Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Fun Stuff …Michael Fogg-Master of Faux Bois

Faux Bois is a French term meaning "false wood" Although the French are credited with giving this art a name, there are examples to be found that far predate the existence of France as a nation. The art of ferrocement faux bois is a combination of steel and concrete: Portland cement mixes are applied to a steel framework, and then sculpted by hand to resemble natural wood..  Only a handful of artists still continue to practice this fabulous art form.
I first spotted Michael Fogg’s work in the David Sutherland showroom at the SFDC.
Artisan: Michael Fogg | Traditional Home
He has achieved a look so natural one has to touch it to feel that it is actually concrete.

The detail of his labors are a feast for the eye

Isn’t this sconce incredible? Wouldn’t you  love to see a couple of these in a beach house?
faux bois sconce.jpg
He  has elevated this simple style
round faux bois mirror a level achieved by no other…

Is it real or is it faux?

medium planter, 1:5:14.jpg
This chair would be most beautiful standing alone, unadorned, as sculpture, don’t you think?

Traditional Home did a wonderful feature on Michael Fogg here
If you would like to see more of Michael Fogg’s wonderful work check out his website here
All photos unless otherwise noted are from Michael Fogg’s website.
Lastly, I am still alive thank you for all your emails. I apologize for the lack of posts.  I had to purchase a new computer.  For starters the geek squad took six days to transfer my old information to my new computer (don’t get me started on that).  That combined with getting used to new formats updated programs….yikes!! Hopefully next week all will be back to normal.
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Meet Celia Becker from After Orange County…A New Blog You Will Love

There are so many blogs out there it is hard for a new blogger to garner a following.  I remember when my mom and my daughter were my only followers.  Here is a new blog I think you all will enjoy. Think Martha Stewart meets Ree Drummond . She is a fabulous cook and entertains at her lovely Lake Arrowhead home in a wonderfully relaxed style that she makes look simple.
In her own words Celia” fled the chaos of Orange County for a home in the hills on Lake Arrowhead”.  I have to say I had no clue where Lake Arrowhead was until I started reading her blog.  In “my neck of the woods” people have places in Tahoe or (like us) at Lake Nacimiento.  I kept spotting all of these wonderful recipes on Pinterest so I thought I should check out her blog. Even though Celia and her husband ditched their frenzied Orange County life for a calmer more agrarian existence she did not abandon her love for innovative and stylish gatherings.
Here are a few of her recipes that I have personally tried and devoured.  Her mushroom mostaccioli happens to have two of my favorite ingredients…mushrooms and pasta…yum!! You can find the recipe here
We had a work weekend at my daughter’s house last weekend and I knew we would not have a lot of time to cook so I took this recipe for this appetizer (which happens to be composed of three premade Trader Joe’s ingredients).  Her is the recipe for her lentil, bruschetta & feta cheese appetizer  Guaranteed to please and it is SIMPLE!!! I purchased a bag of chopped kale for my daughter.  Celia tosses the leftovers over kale for a next day salad! My daughter ate it for her lunch today and loved it!
They say every great party has a great host. Did I also mention that she entertains with style even on her dock? This was her Fourth of July spread that she prepared for friends. Doestn’t this dock look inviting? Wouldn’t you love to cruise up in your boat up for a fabulous dinner on the lake prepared by Celia?
She prepared the amazing feast below to honor these two lovely ladies on their birthdays.
How To Throw A Beautiful Birthday Party |
How To Throw A Beautiful Birthday Party |

Doesn’t this Roasted Beet Salad look heavenly served in these pretty glasses?
Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese in a Lemon Vinaigrette |
Here she shares all kinds of clever ideas here for a graduation party
How To Throw A Great Graduation Party |
That is a sneak peek of her lovely home in the background
How To Throw A Great Graduation Party |
Wouldn’t you love to dine under the pines like this?
How To Throw A Great Graduation Party |
Celia is Spanish so every Christmas she makes her famous Paella.  I have made many Paella recipes but I think she has it down to a science.  Doesn’t this look fabulous? Find the recipe here
Christmas Spanish Style, A Paella Party in Lake Arrowhead, California,
I have yet to catch up on all of her recipes and entertaining tips.  My advice to you, do as I have,  grab a glass of wine and savor all of her past posts.  You can follow Celia’s blog here