Thursday, July 21, 2016

Carmel Meadows Refresh with Perennials Fabrics

Hi All! I must apologize for my lack of posts.  I am once again plagued with elder care responsibilities and have been swamped with work.  We just moved my (almost 94 year old) dad into an apartment in an independent living complex. He seems extremely happy to be in a more social environment with good food! I have had to make changes to his trust, and I am still dealing with closing out my mom's estate.  I cannot believe the amout of time all of this takes.  I sympathize with any of you that are experiencing the same.

I do have a couple of fun projects in the works both in Carmel.  Here are the fabrics we selected for the Carmel Meadows project.  My client has a lovely home and great style. They have grandchildren and large windows with massive views of the ocean. They wanted something that would not fade and allow the grandchildren to roam free.  They have wonderful art; many grounded in black. Their view of the ocean  lends itself to hues of gray and sand. Their fireplace echoes those same hues. Here are the fabrics that you will see on the right side of the room. There is a large sectional that is being recovered in Perennials In the Rough Dove.  Pillows and lamp shade will be in Perennials Elements Sands, Schumacher Montauban Stripe, and Peter Dunham Taj Onyx/Ash (a personal fav of mine). 

On the left they have a lovely local stone fireplace that reflects the colors of the sand and rocks. Here are the fabrics we selected for this area. Four large club chairs are being recovered in Perennials Ishi Nickel.  The large ottoman/coffe table is being recovered in Perennials Oh Susannah for durability.  The lumbar pillows will be in Pindler Amato.

The house has an open plan and the dining area is off to the right.  Sylvia has some "crackle finish" dining chairs that are upholstered in a heavy tapestry that have become dated. Repainting the chairs was cost prohibitive so we are going to give them a fresh modern look with some crisp Perennial fabrics. The front seat and back will be covered with Perennials Whipper Snapper in Parchment so Sylvia can use patterned or plain dinnerware.  The outside backs are being covered in Perennials Vibes in Bone to add a bit of interest.

If you would like to follow this project  on Pinterest click here. I am hoping my life will settle down a bit so I can post more often.  Thank you for bearing with me!  Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Farmers Union Pour House is Up and Running

Farmers Union Pour House opened last Friday night. We are so proud of Colin and Lauren for all their hard work and their vision to make this a reality.  Our daughter and son in law came down from the bay area to help them for the weekend thankfully. We stopped by on Friday and Saturday night and had a great time ourselves visiting and trying the offerings. I am really happy with how the decor turned out .  Here is the finished product before the crowds.

Closeup of the beautiful reclaimed wood tables designed and built by Colin.

The fabulous bottle wall designed and engineered by Colin

Here is one of the original clockfaces graciously loaned by the historical society, that once graced the original building.

Colin made the Drink Sign and the old beams originally graced the building.

The beautiful banquette by Fred (of Ace Upholstery) and the french cusion by Yvonne of Soft Accents.

Farmers Union Pillow created by Next Door to Heaven on Etsy here

 Photos of the original building and Oldtown Salinas from the archives of the Monterey County Historical Society.

And last but not least the wonderful artwork by Willaim (Age 2) that adds some pizazz to the hallway. 

Here are some shots taken by family and friends after the crowds rolled in.  Thank you Salinas for your support!! That is Colin chatting with the customers.

The bathrooms are fun (I can't get good pics).  You will have to visit and check them out. They have 24 craft beers  and 8  wines on tap (plus many more in the bottle). if you would like to know what they have any given day follow them on @taphunter app. Or you can follow them on Facebook here, or Instagram here

If you want to read more about how all of this came to fruition you can read my posts here  , here , and here

 I promise I won't post about it any more unless there is a special event (stay tuned).  Have a great week!