Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Fun Stuff and Some Not so Fun Stuff

This week has been a bit challenging.  Our lake home was threatened by the Chimney Fire. (which also threatened Hearst Castle by the way).  If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you probably have seen the photos.  We were at the lake two weeks ago when the fire started. We were casually watching Beau play in the water at the main launch ramp when suddenly we saw this across the lake.

We all watched the fire "in the distance" through the night.  The next day it appeared it was somewhat under control and then the wind shifted. On Sunday we watched dumfounded throughout the day as it turned into this and much worse.

We left that Sunday night shocked at the loss of homes across the lake but incredibly impressed by the planning and coordination it takes to fight a fire from the air and ground. We all thought there was little possibility it would cross the lake.   We had renters at our home ( we warned them what was going on, they still wanted to come).  They were out wine tasting and completely unthreatened by the fire (they are californians !).  We got the word that the fire had jumped the lake and that it was burning near the gatehouse of our community. This is a photo (of the drive into Oak Shores) taken by SLO Stringer (an independent news person who was our main source of news throughout the ordeal)

We received the evacuation notice. We called our renters.  They had to gather their stuff and evacuate in a matter of minutes Saturday night.  The power was turned off on Sunday (think rotting food).  Last night the power was restored and today at noon the evacuation was lifted. Tomorrow we go survey the mess. We are so thankful to the fire fighters that we have no more to worry about than that.  

Now on to the fun stuff.  Leslie (of Gwen Moss blog) posted this beautiful diy fireplace mantel that she created herself.  Are you kidding me? You have to check it out here

I love Mary Ann's tips on how to update your dining room for fall  here

Loved Sherry Hart's suggestions on how to make black and white work, and all her great finds at Target and World Market.  D.C's Target & WM must be a step up from ours....

Have you checked out the latest Atalanta Homes & Lifestyles? I absolutely love that magazine. Is anyone else as obsessed as I? This kitchen by Lauren DeLoach

Photo by Sarah Dorio

...andnd this room by Nina Nash and Don Easterling, Mathews Furniture 
particularly caught my eye

Photo by Sarah Dorio

Have a great weekend friends! I know I am breathing a sigh of relief!!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Project Design -Exceptionally Clever Chair Makeovers

Until we decided to do this post I had forgotten how many Thrift Store Chairs I have rescued over the years.  I have always had a hard time passing up a great looking chair. The more pathetic the chair the bigger the challenge.  I remember one wing chair had cat barf all over it (my kids were mortified when I rescued that one).  It still resides in my guest room. Another wing (I have a thing for wing chairs) was covered in Pink Velvet and came from a ravenous smokers home.  I had to leave it outside for a week before I could even take it to Fred (my upholsterer).I found this chair in a consignment shop many years ago.  It was a well made chair, it still has it's original down cushion. It has had a couple of incarnations. It once was covered in a salmon woven fabric. During my tuscan faze it was covered in this. It was a lovely  fabric at the time.  Luckily you can't see the back.  It was completely shredded courtesy of the cats.

Tip #1 Recover a dated chair in a modern fabric and add a graphic pillow

I wanted something fresh and light for our bedroom refresher.  I found the Peter Dunham Raj fabric on Etsy for a great price.  I only had enough for the front.  Fred covered the front with the Peter Dunham and the back is covered in a more practical Sunbrella Trax.  The Sunbrella is fade resistant and hopefully more cat proof. 

I have an early desk  (that we found on a trip to Savannah) next to my bed.  Our master bedroom is large and has high ceilings. It really needs large scaled furniture.  Here is a before pic of this beauty.  Don't you love the fabric? It's kind of liberace meets old florida.


Tip #2 No Chair is too ugly for a redo, and the back should be as pretty as the front

The owner of the junk shop had two of these beauties. He so desperately wanted to get rid of them; he practically bribed me to take them both.  One was all I could handle. This chair will be seen from the back most of the time so why not make the back just as pretty as the front? My slipcover guru Katie Baker made the beautiful slip with scraps we had left over from other slipcovers in the room.

Tip #3 Add a comfy cushion and dressmaker details

I have had two wingchairs next to my armoire since we have lived in this house (over 30 years).  I originally ordered them from a company in the East.  They were covered in a coral and cream buffalo check.  Several years later Katie worked her magic on them.  We ordered a nicer more comfy cushion and she slipped them like this.  They weren't really too outdated looking but the cats shredded the backs. 

I found a really reasonable ticking stripe in biscuit and cream. When you enter the room one of the chair backs is visible.  Once again we wanted to make the back as interesting as the front.  I found the cute buttons on Etsy.

Here is another look at the before and afters

I can't wait to see what the rest of our Project Design participants have come up with.  Stop by their blogs to see their transformations. You are in for a treat.