Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tahoe Notebook…Sneak Peek

This project has been a joy for many reasons.  My client has great style.  We are friends. I helped her with her former home and we agreed on nearly everything.  When she said they were moving to Tahoe could I help…I thought for about 10 seconds…of course! It has been a long distance job, we have had to be mindful of budget, and both of us made many trips back and forth. It has been a pleasure working together.  She knows what she likes and has no trouble making decisions. We never lost sight of our original ideas but  built on them.  There was an incredible team involved.  David Spears of Mountain Concepts Architecture translated their vision onto paper. You can see more of his work here

J&S Custom and their great crew turned it into a reality. We still have a lot of finishing touches to do but it looks fabulous. I think my favorite room is the kitchen.  It is Tahoe but this is their year round home.  Barbie didn’t want her house to be filled with bears and plaid.  We wanted a little bit of the old world tyrolean emphasis to be apparent with some modern industrial touches.  Check out the cabinet design…Barbie and I had many back and forths but the cabinet maker got it!!! Don’t you love the cabinetry?
_MG_8402 (1)
Barbie would come down  we would brainstorm, and back to Tahoe she would go to deal with the Carpenters and Workers.  I would pick out furniture and lighting and send it to her.  Almost always we agreed. I was crazy about these Jeffrey Allen Marks for Palecek pendants.  Barbie was a little afraid they might look too beachy but we are thrilled with the outcome.
My husband built a home here for one of Barbie’s friends utilizing old beams.  Barbie loved this idea so Jay her contractor sourced all the beams from New England.
We still have finishing touches for the great room, pillows, curtain panels etc.  We love the “Papa Bear” chairs from Noir.We had them recovered by our favorite upholsterer Fred from Ace Upholstery in white cowhide.

Barbie liked the monogrammed pillows that Trish from Cottage by Design made for my master bedroom so we had her do something similar in their beautiful Master Suite. Yvonne from Soft Accents did the bedskirt and curtain Panels.  This room will have a couple of chairs, curtain panels etc. but it is looking gorgeous!
_MG_8365 (1)
I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek! More to come later.  All of the beautiful photos were taken by Matt Walco Photography for Martis Camp.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friday Fun Stuff New Finds at Pottery Barn

I was busy at the Tahoe project this week so I did not have time to prepare a regular post.  I will post on Monday.  We are trying to finalize fabrics, furniture etc. so I stopped at Pottery Barn to check out a few things we had our eyes on.  Barbie and I did a little rearranging while I was there and we were looking for a 36” table.  36” round tables are not all that plentiful.  We spotted the Sylvia table on the PB website.
It looks even better in person.  I think she is already on her way to Tahoe.It is $899 but they are having a big promotion right now if you are interested.

Displaying photo.JPG

Don’t you love the top?


I also spotted the Ludlow desk||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules
 We have been looking for a desk for another project.  Love this guy!!

 Ludlow Trunk Secretary Desk

Check out the inside and how the Roseville Pottery Barn group styled it!

We were also looking for some great task lamps for the study where space is at a premium.  The Architects Task Lamp is $249.00  looks way better in person than it does on the website. These are on their way to Tahoe as well.

Architect's Task Floor Lamp

Sorry about posting on the fly! I am off to the Design Center to finalize fabrics for this project and select some for another. And...I am meeting one of my favorite people for lunch! My buddy Maryann from Classic Casual Home  Follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks on that!  Happy Weekend everyone!