Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Fun Stuff- Are These 10 Decor Fads Timely or Timed Out?

Chalkboard Anything & Everything...Stay or Go? I still think this can be clever in a commercial setting such as this below.  But, have we overdone it on the homefront?


Sheepskin and Faux Sheepskin Throws ...Stay or Go? I thought these were "cute" in the beginning but havn't they been draped, hung, and thrown on every surface known to man? Or do you still love them?

Sheepskin on chair:


Cutesy Signs...Stay or Go? Our electric panel is in our laundry room in a very conspicuous spot.  I have seriously considered one of these signs because I do not know what else to do with it, but I am getting a little weary of them, you?

Image result for friends don't let friends drink

Lucite Furniture...Stay or Go?  I liked a simple ghost chair but obviously a room full of lucite is not my thing.  How about you?  What do you think?

Image result for lucite furniture

Garden Stools...Stay or Go? Hate me if you want but I NEVER got on board with this one.  Wisteria at one time had one that I liked.  Never got it...still don't get it.

shopping guide garden stools


Barn Doors..Stay or Go?  I may really hear from you on this one.  I still like them in certain settings where they look like they belong... but really everywhere... What do you think?

Image result for barn doors

Heavy faux finished walls and cabinets.  Yep I had them in a lovely shade of bronze.  


Galvanized Anything and Everything?


Midcentury Mania?  Do you still love it or would you like to see a piece or two mixed in with some from another century?

Image result for mid century modernsource

Sheepskin Rugs? Overused or do you still feel the love? I still have one in one of my guest bedrooms.  I am thinking it is time for it to go.


Which of these do you think need to hit the high road? Do you have any trends that you are REALLY tired of that you would like to add to the list? 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Over 50 Fashion- Transitioning Your Wardrobe-The Josie Jacket Five Ways

Image result for fall in the vineyard paso robles

I live on the Central Coast of California and it rarely gets very hot or very cold. The vineyards are the only place we really see fall color.  Here a transitional wardrobe always makes sense.  I don't claim to be a fashionista. I always defer to the experts. Glamour has some great tips on how to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall here. If you want to get the most bang for your buck (who doesn't?) check out Money Crasher's advice here

A few of my favorite Suggestions:

"Make a Scarf your Best Friend"

"Add tights to a summer dress"

"Add Boots"

"Invest in a Statement Making Jacket"

I am a huge fan of anything from Comfy USA.  I probably have more from their line in my closet than any other brand.  Why?  Most are made with fabrics that do not wrinkle so they are great for travel.  They are also great transition pieces from season to season.  One of their newest items that I am crazy about is the Josie Jacket, by Jason/Comfy USA, from Artful Home. It pops out of the box looking just like this.  No ironing necessary.  

Josie Jacket by Comfy USA: Knit Jacket available at

Right now I can wear it with just a scarf or neclace at the neck. Like this one from Artful Home

Dots and Dashes Necklace by Kathleen Nowak Tucci (Rubber Necklace) | Artful Home:

 Later I can add a turtleneck for warmth. Here are some of the combinations I would wear. Right now a polka dot scarf , the josie jacket, leggings and loafers.

 It is also stretchy enough that you can pull it over and pin it asymmetrically.  I pinned it with one of my vintage rhinestone pins. Add a cute pair of flats and you can wear it out at night.

When it begins to cool off here it will be chilly in the a.m and then by noon it might be warm again.  I can throw the Josie Jacket over my Spirithouse Tunic  for the cooler mornings and evenings. I added the necklace that my husband got me for our anniversary for interest.

 As it begins to cool off even more I might throw the josie jacket on over a crisp white shirt for work.  Add boots and a statement necklace for fun.

In January and February we have what is our closest thing to real winter.  Here I have added a light weight ivory cashmere sweater from J Crew and a five year old skirt from Nic and Zoe.  Add boots and this works for work or travel.

Josie Jacket Capsule Wardrobe by cindyhattersleydesign on Polyvore featuring J.Crew, Banana Republic, Earth, Blondo and Urban Originals:

If you love the Josie Jacket as much as I do go to Artful Home and check it out.  I think you will find it to be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.  I don't think you will find a more flattering jacket for any shape or size.  It even comes in Plus Sizes. Jennifer from a Well Styled Life did a post on the same jacket.  You can see how she styled it here.  

What do you think of the Josie Jacket?

I have been compensated for this post by Artful Home but the words and opinions are my own.