Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ten Stylish Laundry Rooms You Can Copy

We are finishing up our powder room project at my house.  Next stop the Laundry Room!!  Here are some of my favorites that are inspiring me right now.
Super cute laundry nook. I love the wood countertop over the washer/dryer...the dark accent wall with the mirror and the pictures! | House*Tweaking
Laundry Room Organization
via the elements of style blog
I love the idea of hiding the washer and dryer behind a pretty curtain. This would work great  when the laundry room is also a bathroom. Everything is there, right where you need it, but dressed up and camouflaged.
via the elements of style blog
laudry room heaven

via apartment therapy
a perfect gray
via a perfect gray

via polished pebble
In my next post I will showcase some great storage and organization ideas for your laundry room. 
Does your laundry room need a little spruce up? I would love to hear about it.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Project Design How to Style a Coffee Table

When Maryann and I decided to select this topic for a Project Design Post I realized I did a very similar post exactly a year ago. You can go here  for some of my inspirational photos.
In my book a  coffee table should be functional ( I have to remind myself), say a bit about who you are, and most of all be balanced and decorative.   Be sure to vary heights and textures, and try to repeat some of the colors in the room. This task is one that I always find challenging in my own home;  finding the balance between form and function, using too much or too little.
Here are five essentials to consider when decorating your Coffee Table
  1. Some sort of natural element (fresh flowers, a plant, some other earthy element)
  2. Candlelight ( to add ambiance and possibly fresh scent to the room )
  3. Books (arrange them in neat stacks paying attention to the colors of the room)
  4. Decorative accents (that personalize the space)
  5. Tray( to organize the above items if needed)
Consider the scale of your table.  My table is big and chunky so a bunch of dainty little items would look silly.  This table calls out for big!! This is how I began.  I laid everything out.  Note how everything looks disconnected.  The book “piles” needed to be brought closer to the center arrangement.
I am not big on shiny things as you know.  Here I added an old piece of coral that I found at my favorite junk shop. I love the earthiness of the coral with the cover of Tom Scheerer’s book. 
Take the book jackets off your books.  Some of them have great covers now like the Sheerer and Markham Roberts books. They are works of art in themselves.
Books are also a great way to tie in the colors of your room.  The Alessandra Branca book is the same color as some of my sofa pillows. I hate the top of my coffee table  so I try to hide the top. The baskets add a textural element that complements my woven blinds.
Every vessel  need not  be filled.  Some are more sculptural on their own. This Indian Basket is as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside.
There you have the elements. They become blurred in my case as nearly everything is personal.

Depending on the time of year I often prefer a simpler more practical look for my coffee table.  One of my husband’s clients grew these gorgeous cymbidium orchids and gave them to him to bring me for Valentines Day.  Lucky him and lucky me! I am not very fond of “florists arrangements” so this was perfect.  I think they look gorgeous in this vintage pot. 


Here is another view of the same arrangement. Instead of a tray I corralled the elements onto one of my vintage breadboards.  The little painting was a birthday gift by my friend Pat Huber  Once again I varied the heights of my elements, added plenty of texture (I never seem to have a problem with that), added personality with the little painting I adore, and added plenty of things from nature.

For more fabulous ideas on how to style your own coffee table check out what these amazing bloggers came up with.  Maryann and I feel so fortunate to have this bevy of talent lined up to aid you in you in designing your perfect coffee table! You won’t want to miss a single one! For more inspiration check out our Pinterest Board here or click up on the right corner.

Are you the “load up the coffee table” type, or do you prefer a more minimalist look?