan Turner
nathan turner
#1 No Matchy Matchy
Anyone can decorate a room with “sets” of things. 
#2 Use a variety of textures and finishes
via Brooke Giannetti
White living room

#3 Mix and Match Furniture Styles
Love the old farm table with ghost chairs Modern farmhouse // Rue Mag
H2 Design and Build
The glass table and modern chairs add a playful sense to this room by Katie Denham

katie denham
by Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus
#4 Combine the Old with the New
While I prefer old to new, we don’t want our houses to look like a museum either.The kitchen of Lauren Leiss’s new home is a perfect example of this.  The vintage artwork, and the island constructed of reclaimed wood warms up the otherwise contemporary kitchen. 

via purestylehome
All of Ellen DeGeneres’s homes are filled with interesting artifacts. I love her style.

#5 Mix and Match furniture shapes
This room by Stephen Gambrel has it all, multiple furniture shapes and sizes, texture, old and new, and is filled with interesting artifacts.

stephen gambrel
This room has everything - symmetry, classic pieces...refined and rustic, natural materials, balance of colours - I love. Caldwell & Flake
Caldwell and Flake
This room could have easily gone the route of my house (borderline museum like) but the modern ottomans and leaf print pillows keep it current.
Deep tones  xo--FleaingFrance
Mr. H and I have collected antiques since we were in college (he doesn’t like anything new).  We have tons of beautiful accessories which is both a blessing and a curse.  Here is a vignette in my guest room.  What would you do to make it less museum like? I have a couple of ideas but I would love to hear yours!!
Do you like a collected look in your own home?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Fun Stuff…Fall Fashion Finds

I don’t know about you all but my wardrobe is in dire need of a few updates.  I need a new bag. My old handbag from the last couple of years has seen finer days. When shopping for a bag I have two rules
#1 it needs to be big  (big enough to stash fabric samples, hold about 10 tape measures (because we leave them at people’s homes all the time, right Maryann?), paint swatches, tablet, not to mention all the normal stuff we need in our handbag.
#2 NO ONE ELSE’S INITIALS UNLESS THEY ARE MY OWN! (am I the only one out there that does not want a bag with someone elses initials?)
If you are looking for something easy on the budget that looks fabulous this bag fits the bill.  It is $60 at my friend Marsha’s website.  I have no problem with faux leather as long as it doesn’t look “faux” and this does not.
If money were no object I would probably go for this beauty from Dooney & Bourke. But at $428.000 I just can’t rationalize it. Their handbags are nearly indestructible. I have had several over the years and they literally do not wear out.  So if you don’t mind the price tag go for it.
Dooney & Bourke Handbag, Florentine Clayton Satchel - Dooney & Bourke - Handbags & Accessories - Macy's

In an effort to update my look I ordered this from Banana Republic. You probably think I am a walking advertisement for BP.  I think they have nice things again and best of all they have great promotions! They are having a great sale 40% off ending 8/24.  Naturally this was one of their BRPICKS which is not normally on sale but they are currently 20% off !!!
I also ordered these Sloan Faux Leather Ankle Pants (also a BRPICK).  They are $110 but 20% off sure helps!!
This was another safe purchase from Nordstrom.  How can you go wrong with gray cashmere at $148.00?
Halogen® High/Low Cashmere Tunic Sweater (Regular & Petite) | Nordstrom

My daughter in law and I just ordered these boots from BedStu  I was not familiar with the line but they have great quality boots at a great price point.  Lauren and I spotted them in Santa Barbara.  Thinking they were probably $500 or $600 I didn’t try them on. I found them at Ambiance in Paso but in the wrong color.  The good news…they actually fit in spite of my foot issues.  I am not ready to start wearing old lady shoes just yet.

Love their Skye bag as well… I am not much of a bag switcher outer….but this would be a great weekend/more casual bag for  $200.
I love the excursion vest from J Crew. My natural inclination is to get black but yellow might be really fun
Excursion quilted vest : puffer | J.Crew
Especially if I got brave and purchased  this beauty for $325.00 from the Splenderosa shop It has lots pockets and is such a fun color.

If I were daring and bought the above…wouldn’t this look great with it?Woven Animal Print Scarf
What have you picked up for fall, or what are you looking to buy?  Do you have any handbag suggestions for me?