Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It’s Not Your Granny’s Table Skirt

I have never been a fan of the overly flounced table skirt,but I have been seriously thinking of using a more tailored version in my bedroom. If your space is limited it is a great place to stash stuff out of view.  Naturally I am drawn to something simple with maybe a pretty trim.

Nam Dang Mitchell
A polished option for the modern sophisticate, this table is clad in a tailored skirt with a protective glass top.
via lonny.com
Can keep outdoor pillows under the table cloth

Friendly Foliage  A group of plant prints creates a focal point in this entryway. Complete the neat look with a few coffee table books and a large hurricane vase filled with fresh clippings. For added structure, try putting a pleated skirt over a console table.
via my home ideas
Or maybe a linen look all purpose fabric with tie details like this one

via bryn alexandra
There is someone in my house that likes to rub up against everything, so an all purpose fabric is always welcome

A bold fabric like this one from China Seas would really make a wonderful statement. I know I would personally tire of it too quickly in my own home.
China Seas Sigourney - Google Search
Or this one from the wonderful Tom Scheerer

I love the idea of draping a vintage tapestry over the table….
From the Stacks: New Series at My Notting Hill
A fun animal print adds another layer of interest without over powering…

Skirted Table with Inverted Pleats | M. Frederick - Residential Interiors
What do you think about skirted tables…yay or nay?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ageless Style…Linda Wright

My last few months have been “ let’s just say”  a challenge.I had my hip replaced.  I managed that without a hitch.  I thought I would be back working and doing the things I love.  For the past week and a half I have been caring for my mom in Paso Robles (thanks understanding clients by the way) as she is seriously ill. I have been struggling for days with something to post about.  Trolling online distractions I came across this very stylish lady who proves style is ageless. It just so happens she is exactly my age.


As I discovered more photos  it made me think about how one defines style.  Unlike fashion which is ever changing and disposable, style is forever and personal. 

“The ladies that I admire the most in the way they dress are the ladies who ARE polished and totally own their style. They were born with it….money does not buy it. I do feel that a step in the right direction is owning a few quality classic pieces”. Linda Wright


Check out the creative charm necklace.  My friend Maryann (Classic Casual Home) gave me one and so did my daughter.  I think I will combine the two as Linda did here….love this look…


“I like to think I am giving women of a certain age some ideas for dressing and remaining themselves in the face of fashion which is eternally changing”. Linda Wright

As posted before, once I let my hair go gray ,I found that suddenly some colors that I never wore worked  and that some of my favorites were no longer flattering. 

“My personal experience has been that as I  become older, certain colors lose their charm and other colors look reborn. “ linda wright

Dusty Rose

Stylish women know the right time to embrace trends.  They know that confidence is their best accessory.


They spend their money on fashion staples that stand the test of time like a great trench, a fabulous pair of jeans, or a luxurious cashmere sweater.


Stylish women dress with individuality and personality, are consistent in their style, but aren’t afraid of a little adventure.

Stylish women have a branded look that is all their own. 


They usually have a signature accessory that is their go to with almost every outfit, but confidence is their best accessory. 


All images are from Linda’s website http://www.lindavwright.com/.  Linda is a Texas girl living in Paris.  If you are travelling to Paris you should check out her boutique:
8 rue Marbeuf
75008 Paris France

T. : +33 (0)1 47 20 44 24 or her online store here http://www.crimson-cashmere.com/en/online-shop/women
What do you think makes a woman stylish? Do you have a signature accessory that defines your style? Are you as smitten with Linda’s style as I am?  Do you have a style icon?